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  1. Thanks for your input guys! In closing, the seller was gracious and gave me the partial refund that I asked for! All’s well that ends well!
  2. In all fairness, the seller did mention that he’s not a professional grader. He also asked me what I think we should do. I asked for a partial refund. I’m waiting for his response.
  3. It does break color (look at the “Aurora” in red). I’m just curious what that does to the book’s grade.
  4. I received this book today in the mail. The seller graded it a 9.0. to my dismay, the bottom of the BC has a 2 1/2 inch crease that was not present in the pics or description. I’m guessing the damage occurred when the seller put the book back in its sleeve. what grades do you guys give this book before and after the crease. Your input may help solve this issue. thanks in advance!
  5. I don’t think it’s trimmed either! 🤓
  6. The seller listed it as a 9.2 but I knew it may be a reach.. That sucks! At least it was cheap! 😆 Ah well!
  7. Is that some very light foxing on the back cover? I’m guessing 7.0/7.5
  8. So the book has a flawless front cover minus what I believe to be a production issue on the TRC as shown in pics. (Dull cutting blade?) the back cover is really nice for a black cover but does have a none colour breaking tick at the top. Lastly, the pages are white as snow! So, can it be a 9.2/9.4 or is that TRC issue too detrimental ? Thanks in advance guys!
  9. Those McFarlane ASM issues and their black back covers are killers. Spine ticks stick out like a sore thumb... I think in my opinion, the book is an 8.0.
  10. Not at all. Notice my typo: instead of “it” I meant to write “or” (I meant to include the original Captain Marvel who was a man). To me, Hulk is “the strongest there is” followed by the Asgardian GOD. I have no problem with strong female characters. I loved Claremont’s Storm. She lost her powers and was still a butt kicker who led the X-men!
  11. You’re spot on. Artists should mostly draw Superman the way Morrison and Quitely interpreted him in All-Star Superman. A being as powerful and as invulnerable as Supes shouldn’t be tense all the time. He has nothing to fear and should be calm and relaxed.