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  1. I'm freaking out right now. I took home my CGC witnessed bag of comics. I'm submitting it at the show tomorrow with another witnessed comic. I noticed in the blue label on the top of the bag, it says Void Message Indicates Tampering. Is this a declarative statement? Or did this appear somehow because something on the blue label sensed that I damaged the bag? Why does it say, “Void message indicates tampering”? Is this always on the blue label on the CGC witness bag? Or did it appear because the bag was somehow damaged? I’ve been trying very hard to keep in safe. It’s been in a tote bag in my book-bag. I took it home with me because I didn't have every book that I was submitting at the con this weekend witnessed yet.
  2. I need to have a signature witnessed by CGC at Comic Con Revolution in Chicago. They don't have a booth. However, I was specifically directed to this forum. Because apparently there are some CGC witnesses who are unofficially attending the con who can accept submissions for me. Please reply below or email me at mutual_aid_46@yahoo.com. Thank you. My name is Nick.