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  1. Oh, just one more thing... Lol, probation huh? You guys are a hoot! Let me restate this as clearly and as succinctly as I can. 1. Seller puts some 30 or so books up for sale worth $15K or so. Plenty of rich detail provided. Links to pics, current GoCollect and GPA FMV's, free CGC grader notes, links to the census reports, etc. Arguably, above average content. 2. Shopper comes along and says he's "Interested, maybe" in some unspecified books and whether the books are pressed or not 3. Seller says they are all pressed, some better than others and asks which ones he's inter
  2. I am absolutely through with this community, but I didn't want to leave specifically without a few comments just for Miraclemet. You don't have to answer back. In fact, I've disabled all notifications, so I won't see them anyway unless I return to the site, which I now have zero desire to ever do! You said: "my lesson is to not ask if a book is pressed or not, just take it. cause if you ask if it's pressed, that gives the non-seller a chance to second guess his listing and decide to pull it. I went ahead and took it because even after the non-seller talked about CPRing it (at which poin
  3. I have a list of right things to do too, for buyers! The right thing to do, is to not stake a claim on a book when the seller has told you the book is about to be removed from sale, yet you go ahead and stake a claim on it anyway. The right thing to do after staking that claim and being denied it, is to consider once more why it was denied, and maybe not go off grumbling about it when you've been around long enough to know that you'll be setting off firecrackers in the pants of every single comic-book forum karen here, all demanding to see that seller's manager. The right th
  4. Cool, there should be a pinned glossary of terms somewhere... What term do you use to describe an unqualified take put down in a thread by a buyer, after the seller already told that buyer the item is no longer being sold? Asking for a friend.
  5. Technically, I'm not selling anything on facebook, (or anywhere else concurrently with whatever is posted here). I can't stand facebook, but she makes a living selling on commission for plenty of people and she does what she does with them, I don't ask. When it's time to ship the book, she pays me for them and gives me the address she'd like them shipped. I pay Paypal's 2.9% receiving fees, I ship and insure the book, all is good. As for bitcoin, I have no idea if that's accepted here or not, but it sure is a damn cheap way to move money from A to B.
  6. What's interesting about this comment is that it's precisely what I tried to do with my thread, to keep things tidy and readable, by shrinking the size of the images to shrink the overall real estate consumed, by adding bold, large, colored text to indicate the book has been sold and to strike through the text so that all of the information about the book was still there to read, but clearly no longer active. I've had at least three different people harp on me now about how I wasted time doing that and because it took so long for me to do that, I'm entirely to blame for the heat I'm taki
  7. I'm getting sick of this already. There WAS NO unqualified take. Telling me he's "thinking about" a bundle and "Interested maybe in some books" is NOT a take. I disagree with your assessment of the situation entirely. Sellers deserve to have some rights here and there too... That includes the right to pull a book should they change their mind on, provided it hasn't been spoken for, which is wasn't. That includes being able to have a reasonable amount of time in the middle of a friggin' work day to update the ad to reflect a change in its status. That includes not having a veteran board member
  8. Well, where I come from 'After taking a closer look at it, the hulk actually doesn't look pressed and I think I'm going to pull it and CPR it anyway' means I'm not going to sell it. It doesn't mean I'm holding out for more money, it doesn't mean I want a better offer and it doesn't mean I'm gonna leave it up and change the price. It means I had another look at it. It's better than I thought it was, it doesn't appear pressed and it means I intend to pull it because I think it can get a 9.6 or 9.8. Also, for what it's worth, the first two messages exchanged I didn't see in Miraclemet's pos
  9. Have you seen the thread I'm referring to? That's exactly what's happened and all attempts to explain how the "rules" are flawed and arguably being abused in this particular scenario seem to falling on deaf ears and blind eyes and all I keep hearing over and over is "just take the hit, it's not worth the reputation loss". I'm sorry, but I disagree and I'm going to speak out about it. Feel free to ignore me all you'd like.
  10. Your comment is similar to many I've read. To me, there's a big difference between making a mistake in a post, having someone commit to a sale and then trying to reneg on that sale because of the mistake AFTER the fact versus deciding to pull a book from sale, telling that person you're going to pull it, and having them put their commit down anyway regardless of sharing that intent with them, AFTER the fact and THEN grumbling about that, and dragging you through the mud for it all because I didn't alter the ad in time. As I've noted in other comments, I did indeed attempt to change the ad
  11. The context behind the "No matter what" comment is based upon my previous, and first, experience selling my 9.6 White GSX1 to Bob Storm. In that situation, I had several people talking to me about trades and working through price offers. I was actually informed by someone in those private messages that according to the "rules", all negotiations in PM cease once someone puts a public "take" on a book, which I didn't even realize had happened until someone let me know. The "no matter what", includes legitimate negotiations for the purchase or trade of a book, it doesn't include people
  12. I guess the problem I have with this whole "not worth the hit to my reputation" argument I keep seeing is that I made my intentions to pull the book known to the interested party, they received that message and responded to it, and then followed that response with a take on the book regardless of what I told them and before I had a chance to change the ad. It's not a situation where he committed to the book and then I changed my mind, It's a situation where I changed my mind, let him know this and he committed to the book anyway before I had the opportunity to change the ad. He said his
  13. FYI, and at the risk of flogging dead horses here, that wasn't an excuse for why I didn't accept the take. That was the excuse for why the book was being offered on the site in the first place. When I was asked if it was pressed by Miraclemet, I looked at it under the loupe light and recalled that this was one of several slabs I intended to CPR and that's when I informed Miraclemet, who had not yet dropped a "take" on either of the books he expressed interest in, that I was intent on pulling the book. Due to his experience with sellers in his past, and because I was not able to pul