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  1. Oh, just one more thing... Lol, probation huh? You guys are a hoot! Let me restate this as clearly and as succinctly as I can. 1. Seller puts some 30 or so books up for sale worth $15K or so. Plenty of rich detail provided. Links to pics, current GoCollect and GPA FMV's, free CGC grader notes, links to the census reports, etc. Arguably, above average content. 2. Shopper comes along and says he's "Interested, maybe" in some unspecified books and whether the books are pressed or not 3. Seller says they are all pressed, some better than others and asks which ones he's interested in. 4. Shopper replies indicating he's "thinking about" a bundle deal of Avengers 8 and Hulk 141 5. Seller pulls those books off the shelf. Knows for sure one is pressed, and determines one of them actually isn't. 6. Seller responds to Shopper telling him one's pressed, the other isn't and the Hulk book that isn't pressed is going to be removed from sale. 7. Shopper disregards this and now suddenly has gone from thinking about a sweet Avengers 8 and Hulk 141 bundle to wanting that 9.2 unpressed Hulk book, the one he's always wanted, but was just told was being pulled from sale in the prior message. He tells the Seller he wants that book. Not the Avengers 8, not the bundle. Just the Hulk. 8. A minute after that, the Shopper puts a "take" in the thread too. He would explain later that he did this because the Seller hadn't updated the thread yet to indicate it was being pulled and he thought it was form of sales pressure tactic. 9. The Seller returns to the forum 15 minutes later and responds to the Shopper's PM clarifying the book is indeed being pulled. 10. The Seller updates the ad to indicate it's pulled and the Shopper posts a "well that's that" message with a frown. 11. The Seller see this and offers the Shopper a great deal. First crack at the book with an additional 10% off with the value pegged at present FMV @ grade, even if it goes up in value. 12. The Shopper enters a general discussion thread to publicly grumble about the take he has just been denied. 13. That's apparently all it takes for the brotherhood members to engage in the sales thread, letting the seller know how things work 'round here, and how he oughta just respect the take or lose reputation/privileges. 14. The Seller notices one of the sales thread comments references another thread, reads the content and time stamps there and recognizes immediately that the Shopper not only failed to accurately describe the manner in which events took place, he also provides embellished reasoning in an apparent effort to make himself look like a victim. 15. The Seller tries in vain in both threads to represent the facts as they actually were. To show that the Shopper wasn't a victim and was aware of the book being removed from sale before trying to take it. The entire situation begins to resemble a shakedown by proxy, en masse. No one gives a . No one wants to read his walls of text. Several point to the Seller's rules that say "no matter what" as if that's some sort of waiver that dismisses a shopper being purposefully manipulative. 16. The Seller refuses to back down or cave in, which only earns him the permanent ire of more and more board-members by refusing to "do the right thing." or posting 1000 word diatribe position papers providing context that go completely unread anyway. Facts don't matter and perception is everything. This... is 2020. 17. Frustrated with the community in general, The Seller closes the thread, never to sell here again, but quite thankful to those who did purchase the $15,000 or so in books. Thanks, everyone, you know where to find me. Still with me? Probably not. I apologize to those of you who never made it past Stan Lee thought-bubble reading level. I'm sure you hate walls of text. I don't especially like writing them either, but oh well. If only one person comes to understand and appreciate my perspective, it's worth it. Epilogue: They say a guilty conscious always confesses, whether they are conscious of their crimes or not. You have that confession in the general discussion board when Miraclemet describes how and why he put his take down when he did. He's been burnt before, you see, lost out on other sales from buyers who changed their minds when, as he describes it, they are presented with his low offers for bundles of books, for less than Miraclemet perceives the Seller had hoped for. That's why he put the take down after I told him it wasn't for sale... He did so specifically to pre-empt the possibility from what he described above from happening to him again, despite not actually having any offer made on a book(s) he said he was interested in, maybe. That's his excuse folks, a deliberate step to force me into selling that particular book to him when he learned I was going to take it down. All this could have ended as quickly and as painlessly as it started when I reiterated my desire to pull it assuring him that it wasn't some sort pressure tactic. That would be quite a ridiculously stupid pressure tactic and is really a nonsensical explanation. He did not remove or rescind his take. He didn't even make any offer, despite that take. No, instead, he went grumbling about what happened to the brotherhood. I suspect he's been around more than long enough to know what happens when you bump the brotherhood's hive. I'll bet if I went back through that thread, I'd find more instances of the brethren being called into service in such a manner, right? Well, I'm not about to allow anyone to extort property from me, for any reason. Ostracize me all you'd like, I don't care. I guess you can all buy safely in the knowledge that the next time someone lets you know they're going to pull a book from sale, something you might be thinking you're interested in, maybe, you can always force that seller to sell it to you, for at least asking price, by dropping your take down even after they've told you it's being pulled. Hey, if they don't like it, you can call in the cavalry with a simple grumble. The saddest part in all this is the number of comments I've read along the lines of how my reputation has been destroyed here, "all over a matter of, at most, a possible few hundred bucks." or some variant. Lol, god almighty, so what? It's a matter of PRINCIPLE. This world wouldn't be such a place if more people stood up for themselves and the truth. All of you sticklers for the rules apparently have such blind allegiance to them that you can't perceive when people may actually be GAMING them to their benefit, walking away unscathed if the resultant tornado of peer pressure doens't work out in their favor. If at this point, you STILL don't get it, then I'm absolutely, positively in the wrong place and amongst the wrong people.
  2. I am absolutely through with this community, but I didn't want to leave specifically without a few comments just for Miraclemet. You don't have to answer back. In fact, I've disabled all notifications, so I won't see them anyway unless I return to the site, which I now have zero desire to ever do! You said: "my lesson is to not ask if a book is pressed or not, just take it. cause if you ask if it's pressed, that gives the non-seller a chance to second guess his listing and decide to pull it. I went ahead and took it because even after the non-seller talked about CPRing it (at which point I also said I'd take it in PMs), it was still listed, so I went ahead and took it again in the thread. I've had the "Im thinking about sending it back for a press and resub" line used as a tactic to close a deal and to fend off a possible offer under the asking price. So I went ahead and took it. It appears the non-seller is intent on not selling the book so that's all she wrote." Your retelling here of the details in the discussion thread is a large part of the reason why I was brigaded. You may note how several have jumped on this precise detailing of the incident in your grumble as a cornerstone of their argument for dumping on MY head. You don't mention here that you had sent two non-committal, exploratory questions and I didn't simply say "I'm thinking about sending it back for a press and resub". My message to you was nuanced, but unmistakably declarative to anyone with half a brain, and you've got at least 51% up there. You had asked if all my books were pressed, I said yes and asked you which ones you were interested in. I pulled those two books out and realized that the IH141 was actually not pressed (or pressed poorly). In my response I said "After having another look under the loupe, I think I'm going to pull it and CPR it anyway. No reason at all it can't be a 9.6 and a 9.8 if the grader lets the slight miswrap slide." I'm not sure how you interpreted that as anything other than my desire to NOT sell the comic. Later, in the epilogue to this insanity, you compare and contrast how we both used forms of the word think. I found this to be incredibly disingenuous as I suspect you have more than a just a passing grasp of grammar and syntax, so let's just admit here and now that the two statements share little in common other than the word. To paraphrase your first two comments, you had in your mind (thinking) of an interest in two of my books, with some qualifiers. To me your statement is exploratory only and tells me your interest is piqued, however you remain non-committal pending some expressed and unexpressed conditions of sale, the first of which is apparent. You want to know the press status. Second, left unstated, but implied, is the desire to "bundle" which implies you'd -possibly- consider taking both, at the right price. My expression of the word "think" is part of a far more concrete declaration and as mentioned in another comment, which likely 90% of people didn't bother to read, was used as an I-statement: Personalization to avoid conflict and not as part of the standard subject/predicate form, part of a declarative, parenthetical statement. To paraphrase myself, I have it in my mind (I think), after looking closely at the book, I'm going to pull the comic from sale." If this requires further explanation, consider the removal of the phrase "I think", or "I'm thinking" altogether. In your case, your initial two comments could have been compressed into one, "I'm interested, maybe, in a bundle of Avengers 8 and IH141, are any of your books pressed?" You'd have a very hard time arguing in court regarding that statement being anything other than exploratory and non-committal in its intent. Now consider my statement w/o "think": "After having another look under the loupe, I'm going to pull it and CPR it anyway." I hope now that you see the difference between the two statements, and how one is open-ended while one is clearly declarative in its meaning. Re: "my lesson is to not ask if a book is pressed or not, just take it. cause if you ask if it's pressed, that gives the non-seller a chance to second guess his listing and decide to pull it. I went ahead and took it because even after the non-seller talked about CPRing it (at which point I also said I'd take it in PMs), it was still listed, so I went ahead and took it again in the thread. I've had the "Im thinking about sending it back for a press and resub" line used as a tactic to close a deal and to fend off a possible offer under the asking price. So I went ahead and took it. It appears the non-seller is intent on not selling the book so that's all she wrote." This is not an honest retelling of the timeline of what happened, and it's yet another cornerstone for the Karens in their assault. You were told the book was going to be pulled. You responded to that 15 minutes later indicating you'd buy it and then doubled down with a qualified take in the thread. You did this because you felt I was deceiving you about pulling the ad, as you explain here, as other have done to you. An act taken against you as a means to fend off a possible offer under the asking price. First off, that sounds ridiculous. I'm going to pull a book from sale out from under you just because I think you might, maybe, possibly offer me less than what I'm asking for? What?!? There was no offer made, bundle or otherwise. I've sold lots of comics already in reduced price bundles. WTF? If your intent was to guard me from denying you a sale because I didn't think I'd like your offer, when you DIDN'T EVEN HAVE AN OFFER on the table, then that's borderline extortion. The fact that the community even allows someone to essentially preempt or filibuster a seller's right to do what he wants with his property in the absence of any legitimate offer is infuriatingly insane!!! Re: "Yep, there were at least a dozen posts by the seller in the thread after the IH141 "slipped thru" plus lots of PMs it seems. And the whole time he didnt bother to go back and pull it..." Once again, an absolutely false claim stoking the fire and fury of every thread champion on the general discussion warpath. The IH141 "slipped thru" because I was tired when I posted it and did not look closely at it under the loupe and assumed it was pressed just like everything else I had posted. THAT DOES NOT MATTER. The realization that it may not have been pressed was made at the time you asked about it, and that's when I said I would remove it from sale. I even mentioned in the previous private message that all the books were pressed. REGARDLESS, it's all moot because you had NOT committed to the book, and only did so AFTER I told you I was pulling it off the sale. Re: Pressure tactics and their usage. It's a VF first appearance of Kang and a NM first appearance of Doc Samson. Two books that will never, EVER require ANY pressure tactics to sell. ESPECIALLY when you're selling them below GPA FMV as I was. C'mon man, seriously? Who's pressuring whom here? Re: "If it had been me, when I decided to pull the IH141 (or when I realized I had posted it, but had not intended to), my immediate action would have been to pull it from the thread. Not continue posting books or replying to PMs, it would have been the #1 thing to d. Again. I can only say what I would do." Again, this makes no sense. I decided to pull the IH141 when I looked at it again under the loupe light and realized it wasn't pressed or was pressed badly. My immediate action was to tell YOU, the only person who had shown interest (maybe) that the book was no longer going to be for sale. I also immediately started to alter the ad, which if you haven't noticed, I don't simply hide or delete, I change/add formatted text, I alter the image size to make the thread as a whole look better, I change to strikethrough, etc. That takes a couple of minutes and at precisely 1:44PM, less than a minute after letting you know I'm pulling it, I received a message from a client that I had to respond to. When I was done with the client around 2:15 to 2:20. I saved the changes to the ad. In that time, you had decided to disregard me telling you that the book was no longer for sale entirely, essentially weaponizing your take privately and publicly because you've had "sellers try that one before" as per your explanation in the discussions thread. When I saw your 1:58 response at 2:15 and clarified my intent, you then made a pretty clear choice. You could have deleted or rescinded that take entirely once I cleared up any confusion you might have had about my intent right there and then. Nope! You chose to continue to think I was somehow trying to manipulate you or pressure you into a sale which is entirely bonkers. You then doubled down and let that "take" of yours simmer, with a follow up at 2:19 stating "never mind" guess it's going to be pulled!" At 2:23PM, I then made you an offer that I wasn't obligated to do, an excellent deal and a promise that you'd get that book for even less than I was asking for it at the time if it graded the same, even if the value at that grade went up, or at a substantial discount if it graded higher. Not to placate you, as I don't owe you a damn thing, but as an empathetic gesture. Still not good enough for you I guess, and you chose to then re-arm your weaponized take by making sure to leave a comment about all of this in the discussion thread followed by your absolutely skewered/skewed recollection of the time line making yourself look good along the way. Had someone not mentioned my name in their response within my thread, I would not have even realized what you were up to. Your comments in the sales thread and in the grumble discussion thread are very difficult not to interpret as anything but DELIBERATE. I am desperately trying to give you the benefit of the doubt on this, however I think you know damn well that grumbling about your loss, (when in fact you lost NOTHING here) within the discussion thread was exactly what the doctor ordered and your experience in the threads over the years possibly has taught you that in circumstances like this, hell hath no fury like a taker and his brotherhood scorned. What was it that other pole-smoker posted about god forgives, but the brother hood doesn't? a few others others distinctly stated that most sellers will bend to the pressure put on them and "do the right thing" less they suffer the sad, woeful fate of irreparable reputation loss. Well to hell with that. The bottom line here is that as someone of integrity, I am NOT going to bend over and be forced into a sale and give up my property for any reason when I broke no rules while others appear to be bending them to their own benefit. I'll be happy selling my stuff somewhere else. I hope my suspicions about you aren't true, but if they are, you should not only talk to someone about your passive aggressive sneaky tendencies but you might also want to take a long hard suck on my arse.
  3. I have a list of right things to do too, for buyers! The right thing to do, is to not stake a claim on a book when the seller has told you the book is about to be removed from sale, yet you go ahead and stake a claim on it anyway. The right thing to do after staking that claim and being denied it, is to consider once more why it was denied, and maybe not go off grumbling about it when you've been around long enough to know that you'll be setting off firecrackers in the pants of every single comic-book forum karen here, all demanding to see that seller's manager. The right thing to do if you do decide to publicly grumble about that big seller who wouldn't accept your take is to not forget to also grumble the little details. Like how you staked your claim on a book only after you were told it wasn't for sale and was going to be pulled but before the seller had an opportunity to alter his ad. The right thing to do is admit that sellers deserve a few rights too, in this case, the right to pull a book from sale for ANY reason they deem fit provided no one has staked a claim on that book even if that seller is fielding questions about the book that are entirely non-committal in nature. The right thing to do is to give sellers who have responsibilities outside of this site a little time to make changes to their ads and not simply tell them, "dems the rules", thereby literally extorting a sale from them just to avoid reputation loss. Just some suggestions to add to the suggestion box for future sellers. Maybe they can benefit, since I sure as shiite I won't be selling anything to anyone on this site again, regardless where I wind up on the reputation scale.
  4. Cool, there should be a pinned glossary of terms somewhere... What term do you use to describe an unqualified take put down in a thread by a buyer, after the seller already told that buyer the item is no longer being sold? Asking for a friend.
  5. Technically, I'm not selling anything on facebook, (or anywhere else concurrently with whatever is posted here). I can't stand facebook, but she makes a living selling on commission for plenty of people and she does what she does with them, I don't ask. When it's time to ship the book, she pays me for them and gives me the address she'd like them shipped. I pay Paypal's 2.9% receiving fees, I ship and insure the book, all is good. As for bitcoin, I have no idea if that's accepted here or not, but it sure is a damn cheap way to move money from A to B.
  6. What's interesting about this comment is that it's precisely what I tried to do with my thread, to keep things tidy and readable, by shrinking the size of the images to shrink the overall real estate consumed, by adding bold, large, colored text to indicate the book has been sold and to strike through the text so that all of the information about the book was still there to read, but clearly no longer active. I've had at least three different people harp on me now about how I wasted time doing that and because it took so long for me to do that, I'm entirely to blame for the heat I'm taking. It's absolutely unnerving to me to be told what a failure I am when I've worked hard to legitimately contribute with decent pictures, decent formatting, a wealth of book information and links to additional info, and follow-up with a desire to keep the thread clean, short and easy to read by reformatting ads that have closed.
  7. I'm getting sick of this already. There WAS NO unqualified take. Telling me he's "thinking about" a bundle and "Interested maybe in some books" is NOT a take. I disagree with your assessment of the situation entirely. Sellers deserve to have some rights here and there too... That includes the right to pull a book should they change their mind on, provided it hasn't been spoken for, which is wasn't. That includes being able to have a reasonable amount of time in the middle of a friggin' work day to update the ad to reflect a change in its status. That includes not having a veteran board member resolving to get serious about buying a book when I just told him it was no longer going to be available and then having him kick up a wasp nest of other veterans to come swing by to "self-police" me and tell me just how shady I'm being. I'll have no part of it, I don't give a damn how it makes me look in your eyes. If this is how this place works, I don't need or want to be a part of it. The sad truth in all of this, is that I'm being punished for being honest. Had I LIED to the guy, told him it was already pressed, or had a cracked case, etc. He likely would have just decided to keep on kicking tires somewhere else and none of this nonsense follow-up might have happened.
  8. Well, where I come from 'After taking a closer look at it, the hulk actually doesn't look pressed and I think I'm going to pull it and CPR it anyway' means I'm not going to sell it. It doesn't mean I'm holding out for more money, it doesn't mean I want a better offer and it doesn't mean I'm gonna leave it up and change the price. It means I had another look at it. It's better than I thought it was, it doesn't appear pressed and it means I intend to pull it because I think it can get a 9.6 or 9.8. Also, for what it's worth, the first two messages exchanged I didn't see in Miraclemet's post. I agree, both miraclemet and I could have definitely used more active language instead of thinking and maybe-ing so much.
  9. Have you seen the thread I'm referring to? That's exactly what's happened and all attempts to explain how the "rules" are flawed and arguably being abused in this particular scenario seem to falling on deaf ears and blind eyes and all I keep hearing over and over is "just take the hit, it's not worth the reputation loss". I'm sorry, but I disagree and I'm going to speak out about it. Feel free to ignore me all you'd like.
  10. Your comment is similar to many I've read. To me, there's a big difference between making a mistake in a post, having someone commit to a sale and then trying to reneg on that sale because of the mistake AFTER the fact versus deciding to pull a book from sale, telling that person you're going to pull it, and having them put their commit down anyway regardless of sharing that intent with them, AFTER the fact and THEN grumbling about that, and dragging you through the mud for it all because I didn't alter the ad in time. As I've noted in other comments, I did indeed attempt to change the ad after I informed the interested party of my decision to yank it and before they slapped their commit down. However, I received a message from a client at that exact moment, right in the middle of editing the ad and did not finish updating it until I was done with the client around 30 minutes later. Hindsight has taught me that I could have just marked the whole thread closed, but I didn't realize at the time that I could do that, or bring the thread back to life by marking it unsold. Had it been anyone else who had come along to "take it" during that window of time, the ad was still up, I certainly would have told them of my intent to take it down as well, and hopefully they'd understand and let it slide. If not, I absolutely would have honored it. The difference in this situation is the person doing the grumbling here knew I was pulling the ad, and they acknowledged that, yet slapped their "take" down anyway.
  11. The context behind the "No matter what" comment is based upon my previous, and first, experience selling my 9.6 White GSX1 to Bob Storm. In that situation, I had several people talking to me about trades and working through price offers. I was actually informed by someone in those private messages that according to the "rules", all negotiations in PM cease once someone puts a public "take" on a book, which I didn't even realize had happened until someone let me know. The "no matter what", includes legitimate negotiations for the purchase or trade of a book, it doesn't include people tire-kicking and asking exploratory questions and not committing to a book. It absolutely doesn't include those same people taking advantage of the fact that I didn't yet have a chance to alter the ad, knowing full well that I intended to pull the book. Again, there was no deal negotiation in private with the intended buyer, he was simply asking exploratory questions and I had made my intention known that the book was being pulled at that time. Again, they did not commit to the book until AFTER acknowledging that intent in our PM's, and before I had an opportunity to alter the ad to remove it from sale.
  12. I guess the problem I have with this whole "not worth the hit to my reputation" argument I keep seeing is that I made my intentions to pull the book known to the interested party, they received that message and responded to it, and then followed that response with a take on the book regardless of what I told them and before I had a chance to change the ad. It's not a situation where he committed to the book and then I changed my mind, It's a situation where I changed my mind, let him know this and he committed to the book anyway before I had the opportunity to change the ad. He said his experience with other sellers using pressure tactics to force a commit was his motivation for doing so, so I bear no malice against him for doing that. However, even after I thought I had made myself clear, he then proceeded to come here to grumble about the experience and participated in the subsequent shaming several here joined in on. As I've said a dozen times already, had he committed to the sale prior to me expressing my intent to pull that ad, I would have honored it. Except he didn't approach me with a commit to any book, he wanted to talk about a bundle of two books and wanted to know if they were pressed or not. Should a car dealer be forced to sell a car to a tire-kicker after they let that person know it's off the market and they come back 15 minutes later to see the car hasn't been removed from the lot yet or had its sticker price changed?
  13. FYI, and at the risk of flogging dead horses here, that wasn't an excuse for why I didn't accept the take. That was the excuse for why the book was being offered on the site in the first place. When I was asked if it was pressed by Miraclemet, I looked at it under the loupe light and recalled that this was one of several slabs I intended to CPR and that's when I informed Miraclemet, who had not yet dropped a "take" on either of the books he expressed interest in, that I was intent on pulling the book. Due to his experience with sellers in his past, and because I was not able to pull the ad soon enough, he assumed my intent to pull the book was a stunt to get him to commit to the sale, and he dropped his "take" on the item 16 minutes later, before I had a chance to alter the ad. Perhaps it's worth noting that prior to this incident, there was another book which should not have made the cut on my late Sunday night posting spree, a book where I did in fact honor the sale as the "take" was committed to in PM... That was the Daredevil 17. As I've said before, had Miraclemet committed to the sale prior to me choosing to pull the book, I would have honored that commit. It escapes me how anyone thinks a seller should NOT have that right to remove a book from sale at any time when no commitment has been made on that book. Had I not needed to respond to my client a minute after I told him I was pulling the book, or if I had been more alert and didn't have difficulty and confusion with image sizing, and an almost immediate PM bombardment when I started posting the books, none of this would have happened. Anyways, my takeaway from all this is to be 100% sure about what is being posted in advance. Then, to make it very clear to buyers that if they are in any way remotely interested in a book, they should slap a "take" or a "pending take" on it, publicly or privately, even if the intent is merely to request a deal on a bundle or some other arrangement. I would always allow someone to back out of that take if they decide the price or deal isn't right for them or the condition or other specifics aren't to their liking provided they make that determination within a reasonable period of time and not hold the book up for a day or two when it could have sold to someone else willing to accept my price and conditions.