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  1. Just picked this Vampi 28 up. Looked really nice by my eyes. While i'm really not sure the grade, I won't claim that it's in the realm of that 9.6 that went for nearly 800 the other day, but I figured, why the heck not add this one to my collection? Of all the particular Vampis in that auction, the 28 was IMHO one of the biggest surprises at just how high it went.
  2. I can only hope that a thread 13 pages in didn't fail to mention these elites. Thank God for Oakman for bringing order to a chaotic world
  3. That was a great price for a lovely copy. There was one sold last May with off white pages for 264. I had missed last month's go-around and apparently some others had as well. Last night, the internet auction (I think they call it) for this vampi 11 ended at 201 (around 220) and this is where i mistakenly thought I walked away victorious. It then went to the live-auction and got bid up a couple more increments. This is my favorite Frazetta cover and a true horror masterpiece. These just don't come up in high grade like this and so I decided to play ball. I'll hope to post my copy when it comes in. I may be comparing apples to oranges, but I was surprised the Creepy 91 (1977) sold in a 9.6 at the same price as the vampi 11 in 9.4. Again, this is maybe apples to oranges, but I was surprised to see a magazine with an unoriginal cover go for so high.
  4. Fingers crossed for you! This whole set is so hard to find in 9.0 or above. I submitted a Crow 1 that looked 9.8, maybe 9.6 and came back 9.4. I hope 4th time's the charm for you!
  5. Some beautiful vampi's in high grade were auctioned off tonight. Hopefully some of them will show up here. I imagine with what's going on in the world, some of them went for incredible prices. This was my first experience with HA. I was shootin for the Vampi 11 CGC 9.4 in particular and was grateful to nab it, but it wasn't without a tough fight. The copy is really vibrant, nicely centered, and has sharp corners (far be it from me to question the grading gods of CGC, but not entirely sure how it wasn't a 9.6). Needless to say, I'm excited but I may just stick to Ebay. That whole Internet bid transitioning to "live-bid" piece rather confused me. Originally thought I won it for a heck of a lot less. Nevertheless, It's probably my favorite Frazetta cover in the series. There was also a beautiful Vampi 2 and 4 in CGC 9.6. Those, I just came up short while trying to wrangle my boys and get them to bed. Cheers to the lucky winner(s). Please consider posting them if you are part of this thread.
  6. A nice 7.5 CGC went for 180 at heritage auction tonight
  7. I don't think their value has been fully realized, but #1 and #2 are probably the hottest of the bunch. In fact, I slabbed a Nintendo Power #2 last year and got a 9.0. At the time it was the highest grade (I believe a 9.2 has since been added). Sadly, I had to sell it, but it did go for 6-7 hundred). I would suggest looking at Ebay sales (not what they are simply being listed for). If you are selling, Buy it Now seems to be the way to go with these. Finding copies in 8.0 or above are super tough because we as kids beat these things to hell. Such great memories though. There's definitely interest, but people are cautious about spending heaps of money on them and I think you risk having an auction fall flat
  8. The paper is supple! Thanks for your helpful feedback! These just don't come up
  9. here's a Weird Tales Feb 1928. It's seen better days with tape on spine and covers, tape on outside edges of both covers, price written on front cover, small chip to upper end of spine, partial bookstore stamp on first page. paper is tan and supple. Still great copy to have IMHO
  10. I wouldn't worry too much, LOL. I'm as Green as they come and he's been beyond patient, good humored, and helpful. Can't go wrong calling on Oakman. One heck of a great guy as I've found so many to be on these boards!!!
  11. Ya, sorry about that. Once I get it in hand I'll snap my own shot. Was told no spine tics or folds and corners sharp. Some edge wear along the upper right. My apologies, posting a pic that blurry is going to make people annoyed or worse yet, nauseous
  12. Hi All, would greatly appreciate opinion on the grade. The front cover shows some blur (my apologies, but there aren't any spine tics. It's overall very clean with some edge wear on the upper right side. Thanks for input!
  13. Hi All, I've been looking all over for a copy of the Psycho 74 yearbook and acquired this copy. I am thinking about sending it to CGC, but would greatly appreciate your input on a couple pieces. There are the letters TX written on the cover. Fortunately (IMHO) it's not over the artwork and pretty inconspicuous. The additional piece is that it's a double cover. I'd love to get your take on grade and if I'm understanding correctly, CGC takes the grade of the nicer of the two covers (plus the condition of the rest of the magazine). Does that mean this might not suffer a "ding" in the grading department? As always, appreciate your input
  14. Thanks all, pics are really poor, not my doing but ty for bearin with them! I think it’ll remain raw
  15. Hi All, I've been on a bronze age horror kick. Trying to decide if this is worth sending for encapsulation, so expertise on grade would be much appreciated. I don't imagine a press will help this but opinions are truly appreciated!