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  1. Couldn't agree more. Just noticed the correlation, which may have brought renewed attention to old fans or perhaps new attention to those who weren't aware the movie was (loosely) tethered to an incredible comic.
  2. It's an incredible ride for sure (outside of 9.8 which has commanded around 3k and up pretty consistently over the past year or two). A comic book investment site showed the Crow #1 some much deserved love recently rating it 67 on the list of desirable comics in 2020. I noticed that right after/not long after, the lower grades (by lower, I mean 8.5 to 9.6 began to rocket). 9.4s in March were going for around 400 I believe and 9.6s for 8-900...Not today....not today. And I still think the 9 to 9.6s of the other three in th
  3. Wow, when a crow 1 9.6 pgx commands 1250 bucks and gets plucked not long after it goes live. Granted, it was signed and has artwork on the back by O'barr, but in the CGC world, this would be a green label if I'm not mistaken and as far as actual grade??? Who knows, maybe PGX got it right.
  4. Is it that heritage just seems to draw a bunch of people who have a ton of money and don’t know any better? I’ve never sold anything on Heritage but could it carry some of the same pitfalls that selling on EBay has (e.g plants running up auctions?). I don’t know if this listing had it but have found it odd their live (virtual) auction...just when you think it’s over, nope online bidding has merely ended and now it goes to the virtual live auction part where it gets run up even it that obvious I’ve lost some in this additional round
  5. This set has been soaring and I'm thinking those clamoring for the entire series will only continue to pick up steam. In terms of best bang for your buck while supplies last in higher grades, I have to think the Crow #3 in 9.6 is the steal. In the past few months a few in 9.8 have sold, the most recent today at 2k! The 9.6s are at around the 2-300 mark. #1 continues to break records, but once you buy this book, you can't help but fall down the completionist rabbit hole
  6. Shortly after I posted that, I thought, I'm too new here to be smack-talking :). Hopefully, it was seen as being in jest. As much as I lusted over it, I didn't actually put a bid on that one...I figure talking trash is probably not the way to go in an auction. Might get burned by the guy with deeper pockets who just wants to make a spectacle out of the cocky jerk I will say that I figured it would go for more than it did though so cheers to the lucky winner!!!
  7. Can't wait to post my CGC 9.2! I'm guessing it'll be in hand in just a couple short weeks....I mean first the auction has to end and then they have to process it and mail it...
  8. Lions Den is always a wealth of knowledge. If you wouldn't mind clarifying, I'm a simpleton , how grading variance can occur due to the specific invoice? Thanks!!!
  9. Hi All, This isn't a magazine but I figured it might have a place here: James Warren Empire of Monsters. I believe this came out in 2018 or 2019 and as quickly as it was released, it seems that it went out of print. I'm excited to jump in to this one. I saw it come up at auction recently and just by chance, saw there was one in stock through an online bookstore. Anyone who has by chance read this, would love your feedback. It's about all Things Warren, so hoped I could get a pass in posting this here.
  10. Honestly, I didn’t have near the appreciation for this masterpiece until I had a copy in hand. It’s a stunning piece
  11. If you submit a comic or magazine with ct, can you ask them to simply knock the grade and provide a blue label or will they always throw a purple label at it?
  12. I've found that buying from Steve is far more than getting an incredible magazine, you're getting an experience. He has integrity, a passion for comic book and magazine history, is an extremely conservative grader and truly, an expert. On top of this, no need to fear about USPS destroying your prized goods because he takes the utmost care to ensure your items could survive the apocalypse.
  13. Yep, that blurry 9.0 is great-- here's what the CGC cert number came up as: CGC Cert # 1206331001 Title Detective Comics Issue 27 Issue Date 5/39 Issue Year 1939 Publisher D.C. Comics Grade 6.0 Page Quality OFF-WHITE TO WHITE Grade Date 09/30/2015 Grade Category Universal Pedigree Rockford Art Comments Finger, Siegel and Chambers stories Bob Kane, Joe Shuster, Jim Chambers and Frred Guardineer art, Bob
  14. I know it's been a while, so I'll try and do everyone a solid: Rule 4. First “I’ll take it” in the thread trumps pm’s
  15. Hi All, I'd greatly appreciate opinions on grade. This one is pretty attractive head on--glossy, sharp corners, but the front cover especially has a lot going on e.g., indentations, some spine stress marks that break color. Looks like someone was writing something above the magazine. No ink or pencil on the cover and in one part it just barely breaks color but doesn't tear through to the other side. I'm quite confident it needs a press and am hoping it would take care of some of the issues. Greatly appreciate any thoughts on current condition vs potential condition with a press.
  16. Vampi #30---One of my personal favorites. I couldn't resist. Not the easiest in higher grades with the black border. Enrich outdid himself on this one.
  17. And Crow 1 in 9.8 continues to climb to unprecedented heights. Incredible. Saw it had something like 115 people watching. Here's the link for those interested.
  18. Boardie of the Year?! All along I had sensed I was in the presence of greatness, but boardie of the year?!?! I had not a clue