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  1. Thank you but they are too Golden Age. I'm collecting 80s and early 90s books.
  2. Yeah, I know there is not much difference between a 9.4 and 9.8 and the concept didn't even exist when I was reading comics. I was careful and put them away bagged and boarded but didn't need a magnifying glass to check their condition! I don't consider my comics an investment but yeah I want the best condition available that I can afford. Maybe someday I'll get Amazing Spider-Man 300 for $2000. Not the best cover but iconic. I'm surprised Hulk 340 is worth anything. Cool cover and Hulk vs. Wolverine but not really key. A Conan 1 9.8 would be cool but right now would result in a lot of explaining as it's several thousand bucks. I'm collecting the comics I loved and also like the covers as art, so sometimes I'll just want a cool cover. You can't go wrong if you collect what you love. It's collecting for someone else that leaves you empty... unless of course you're only in it for the money.
  3. Where does one get high-grade back issues? Basically I'm looking for an online dealer who has accurate grading for raw books. My mileage with eBay varies as the grades are often not accurate. I see listing for mint condition comics with a zillion spine ticks. I guess some people's idea of "excellent condition" is unique. Newkadia - grading system of NM+ probably not going to yield a CGC 9.6 NM+ Atomicavenue - they just list from independent sellers. I had bad luck from some random dude.
  4. Yeah his prices are crazy for raw comics.
  5. The one with Ratchet and Megatron on the cover. $100 + shipping. Let's talk if you've got it!
  6. Thank you all for your replies! Didn't realize recreations were somewhat common. My follow-up is what docs are required to prove it is by the artist? Is a letter from the original purchaser swearing it came from the artist worth anything? Does the art have to be signed? Do artists provide any certification?
  7. Thanks!!! So it's morbid but if the artist is dead it basically comes down to supply and demand. I'll research how many copies exist.
  8. Hi, I'm new to art collecting. Is there any value in a famous comic cover redrawn by the original artist? It is not the actual art used for publication but a very exact replica. E.g., a redraw of a famous cover. I'm basically asking what it would be valued at relative to the original. Dime a dozen or still pricey. X-Men 266 original cover art went for $130k.
  9. Why buy any mint book slabbed? Well... getting a book you love in the best condition you can find is part of the hobby. Obviously I can buy busted dollar bin books.
  10. Correct. Back when I read and collected comics, it just had to be a nice NM or M copy. Now mint copies are like unicorns and NM isn't good enough. I find it very hard to tell the difference between a 9.6 and 9.8. Thanks to CGC I don't have too! or
  11. Nope. Does that get rid of non color breaking spine creases?
  12. Yeah, I think that would do it. I consider my submissions that don't work out an education. I'm doing just OK on submitting raw books and think that it sometimes makes more sense to just buy already graded books.