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  1. Looking for Amazing Spider-Man 252 CGC 9.8 WP for $450 plus shipping. Please send pics. Will pay by Paypal.
  2. I added my prices. Please get in touch if they're in the right ballpark.
  3. If you have any of the comics listed for sale, please respond. ASM 252 CGC 9.8 $400 Hulk 340 CGC 9.8 $400 Star Wars 40 CGC 9.8 $110
  4. AT-AT cover. Offering $110. If you have it please send pics. Thanks!
  5. No, I read posts that some companies get you 9.8s of new releases. My research said Beachbum Comics is one but I don't see anything about on their page.
  6. I've heard of services that deliver CGC 9.8s of new comics as they're coming out. Does anyone have any they'd recommend? Thanks!
  7. Unfortunately the Spider-Man run was forgettable despite the great art. Also, aside from the ASM Venom issues the ASM run had some pretty weak issues.
  8. There's nothing you can do with some sellers. Either they'll get serious about selling and lower their price or somebody will pay what they're asking. Some sellers do little research about the going rate and charge what they FEEL the comic must be worth.
  9. Worth it depends on the book first and then the condition. If it's a key book and it looks flawless, it might be worth getting graded. If it isn't flawless you will likely take a bath.
  10. I agree that the price spread is crazy but it is totally appropriate in that the market is what it is.
  11. True, but I still see 9.9s floating around of books I want but won't pay. Spending $300 on a 9.8 or spending $3000 on the 9.9 is an easy choice. A 9.9 or 10 is pretty much bragging rights only.
  12. Well, the multiple is a real market thing set by what people are willing to pay. Yes, it doesn't seem worth it when you consider the miniscule differences but the differences somehow justify the premium in the mind of the collector. For better or worse, I fall into the 9.8 or bust category. One interesting point is that there's a ceiling at 9.8. Most people are satisfied with that grade and do not want to spend 3x to 10x to get a 9.9 or 10. The 9.6 to 9.8 jump is harsh but not unaffordable. The 9.8 to 9.9 jump usually is. 9.8 is the best grade I can justify given my financial limitations. My obsession with grade weakens when the prices become insane. I'd be fine with a 7.0 Hulk 181 but I'm not going to drop $60k on a 9.8.
  13. Maybe I wasn't clear but to me supply only has meaning when demand is taken into account so I implicitly was also talking about demand. It's impossible to say if there is a lot or a little supply without relating it to the demand. Yes, 9.8 is higher than 9.6. Of course all things being equal people will choose the higher grade copy. If the prices were ever equal the market would fix that in a jiffy. The market has sorted out all this stuff and priced 9.8 and 9.6 appropriately. As to why to people avoid 9.6s, it is because they obsess about having the most perfect copy and even minor differences are unbearable.
  14. Yeah but you are only talking about supply. To get a complete picture you have to talk about demand. 1000 people wanting 1 available copies is far different than 1 copy wanted with 1000 copies available. Rarity doesn't mean anything if no one wants the rare item. There are not enough 9.8s to go around and plenty of unwanted 9.6s.