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  1. Looking for a slabbed 9.8. I may not want it if the white back cover shows too prominently or unevenly. Willing to pay $140 plus shipping. If you have a nice 9.8 let's talk.
  2. X-Men 1 fold-out cover (1991) CGC 9.8 $50 Update: Got one! Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm looking to buy a CGC 9.8 comic from the list below. Wolverine 1 $150 Punisher War Journal 1 $90 Punisher 1 (unlimited 1988) $110
  4. Hi, bought a bunch of stuff so now the fun budget is depleted until further notice. Thank you for all your help, I got some mint comics I always wanted! :) Will revisit this thread when the coffers are replenished.
  5. Cool, I used them once before and had no problems with their cheap shipping option. Any other online stores you like?
  6. Thanks!!! Got them and Web of Spider-Man! I saw the same exact War Journal on eBay for $13 more!
  7. Bought an unexpected but much appreciated X-Men 248 9.8 after getting a PM.
  8. Something I'd like to get this year but not at the moment. The Punisher 1 I mentioned is the unlimited series.