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  1. Appreciate the info, and the welcome to the boards. Been on for a little while, need to post more. Thanks for the image when the collection premiered! It's a beautiful copy. LOVE Suscha News Pedigree! I have multiple issues. The guy who curated this collection was meticulous. He lived in Wisconsin. He had a pallet deal with the local distributor and selected the best copies of each issue...some multiple copies of same issue if he thought it was a key. Thanks Again!
  2. Got this in the mail yesterday. Been wanting a copy for awhile and had to jump on this one. Cool cover.
  3. Got this beauty in the mail last week. Nice Suscha News copy. Awesome cover! Love Lockjaw!
  4. That’s a gorgeous copy regardless of the writing on page one. Would be icing on the cake if it was the actual John Romita.
  5. Got these two in the mail this past week. Love the cover on #133. Had to treat myself for Christmas:)
  6. This is an incredible set and enjoyed looking at every issue. You have some nice pedigrees in this run with a lot of the set having ‘White’ pages. I admire your digging and time it took to put this together. Awesome job and if it was mine I would never part with it!
  7. LOVE the cover on #5. Always one of my favorite Ghost Rider covers!
  8. Just got this beauty in the mail today! Very happy to add it to my collection. Cool cover. Mass Copy. Price was right.
  9. Got these two in the mail recently. Been looking for the Hero For Hire for awhile and finally got a good price on one:) Love the Hulk cover.
  10. I just got these in the mail recently. #51 is a Suscha News copy. Both are White Pages. Couple of cool Kane covers.
  11. Got this in the mail recently. Always wanted a nice copy, and am stoked to add it to my collection!