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  1. Maybe, but it's the biggest hoard in the world, then. Seriously, have you ever been to the super-store? It really is the size of a Costco or Sam's, with the comics you can browse arranged around the perimeter of the store. That selection alone is mind-boggling. But then, there's the mid-section of the store, which is roped off to the public, but consists of aisle upon aisle of huge shelves, overflowing with long boxes. It's truly amazing. But then, there are the prices.......
  2. Mile High is an enigma to me. Bought from them via mail order in the mid-80's and used to visit their main store in Denver frequently through the 90's. Their prices on SA books were always very reasonable then. Now though, their prices are ridiculous. And it makes no sense -- their warehouse is the size of your average Costco, but FILLED with comics. It's insane. They should have nearly-unbeatable prices based on volume alone. Even their reading-grade SA books are a pretty penny.
  3. From a reader/fan standpoint, I absolutely agree. From a collector standpoint, maybe not so much. There are some disturbing trends in the herd mentality that remind me a lot of the mid-90's.
  4. Have been a ROM fan since issue #1 came out when I was in 7th grade. But for decades, the value of that #1 held solid at about $3.00. Now suddenly, I'm going to cons and seeing it for $30 to $60. What happened lately? Movie coming out? Did everyone else suddenly figure out how awesome this title is? What gives?
  5. Picked up this little gem at a local Con yesterday for $80. Believe it's worth at least twice that........
  6. Dude. All the OP was asking for was obvious alerts for any spoilers. And that’s fair.
  7. Yeah.....amazing that we have to ask for this. Have had tix for a Saturday show for about three weeks now for myself and my three sons. We've all managed to stay in a spoiler-free zone -- until yesterday. Some kid in my 15-y.o's gym class was shouting out spoilers he'd read on the internet. My son was so pissed yesterday. He's kept what he heard to himself, and I'm hoping what he heard is just one small 30-second aspect of the bigger 3-hour story. Fingers crossed. Why are people such jerk-offs? "Spoiler kid" is a starter on the high school football team offensive line and my son was still ready to clock him.
  8. Nice! The run that got me into Spider-Man as it was published when I was 10. I still have my copies, although they are sufficiently more well-used than these.
  9. Well, equally small sample size, but all of my kids and their friends do. And at the local monthly cons I go to, it's consistently about 60% comics, 40% sports cards/magazines. And the sports guys look like they're doing good business.
  10. Walk into any Walmart or Target in the country, and right next to the checkout area, you will see a GIANT selection of Magic, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and yes, sports cards for a variety of sports, by a variety of companies. I think the demand for sports cards is about on par as the demand for comics (which, by the way, neither the aforementioned Target nor Walmart carry).
  11. Honus Wagner (and his card) would like a word with you.....
  12. Ha! For the win. The irony of course being that one (or two) less of each of these in the world just increases the prices of those left.......
  13. So technically, copyright law also covers unauthorized DISTRIBUTION, which includes selling or even giving something away. And since some/many of these stories are available to buy from DC in one form or another, you would be circumventing a sale. That said, I can’t imagine anyone at DC caring about a donation of these copies. Sale on eBay might be a different matter.
  14. That's a good analysis, but the "X factor" is the seeming sh*tload of IH181 on the market right now. Those are right now in a statistical "limbo," not considered by your analysis.
  15. So, I have no clue how old you are, but if you were around in the mid90s, you’ll remember all sorts of excessive behavior like this. People buying multiple copies of every gimmick book that came down the pike, and selling for exhorbitant prices to feed a fad. ASM #361 was being sold for $20 a copy mere weeks after its initial release and only recently re-attained those prices. Craigslist has sales of multiple-copy 90s books every day. Which is why the multiple-variant cover fad of late is a bit alarming.