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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. I’m still curious about which signed issue would be the best investment in the long run though. Just to clarify, each book is already slabbed so it wouldn’t make sense to purchase an already signed slab cost wise.
  2. Looking for everyone’s opinion on which one (I can only afford to have 1 signed) of the following books I should have Todd M sign during his upcoming CGC visit based on potential future value. Let’s assume each book would achieve a 9.8 grade Spider-Man 1 Green Variant (1990 series) Spider-Man 1 Gold Variant Spider-Man 13 Spawn 231 Spawn 300 (cover a) Spawn 300 (Spider-Man 300 Homage)
  3. I am the original owner of this book and am also hoping it might make the magic # - BUT, it also has a few minor flaws: very slight corner issues on spine side and two slight ink? smears on the back. What do you think?
  4. Thanks all - I’ll try a press (there are two small indentations 1 in the center of the bw spidey eye and the other on the back under hobby - that’s why I took specific pics of them) and cross my fingers....
  5. Ok, so this is an extremely good looking copy of this book - BUT, I do see a few minor flaws that might keep it from receiving a 9.8. Your input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your input everyone. That is a light reflection on the leg. I was concerned about the very slight discoloration in picture #8. It’s difficult to see in the picture though. I see the other issues mentioned. Is CGC really that tough?
  7. One small issue I can see. Still good enough for a 9.8?
  8. Still looking for a copy to slab, this one’s close but two or three minor issues that might keep it from a 9.8???
  9. I’ve read in some previous threads that if an issue is a clean 9.8, than an unverified signature on the inside of the book will probably not reduce the grade. It is also helpful if the signature is down at the bottom of the margin. That being said, I just obtained a copy of SM 365 with J. Romita’s signature on the contents page (see below pic). Assuming the book is in 9.8 shape, am I safe requesting a blue label?
  10. Similar to the previous post, if in your opinion this copy scores high enough, I’d like to submit it for official grading. What do you guys think?
  11. If popular opinion gives this a top grade, I’d like to send it in to be slabbed. What do you think?
  12. Thanks for everyones input! Seller thought the book was a 7.0 and everyone’s in the same ballpark with him. I bought the book for $150, so I think I did ok. Thanks again!
  13. I am considering buying this copy of GH1, but need to know if the approximate grade = the price. Thank you!
  14. Wondering what this book would score. I have a guess - would like to hear some more educated opinions. Thanks!
  15. I feel you. I guess the OCD part of me assumes / feels that the grading deductions should be cumulative, i.e. - 1 spine tick = 1/4 deduct, 1/8 tear = 1/2 point deduct, etc., whereas it’s more of a subjective system. Trying not to step on any toes here as I appreciate everyone’s time and input.