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  1. Thanks for all the input like I said, I paid the extra $5 for the graders notes and here’s a screenshot of the email they sent me. No mention of the signature. And the book seems to be in EXCELLENT condition. So I’m thinking the signature brought the grade down to a 9.0 but the grader messed up and didn’t add it to his notes and therefore must have forgot to make it a qualified book. Which troubles me a little because I’d rather have a blue label then a green. But not if it brought down the grade
  2. Here are pics of the issue in question. The case is flawless and has not been tampered with. The book looks to be a 9.4-9.6 to me. I just think it’s odd that it didn’t receive a qualified label or any mention of the signature
  3. I recently purchased an Amazing Spider-Man 298 from eBay. The book is graded 9.0 with a universal label. It said it was signed by Todd McFarlane but was not a signature series or a qualified label. After looking at the picture I decided that the signature must have been on the outside of the case. Once I received the book I see that the very authentic looking signature is indeed on the actual front cover of the book. It has a blue universal label and no notes other than the standard. I looked up the number to verify the cgc certification and even paid the extra $5 for certifyers notes. These make no mention of a signature. Curious as to what happened here. Thanks