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  1. Thank you all - I'll leave it - I totally agree that the corner is likely post-encapsulation, and wouldn't negate the other issues - much appreciated your input thank you all
  2. Mine was similar, and was graded as an 8.5. I had it cracked, pressed and resubmitted, and came back as a 9.6.
  3. Evening - I've got a 9.6 Ms Marvel #1, and wondering if it has defects which can be addressed and resubmitted for a potential 9.8. Alas there are no grader's notes. The thing that is of interest is the back cover tiny corner fold, which I think can be pressed out? The only other potential detracting features are the 2 spine corners on the front - the bottom is a little rounded with minimal colour loss. The top corner looks to be a bindery issue? In your opinion, woud you press out the corner fold on the back and resubmit, or are the other issues going to negate this? Thanks
  4. That's correct. The international shipping fees are inclusive within the submission cost. The shipping I do need to pay is getting the books to and from London.
  5. Hi. I'm UK based, and I ship reguarly to CGC via the London office. I'd be happy to discuss sharing submissions with you, and arranging return delivery back to Netherlands. Drop me a message if you wish to discuss.
  6. Agree largely with what's been said. Here in the UK, there seems to be a growing number of people submitting books to CGC, and the message often being given is to press everything by default, which as stated above does not make financial sense if using a 3rd party to press/clean. In my opinion, the smart play would be to develop an understanding of when a press would benefit (i.e. pressable defects), or when a book is fine to submit without pressing - and combine this knowledge with investment in developing your own pressing skills and equipment. By having the tools and knowhow on how to press
  7. Lovely books Forgive me - which auction are you referring to? I'm UK based so I'm a little confused if I've missed an auction Thanks
  8. Awesome thank you! That explains why the books themselves didn't look too faded thank you!
  9. Hi. When scanning up-coming auctions, one thing I notice is that quite often the cgc text along the top of the slab looks faded - I've attached an example. Should this be a red-flag, indicative of the book having been exposed to sun-light over a number of years, and therefore making the item less appealing or valuable - or am I over-reacting, and is probably just the effect of the scanner? Thanks
  10. Evening all. Quick query -I'm based in the UK, and do my submissions through CGC-UK. However, I'm not sure how to submit an item for a signing -unlike the US Submission form, there is no equivalent on the UK submission form to select a signing. Does anyhow happen to know how a book can be submitted for signing when based in the UK? Many thanks
  11. Hi. Fairly new to the submission process - I'm based in the UK, and just recieved back my first submision which I did via a third party here. I'm now weighing up the pros and cons of using the same route on my next submission, or whether I should consider submitting directly (via the cgc London option) - can anyone give their thought on this? Cost wise, I think it may be cheaper to go direct (depending on if the number of submissions justifies the membership fees). I also get the grader notes which will be handy. I wonder if I've missed anything obvious. Thanks