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  1. Afternoon. Can anyone help, please, to grade this Eternals 1. Many thanks!
  2. Many thanks guys - much appreciated I'd be happy with a 4.0
  3. Hi. Would you be so kind to help grade my FF67. As can be seen, there are a number of chips/tears to front and back, with some wear and tear. The pages are intact throughout with nothing missing. A number of creases also - would this benefit from a press do you think? Many thanks!
  4. Hi. Could you please help grade this Eternals #1? Corners are quite bruised and dented, but no major flaws that my amateur eye can see - any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  5. Excellent info and opinions , many thanks guys - thanks for sharing
  6. Hi. I just wanted to canvas your thoughts and opinions on the future value of non-key early FF issues, or minor-key issues. Wihilst the trend ahead for the key-issue prices looks to be positive, with a bright future ahead, do you see this trend applying also for the non-keys? A rising tide rising all ships, as it were, or should a canny investor still (where possible) focus primarily on the key FF issues only? Hope my query makes sense, and thanks in advance
  7. Hi. Could someone be so kind as to shed light on this: my copy of Spectacular Spider-man 64 has blue rectangular printing marks at the top of each page throughout. Is this a defect, and if so how does it affect grade? Or is it a common phenomena? Many thanks
  8. Cheers guys for taking a look. IS the sticker residue permanent, or something you think could be removed or minimised with professional cleaning?
  9. Hi. Please would you be able to help judge the grade on this BP #1. Main issue so far as I can see are the spine ticks, and what appears to be the residue of a price sticker, perhaps, over the '10p'. Is it cut wierd also? Not sure if this is common, or seen as a big flaw. Much appreciated for your help and assistance
  10. That's interesting - thanks for the reply. Why is there a general lack of higher grade copies of pence variants?
  11. Hi. So if I understand correctly, pence variants (or whatever they're referred to as) are less desirable, and attract lower prices, to US collectors. I think I saw a very ball-park figure somewhee of typical prices for pence variants being two-thirds or so of their regular equivalents when sold within the US. However, my question (as I'm based in the UK) is whether this holds true in the UK market? Referring to online price guides, these refer to regular cent prices. I guess what I'm asking is how (as a UK-based collector) pence and cent copies are valued, desired and priced within the UK. Although I could refer to recent ebay sold listings, this only paints part of the picture. Many thanks
  12. Thanks for the welcome! British actually, rather than from New Zealand With a somewhat steadier hand, I've taken a few more photos. I can see what you mean now about the spine - on the final photo I can see that part of the back image is visable on the spine. Would that possibly explain the cut-off on the right hand side?
  13. Evening all. Hopefully I'm not breaching any rules or etiquette by posting this here, but I'd value your judgment on this recent purchase. I'm very much a novice at this things, but I'm suspicious that this has been trimmed. The edges look really neat - almost too neat. In particular, the 'TM' trademark seems to be cut off? I've tried comparing with online photos, but again my judgment may be off. Any thoughts from you lovely people will be very much appreciated, thanks
  14. Evening all. Very new in these parts, and Id very much value your opinion on this Captain America #100. Comic has definitely seen better days. The front cover in particular has a tear about a third of the way up, probably about an inch. The cover is attached, and no pages are missing. Extensive creaing to the top right of the front page. Holes along the spine, and small tears on the back page, upper. I hope this post conforms to the rules and etiquette of this forum, but please do correct me otherwise - live and learn and all that! Thanks.