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  1. Thank you everyone for your feedback and assurances - just to say again thanks also to MyComicShop - they've been great so far, and there was no intent on my part to question that - merely curious for other's input
  2. Hi - many thanks for your response andexplanation - I fully understand how particular some customers are, so I applaud you pointing out in the descriptions any issues such as scuffing. I was just curious why my proportion seems much higher than what is available from other items in the auction - I don't see many others with that flaw, certainly not to the extend of 10 out of 11. If it was scuffing to the exterior case, then it would be likely due to how I had stored them or shipped them - or if they were all graded at the same time then there could be a logical explanation there too. Seems a
  3. Morning. I recently consigned 11 cgc (modern) books to MyComicShop for the first time, and just wanted some feedback on this issue. All bar one of the books have been described as "scuffing to inner well of case". That's a high perentage, especially considering these books weren't all graded together, but over several different submissions. Also, I don't recall seeing any scuffing, although admittedly I didn't examine too closely. Does anyone have similar experiences, or would you say that's quite normal? Thanks
  4. Hi Just wondering if a Dime Press #4 (1st Hellboy appearance) is submitted for grading in the same way as a regular comic (i.e. selecting the appropriate tier, such as Economy or Standard) - or if it's a completely different process, because it's in a different format? Thank you
  5. Hi. Just wondering this : I have a modern book (High Republic #1) which at the centre ought to have a previews gatefold advert. However, on this copy it was detached. If we assume for argument's sake that a book would grade a 9.8, how does CGC treat a missing gatefold - would it be noted on a blue label, or given a green qualified label - or no impact? Thanks
  6. Thank you all - I'll leave it - I totally agree that the corner is likely post-encapsulation, and wouldn't negate the other issues - much appreciated your input thank you all
  7. Mine was similar, and was graded as an 8.5. I had it cracked, pressed and resubmitted, and came back as a 9.6.
  8. Evening - I've got a 9.6 Ms Marvel #1, and wondering if it has defects which can be addressed and resubmitted for a potential 9.8. Alas there are no grader's notes. The thing that is of interest is the back cover tiny corner fold, which I think can be pressed out? The only other potential detracting features are the 2 spine corners on the front - the bottom is a little rounded with minimal colour loss. The top corner looks to be a bindery issue? In your opinion, woud you press out the corner fold on the back and resubmit, or are the other issues going to negate this? Thanks
  9. That's correct. The international shipping fees are inclusive within the submission cost. The shipping I do need to pay is getting the books to and from London.
  10. Hi. I'm UK based, and I ship reguarly to CGC via the London office. I'd be happy to discuss sharing submissions with you, and arranging return delivery back to Netherlands. Drop me a message if you wish to discuss.