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  1. Omega Men #10 2nd appearance of Lobo Copy B 9.0 $15
  2. Omega Men# 10 2nd Appearance of Lobo Copy A 9.2 $20
  3. X-Factor#5 1st cameo appearance of Apocalypse 9.2 $25
  4. X-Men#210-213 Mutant Massacre 9.2 to 9.4 $100
  5. Thor#338 2nd Beta Ray Bill appearance 9.0 $25
  6. Hello Everyone! Here are the rules: NO Hall of Shame or People on Probation Only U.S. Buyers Trumps pms Returns are accepted within 3 days once you have received it. Unless specified in an items description Buyer pays return shipping Shipping and Payments: 1-4 Books $8 shipping. CGC books and 5 or more books will be $15 shipping.USPS priority mail with insurance included. Payment by Paypal is only accepted Other: All prices are negotiable for reasonable offers If you would like more pictures of certain books I will send them to you ASAP Thank You!