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  1. Not strictly Bronze, but Kane mania nonetheless.
  2. Need one of these if anyone has one for sale. Please send me a message if so.
  3. Does Tales to Astonish #52 benefit from all this Black Knight hoopla?
  4. There's nothing wrong with adding nice presenting pro-restored books in categories A and B, especially with the way prices have exploded and have become prohibitive on many (really most) Silver keys. It's the next best option if a mangled low grade universal book isn't your thing. I would avoid category C though for heavy resto.
  5. True, DD is not as iconic (or important) as Superman, Batman, Spidey, FF, etc. But he has been a central Marvel figure from the beginning. One could easily argue Miller's DD run is one of the most important in comic history. Not unlike what Moore was doing. That makes DD important. That run helped redefine the medium and, ultimately, Batman too. If you're not a Miller fan then this is irrelevant. But if DD is only a "blip" MK may as well be invisible. A few cool Bill S. 80s covers doesn't change that. That said I do like MK too and hope the series succeeds.
  6. To me Daredevil is a much more interesting and important character than MK ever was. That said, I hope the series is well done. The MK comics have been all over the place in terms of quality.
  7. This book has always been overpriced and over-speculated on going back to the late 80s. MK is a cool character of course, but I think this book has always been fueled by the so-called potential of the character rather than anything really concrete. That said, there's lots of rumblings now that we may finally see him on the big screen (or a streaming series).
  8. Could this be a record price for a 7.0? Auction closed last night. Look at this on eBay
  9. Don't know if you'll be compensated for postage, but they will reholder for free. I've had slabs with hairs, etc that they took back with no problem.
  10. Agreed and thanks. It looks better in hand. Not sure how cgc always assigns grades on restored books, but my sense is the more extensive the resto, the less chance of a higher grade, regardless of the quality of the work. I've subbed a 4-5 pro restored books over the years (this being one) and the grades have all fallen solely in the 5.5-7.5 world. Not complaining, just an observation.