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  1. My long, long ago restored copy
  2. Thanks. I was actually thinking the same thing regarding the specialized label as a possible answer. Cheers
  3. Well here's an interesting case. Would like some input. I've had this pretty pro-restored Spidey #13 since the 90s. I finally decided to send it in for grading recently. I opted for one of the new Spidey labels. Grade was posted and it came back 7.5, restored as expected, category A-2. I received the book back today and it's a blue universal label but it still lists the restored work that was performed. It doesn't list the A-2 category on the label. Any thoughts on this? Did CGC make an error and just not use a purple label?
  4. Not a key per se, but I've always loved #33 with its classic photo cover. Tougher in high grade too.
  5. My ancient copy that I had restored in the 90s. Should have left it alone
  6. This is my pro restored copy pre-slab. It eventually came back a 6.5 (B-5).
  7. My copy pre-slab. This ultimately came back 8.5 white pages