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  1. Yeah no rings, and thanks. Classic book.
  2. Love this book. Very undervalued still. Black cover madness.
  3. Generally, I've noticed a big decline in quality control throughout 2020; books slabbed too tightly, not tight enough, scuffs, debris in case, rings, etc.
  4. Thanks, I may send this back eventually for a reholder. It irks me that it is "wrong" even though it does indicate the resto on the label.
  5. I agree with you overall. Once slabbed, there's nothing you can do. Color touch aside, the slabs conceal a great deal.
  6. This was a bizarre one that I received back from them when they first introduced the specialized labels. Could they not do these in purple, or did they screw up?
  7. I feel like the stigma and negative backlash on ct/resto books (pro or amateur) wasn't as great during the pre-cgc world. There were definitely unscrupulous dealers that did amateur ct to deceive customers, and many of us buying back then were burned. However, nowadays resto books are a great alternative to obtaining what for many are books that are completely out of reach. So I think they have their niche and place. The plods actually perform a great service, they tell the customer exactly what is going on with the book.