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  1. Met the great Steranko back in October, had him sign this. Not a book you see slabbed often, and even less so with his sig.
  2. I believe my books from August only recently got to CGC, so you probably have another month or so before you get them back. Don't worry Joey is 100% reliable, but turnarounds are usually in the 3-4 month world, that's what I've become accustomed to when I use him.
  3. Sent in my copy from 25+ years ago recently and somehow this happened. Was definitely not expecting this.
  4. Beauty. I know someone with a 9.8; definitely one of the tougher books and best DD covers.
  5. Congrats SweetLou. Incredible accomplishment. I've dabbled in trying to get some of those picture frame DDs in high grade over the last year or so. I've found 91 to be really difficult (I have a 9.6 graded by that other company, would love to see yours). Recently picked up an 81 in 9.4, and a 104 in 9.6.
  6. Not strictly Bronze, but Kane mania nonetheless.
  7. Need one of these if anyone has one for sale. Please send me a message if so.