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  1. Aside from #3 and #8 that obviously took a ton of work, is there one you get the most excited about?
  2. Sorry for coming to this thread late. In stunned by these stories, the details and the drive to finish this run. This is really incredible and I've got allot of reading ahead of me! Congratulations!
  3. Thank you for starting this thread. Really amazing art work!
  4. Attached is a copy of my faded Hulk 1. I don't think the fading hurt the grade that much. It had a sticker pull, and. some creasing on the BC. Its possible it could have seen 5.0 on a great day, but I was hoping for VG which is right where it landed. Your GSX1 is in the same ball park fading wise, so I suspect it will reduce it anywhere from a half point to 1.5 points.
  5. That's awesome!! Congrats! I'm sure my mother threw out all mine after being read, abused, and trampled.
  6. My phone was really struggling to update towards the end! Nice grab! I missed on the two Bernie books, but added some great ones.