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  1. I think you've gotten sound advice. No one knows what's coming next. This has been a wild ride for comics. As a long time collector, it kind of stinks.... Things I would have loved to own, but weren't a priority are now out of reach. Anyway - my advice... buy comics because you love them. Invest in funds to build wealth. If you love FF48 and you can buy it without going into debt, buy it and cherish it. But don't buy it with the expectation you'll retire on it or buy a house. That's not to say it's not a good investment, but at your age you have an enormous opportunity to m
  2. I was just trying to make a joke that I only know 4 young people lol. I have very limited visibility into that world.
  3. It's a good question. I keep hearing kids don't read comics. But every single younger person I know, collects comics!! All of them! That includes my two kids (3 and 8), my brother in law (19) and I just met @BlackTerror98. So my sample size is 4 and 100% of them collect comics.
  4. Thank you for the thorough response. Just happy to see the hobby is alive and well with the generation coming up behind me. I collect WWII superman books because I really appreciate what he symbolized and what he meant to comics. But as a reader, I could never get behind Clark. He was, well, to super. Bigger, stronger, faster than everyone else. I mean Lex Luther was a real under dog story! That's who we should have been cheering for lol. But again, thank you for the response and keep on reading, buying and discussing comics!!
  5. Yup! People have been predicting doom and gloom for comics since I started collecting. Friends and family have been calling me an insufficiently_thoughtful_person for years. They've pleaded with me to sell before everything I have is worth pennies. I tell them "I hope your right, so I can buy some books I've always wanted for pennies"
  6. Here is a question for you... are your 22 year old friends doing the same thing? Meaning, are they reading comics and getting lost in them in general? Does superman have greater appeal with your generation? My brother in law is 19 and he's a huge spidey fan. My kids are 8 and 3. They love comics, but that's probably influenced by me lol. Just curious how folks your age view comics.
  7. I haven't bought from Clink in about a year, but I don't think the sales tax hits all states. I didn't pay tax with them or ComicConnect (purchased something from them last week). And yes, with both, you can avoid the 3% with check or MO.
  8. I would say this market is highly unusual and no one can really predict what's going to happen. There are about 1,987 threads over in general with folks speculating on this market. That said, we can learn from historical patterns. Without writing a wall of text, here are my thoughts on your situation. Unless you need to sell or would like to flip the book for another big key, I wouldn't sell. Hulk 181 will always have huge demand. Prices may correct, but I doubt they will crash and long term Hulk 181 will always be the marquee book of the BA. If you sell, replacing that
  9. I totally agree. At one point Stan referenced Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I can't remember the exact quote, but it inspired the Hulk or something like that. But inspiration is a long way from a blatant rip off. Mr. Hyde was an evil human who carefully and intentionally did terrible things. The hulk isn't evil, though he may not always be able to control himself from doing bad things.
  10. I do believe DC will have it's day. The characters are still iconic household names and many of the stories were great. They just gotta figure it out. Superman, Flash and Wonder Women simply haven't aged well. They feel very old fashion and unrelatable. Heck, that was even true when I was a kid (90s). The only DC books we bought growing up was Miller's Batman. But I have faith that things change. Someone will figure out how to properly use these characters on the big screen. Maybe this isn't relevant because Marvel has dominated the big screen for multiple decades now,
  11. The 181s are in demand enough that you'll get strong results through any of the big auction houses. MCS would make the process really easy and have reasonable fees.
  12. Even with pressers? I know they don't like other grading services, but I've seen Joey and others recommended regularly? If it's a problem I will delete my post.