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  1. Just a quick update, as I did not do one on Wed as planned. With my guy being out with the flu (he came back on Friday) I had a super long week and a half. Met with the accountant, got bad news (mostly on the personal taxes, I used my 401K to open the shop and while I thought I had withheld enough, there was a 10% penalty, which upon review, was not taken out. This caused me to owe $$ this year even while taking a loss for the business (when combined with my personal taxes), I would have received a small refund on the business. This is personal and business combined and the result was not what we were expecting. I had a close friend pass away unexpectedly this weekend...he was 44, supposed to meet us out for dinner Saturday night...never showed...passed away on his couch, got the call during dinner...we think it's heart related as his father died at 42, but we don't know yet, he has 12 year old twins, boy and a girl...they are the one's who found my focus hasn't been here at all this weekend. Came in early today to work on some stuff, put up a door for the back room, built some more bookshelf/cubes for a larger comic area...hard to keep focused...wake and funeral this weekend...not ready for this...going to try to put my focus in pricing up books in the mean time...have a few guys helping me out here now...tough week...just kind of feeling lost... I'm almost where I want to be as far as how the store is set up so I'll be uploading new pictures to the website soon and updating it with relevant information. Hug your family, hug your friends, call someone you haven't talked to in a while... Sorry this is so jumbled...just need to get through all this... Thanks again for all the advice, encouragement, and information! I appreciate it!
  2. I probably wasn't very clear earlier so I'll clarify again. I believe (I have not read back recently) that the comment I don't like packing boxes was in response to someone saying "don't open a store, just sell from home". The whole idea of opening a store was just that, so I could own my own store and do what I love, talk comics, talk gaming, all while selling stuff and making a modest living. I would rather do that than pack boxes hours and hours a day. I am not against, packing out and mailing out items, but if I had a choice I would sell everything in the store!
  3. While I do understand the math, and if all goes well, there is enormous profit to be made, the risk of taking 17K into 1 book is mistake and I am under...however, I may start small, ie order 25 of an issue (that's right, I don't order more than 15 of any issue currently), and give it a "go" on a small they say, you need money to make money...
  4. On an unrelated side note, the guy I have helping me out so I don't work open to close 7 days has the flu this last week and a half, so I worked about 85-90 hours this week (15 on both Friday and Saturday), so sorry I didn't update on last Wednesday I had planned. I am doing some small re-modeling this week in order to make room for more back issues...this is all in my plan to get my comic situation fully completed before Free Comic Book day. I have my brother-in-law and another new kid who's "working off" some comics helping me out getting things organized and priced up. I'm also meeting with my accountant tomorrow night. I will update with everything I did wrong and whatever issues come up that I wan't prepared for so that others that may read this in the future don't suffer the same pitfalls. I may even include one or 2 things I accidentally did right !! I'll try to update Wednesday evening, with this weeks slow sales report as well as a few nice copper collections that came in On another unrelated side note, the landlord came in today and asked me if I wanted another location as he likes that I keep the place clean, pay my rent early, and don't bother him with petty repairs (I just take care of it). I told him I'm not quite ready yet and that I want to take a salary first before I go and open another place Thanks again for all who comment, participate, give advice both positive and "constructive"'s too late to take the advice "don't do it" but I do understand it if I was only opening a comic shop, with no secondary item to support it. Keep it coming!! Thanks!
  5. I'm not going to "quote" any of the threads relating to "prints" as there were a lot with good information. I do actually sell prints. I purchase prints from artist JaCo Tartaruga well as a local artist from the neighborhood, Laura Sweeney I sell the unframed prints at $20 each and framed prints (they are all 11x17) for $29.95. I have 4 prints from Laura Sweeney and over 30 different prints from JaCo. I display them above the back issue comics, with 2 full rows dedicated to the prints (about 15-20). I started off with 8-10 different prints from JaCo and they sold very well, some sold out in fact, I re-ordered, and the same thing. Last order I placed was for 100 prints (I also have 100 frames as I was able to get them at Michael's during one of their 50% off frames sales. People like the fact that they were original and when the Holiday season came around I had a bunch of people come in and say "My husband, brother, son, wife, girlfriend likes "x character" but I don't know what to get them?? The prints were a great sell...not too expensive and 99.99% chance they don't have them. Some weeks 1 sell 0/1 and some weeks I sell 10+...just over 50% profit margin so not too bad AND I get to support local up and coming artists!
  6. I do all of this exactly as you have written...subscribers get a bag and board for their pulls as well as any new books they buy when they come in, and 10% off their books. They get first crack at the variants at cover price (I never order the 25 needed to get the expensive variants, but once in a while the 1:10 and I don't mark those up IF a subscriber wants one. I rotate that around for customers who subscribe to the same book so not one person is getting all the variants. And on a seperate note, I sold all my ASM 796's (all 8 lol) at cover price to pull list customers and regulars.
  7. That is an interesting idea...I could set up a place for "new collections, not processed yet"...a few times when I've gotten collections in I've had people ask to go through them and they've always picked some stuff out, so I have "kind of" done that before by accident...I'll give it a try for next weekend and see what happens...maybe next Sunday/Monday (a week from now) and I'll report back on the results!
  8. I have a small section of CGC books, up high on the wall, just added a Cry for Dawn # 1 CGC 9.4 and a Fear 19 (first Howard the Duck) CGC 8.5 (best 8.5 I've ever seen!!!)...I have a few others on their way to CGC. All of my wall books have large price stickers that can be seen. I have silver/bronze and expensive copper/modern behind the counter on the high wall. I have copper/modern on the opposite wall. I still have some work to do on the organization of the store, but once I am done I will post a video of what the inside looks like! I try to make sure that everything is priced...I hate going into stores that don't have things priced...
  9. None that I'm aware of, but I'm sure that's naive of me. I do have cameras, alarm system, and a computer system that tracks most things...I haven't noticed anything yet, I am there 90% of the time the store is open...I need to put better systems in place, which I will do over time. I allow the people helping me to drink soda for free and snacks for free as well as give them discounts on new products. Hopefully this dissuades them from making poor decisions. As far as customer theft, there were a few times I thought someone may have grabbed a plush or a POP, but the camera angle didn't show anything. I am going to be adding more cameras for different angles that aren't as clear as I'd like them.
  10. I totally agree. The bathroom is a key component. When i first opened, we did out best to make it presentable. After about 1 month, it was the first thing I re-tackled. I had the floors re-done, walls painted, lights changed out, as well as molding put in. I do clean the bathroom every day, and I have other plans to put in wall mounted soap dispensers, sanitizer and paper towel dispensers. It could use some decorating as well as the walls are painted red with yellow highlights on some pipes running up the walls in the corner. I have gotten compliments on how clean it is compared to other comic stores, but that's not saying much lol...I don't have a cinnamon smell though...need to work on that lol!!
  11. We've been doing a good job maintaining, but there are some things that are falling by the wayside, i.e. dusting. I had planned on coming up with opening/closing checklists which will tackle some of the maintenance. I do have some days where I do things, for example I clean the outside windows on Monday AM. Bathroom is cleaned every morning. But you are right, doing it the way I'm doing it will lead to things being missed so I do need to get something in writing to remind myself! Thanks!
  12. I had approximately 80-100 long boxes going in. I was buying stuff right up until I opened...bought 2 large collections and a few smaller ones that I had run across. I do spend some time checking out books on eBay that are from the early to mid 2000's as I was mostly in a MTG phase during that time and am only now slowly learning the "key" issues. Going in I had 90% of the stock bagged and boarded with 50% priced up and ready for the bins...I mistakenly thought I'd have plenty of time in the beginning as nobody knew I was there and I was preparing for days when nobody came in at all. Luckily that wasn't the case. I did a bad job with making sure that the "base" inventory was priced up. Looking back, what I should have done after all the books were bagged, boarded, and divided alphabeticallly, was to price the 20-30 main titles for each main company (Marvel, DC, Image, etc). What I actually did was price up everything alphabetically and got to the middle of the alphabet on the two major titles. As things got closer to opening, my time was focused on other things, things came up that were unexpected, or things took more time than I thought they would. I now have approximately 50 or so long/short boxes that need to be bagged/boarded organized and priced. My plan is to price up the main titles in the next 2 weeks (kids are off from school next week, so should be busier) and get those out. Then, once that is complete, I will be adding an additional area for comics. I plan on culling through the collections to take out any more keys I find (I do this initially) as well as any run fillers which I am lacking. I don't think I'm wasting too much time on eBay...although I do use it as a guide for some books that I'm not as familiar with...I don't mind someone getting a good deal out of my bins as that leads them to go through the bins more often, which in turn leads to more sales.
  13. Hey sorry for the lack of updates the last few months...honestly I'm pretty spent...only 4 days off since August 14th (the day we started to move in)...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and Jan 3rd (blizzard conditions that day and 12+" of snow). There have been a few days when I said to myself, tonight before I leave I'll post an update, but then the time comes and I just want to sleep lol!! Going to make this update short, but change it up a bit...there are so many things I can write about and probably even more stuff that I've forgotten!! I'm going to try to carve out a few minutes each week to write a small update...the suggestions and advice here is invaluable and I'm doing myself a disservice if I don't rack the brains of everyone here! What I think might be easier for me and more enjoyable for you folks is asking questions you want answers to as opposed to me just vomiting from the keyboard ! Each week, I'll update the week with interesting, funny, educational things that I've encountered during the week as well as answer any and all questions that come up! A couple of things that have gone poorly or not according to plan: 1) Time - I have nowhere near as much as I thought I would. Here is the most embarrassing thing, that I don't even want to admit...I have all the main DC titles priced up and organized...BUT I only have 1 row of independents, with only 4 titles (Walking Dead, Spawn, Rick and Morty, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)...and worse than that...I only currently have available Marvel titles from A-T...that's right...I do not have 1 X-Men comic out on the sales floor, no Wolverine, nothing (I do have Bronze/Silver/Wall books of these titles, but no back issue runs)'s hard to even write that...Time...I just don't have any extra. There is no excuse though... Every time I set myself up to price books, something happens, phone calls, customers (I'm not complaining about that btw lol). My time management has never been great...and that brings me to 2) Systems - I have a few people helping me, and each day I am reacting to what's going on and giving direction on the fly, this isn't good for morale in general (although most people helping me out seem very happy)...I am not anywhere near as proactive as I need to be...I don't have opening, closing, down time checklists...I haven't used my quick books yet which is going to make tax time ridiculously hard and more expensive as there is much more work for the accountant to do now...I know what I want to do and what I need to do, but it's been a lot more difficult than I thought...I can go on and on about this topic, but you get the idea...I'm not even counting my social media, which is lacking as well... 3) New comic ordering...I've made adjustments to lower titles not selling as much just in time for, what it seems like, each week there being a hot book that's selling for $15 dollars day of release...hell, even Amazing Spider-Man 796 coming out next week is selling for $15+ already on eBay...I've had a few people bail on pull lists, which kind of stinks, but one of those people was pulling all the Dark Knight Metal that actually worked out lol. I have about 15 people on pull lists now...I have the ComicSuite to help me with the pull lists as well as ordering, but I'm not using it efficiently...I"m still over-ordering on some titles, and I find myself still driving to other shops to pick up books I under-ordered on... 4) Space - I had to increase the table space for the gaming and have not increased the comic space...being that the gamers are paying my bills, I have to make sure my focus is on them, but I haven't set up the comic space the way I need in order to put more books out, which I desperately need to back issue selection is lacking to say the's not that I don't have the inventory, I fact I now have more comics at my house than I did before I opened the shop!!! My sales are still 68% MTG and 32% other last time I checked (having issues with the computer, have a call into the helpdesk), so I don't have those numbers month to date...part of that issue is the lack of product available for sale. This last month I've had my brother-in-law helping me to bag and board books...4 hours a day, 5 days a week, just bagging and boarding. I also brought on a kid who knows comics...he will be helping me as well...hopefully this will help to clear up the logjam of comics. I also placed and received a very large trade paperback order! By purchasing ComicSuite as well as the computer system for some ridiculous sum of 6000-7000 dollars, you actually receive a "credit" of $6800 that can be used on trades/ this sounds great until you realize you have to order from a list, and ONLY from that, DC, Valiant, and Image had very good selections! Dark Horse had some nice stuff as well. Marvel and IDW were very disappointing...I was excited to get $1000 to spend in IDW...figured I'd get some Transformers, GI Joe etc...they only had something like 14 items to choose from...$1000 and 14 items...I ended up ordering 4 of each item and still had $$ left...nothing good, nothing that will sell at full price...I'll probably have to offer 75% off to get some of it to don't get me wrong...I'm gratefull for ANY free stuff, but IDW is doing a disservice to themselves but not offering up a more diverse selection of what they have...the more different the selection, the better chance of someone finding something they like, and maybe buying their product...but what do I know??? Either way, my point was that NOW I have a full bookshelf of trades, which looks much nicer!! Some quick good stuff: 1) Lot's of collections - Way more than I anticipated coming through the door. One day I had 5 people come in to sell me comics...3 of the collections were multiple box collections...1 was paper bag and one was plastic bag lol. Turned 1 away, but bought the other 4. Lot's of MTG collections as well. I've even gotten referrals on collections as someone sold me their stuff, told me I was fair, and then sent their friends in . I've been able to keep my showcases full of magic cards and have been able to keep my wall full as well as turning over. 2) The community - The people have been great! It's been an amazing overall experience and I've met so many great people and groups. We have a group of high functioning disabled adults that come in for a "comic club" on every other Thursday, the group is SMILE and supports independent living. I provide a free place for them to meet as well as draw, read and discuss comics, watch movies, and play video games. I've also gotten involved with the local library and we have done an even where we teach trading card games (last time we taught Lightseekers and Magic the Gathering) and they allowed me to set up a table and sell items...I will be working with them going forward and am going to "sponsor" their free comic book day. They had asked me to purchase comics (2-4 long boxes) as well as purchase the "free" comics for free comic book day for them (as an aside, in case you didn't know EACH of those free comics you get on Free Comic Book Day cost between 20 cents and 30 cents each). They wanted 600 "free" comics as well. I'm going to donate to them to help the local community and build good will! They are less than 1 mile away...The customers have been fantastic! I always do my best to take time out to talk to people and find myself having 1+ hour conversations with people (TIME!! lol, this is why I don't have any). BUT, it's so important to make people feel welcome. I feel like I've done a good job with this as the reviews that I'm getting on Facebook reflect what I want the store to be. 3) I look forward to coming to work - THIS!! This 10000000 times over. For so long, I did not like what I did (restaurant manager). I worked for independently owned, I worked for chains (UNO's, Hooter's, Applebee's). I have yet to wake up and say "I don't feel like going to work today". There are days when I'm sluggish, day's when I'm overwhelmed, day's when I'm beyond tired, but there hasn't been one day when I've been unhappy! I'm glad I took the risk...I'm glad it's working out so far (knock on wood!!). I'll be even happier when I start to take a salary!! LOL...I've been re-investing into the business, whether it's inventory, cosmetic changes, or larger changes to the layout. I'm still paying off the computer plan is by the 1 year mark to be drawing a salary...we will see how that goes... Thank you all again for the advice and suggestions as well as the critiques...I appreciate you all! I will plan on updating on Wednesday nights going forward and will try to do a better job of answering questions and responding to comments throughout the week! P.S. I apologize in advance for any/all spelling/grammatical errors as well as wandering's 1:45 AM and I've been here since 10AM Have a good night/morning/afternoon etc!!
  14. Excellent advice! Thanks for taking out the time to write that all out! I will definitely incorporate some of your ideas as well as continue to maintain what's been working so far!
  15. Looks like Thanos 13, regular cover is closing at around $10-$15 on eBay...1st Cosmic Ghost Rider...