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  1. Amazing Spiderman Annual 1 CGC 7.5 Fresh Slab 6000.00 SOLD
  2. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1 CGC 7.0 Fresh Slab 5000.00 SOLD
  3. Military Comics 11, 12 & 13 11- Rough book-Missing centerfold and looks like original staples have been removed and new staples added. Tape on inside of book. 12-Complete, seems to be in pretty good shape but the corner on the back cover must not have been cut properly? 13-Complete pretty nice lower grade copy. Asking 200.00 for the set.
  4. SHOWCASE 6 and 7 Selling as a set- 600 SOLD
  5. Superman 10 Complete. Cover holds at bottom staple, looks like cereal bowl stain on the cover. 500 SOLD
  6. Edit: Value is pretty subjective on these NG books.. Offers are open via PM. Detective Comics 35- Missing cover and first two wraps with a hole punched through the top of the book Detective Comics 36- Missing cover and first wrap. Selling as a set for 3000.00 Moving to Ebay Auction Throwing in a Detective comics 12 that is really rough, not going to take it out of the mylar to photo but it adding it to the lot as well.
  7. Terry Toons 38 First Mighty Mouse! Books is in pretty good shape. Foxing on the cover and oxidized staple. 500 SOLD
  8. Four Color 9 First Carl Barks Donald Duck- Book is pretty rough, looks like someone tried to re-staple the cover at some point. Asking 350 and I'll throw in a rough copy of Four color 386 SOLD
  9. Batman 20! Book is complete and cover holds at the staples. It's fairly rough around the edges and has some kids signature written a few times on the cover but still looks pretty good in hand. 350 SOLD!!
  10. @BorderlineHoarder Wins JIM 107. Thanks again!!!!