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  1. I sold both my copies of FF5 3.0 and 4.0 May last year to someone on these boards. Epic fail I feel ya.
  2. Yes it’s bonkers. Hard to find them too, rarely do you see a copy go for sale. Collectors not letting go of these, part of reason it’s driving the price up.
  3. I completely agree with this statement. When I first started collecting a few years ago, I went and got some undervalued minor keys, like origins and 2nd appearances. For example, I was excited when I had ASM 86, origin of black widow and then a MCU movie announcement! Yay I thought! Months and months went by and my ASM 86 listing didnt sell until finally somebody picked it up. The value barely even nudged. Same is happening with my Daredevil 2. DD1 is going bonkers currently, and DD2 making small gains if any. Nowadays it seems like all the money is in keys. There might be some
  4. I sold a TMNT 1 2nd print 9.4 for around $2k early last year. Thought I was getting a great price for it, looking back I was wrong.
  5. Anyone use Key Collector app? I like it for their top 10 and trending 20. Lota of good things to say about x-men 1. Check out the last statement, it’s charging up and getting ready to rocket.
  6. Yeah I concur I’ll keep it as it is. I emptied my bank savings account for this. I had decided to pull the trigger as my money in the bank wasn’t going to keep up with inflation as it earns 0.6% interest and especially with the US just giving out money nowadays. Hope to keep it for at least 5 years, maybe 15 to help pay for both kids college funds. Regarding the cracking, I’m tempted to because the reward would be insane but also very hesitant to CPR it because one time a JIM83 came back a lower grade than before I had CPR’d it. Stark reality that bumps aren’t guaranteed and occa
  7. Will do, so hard to get a pic without glare.
  8. I shared in in another thread so I’ll share it here as well. Here’s my copy to enter the club. Really white cover and the red in the X-men is deep. She’s unpressed and I’ve been tempted to crack and press it because there are some pressable defects like the light bends and crease, but it’s one hell of a gamble. Plus the grading fee would be $3k+ just for itself.
  9. So what do you think of mine 9.2 then? Did I do good for the grade? Very white cover, deep reds in the X-men title, no marvel chipping. I emptied out my bank account for this, hoping I made the right choice.
  10. Yeah I’m surprised the x-men 1 9.0 only went for $78k. Gocollect has the FMV for 9.0 at $86k. I know y’all mentioned it didn’t look that great compared to the 8.5, but value wise in a year or two I think someone got a steal!
  11. It was signed by Stan and someone else I can’t remember if it was Kirby or Ditko.
  12. Same answer I had for last year. X-men 1 and associated x-men keys.
  13. He made Deadpool a household name, too bad he made GL a lame duck.
  14. I have 8 figures in the bank. That is if you count the numbers after the decimal point. XX,000.001
  15. Bought a nice ASM 50 from our friend from the north (No not Wolverine) its Tim. Wouldn't hesitate to repeat.