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  1. Actually I totaled up all the book values and a trade for a XM1 9.0 would be somewhat fair, depending on what grade your Batman 11 is. Is Monte Schwartz from AZ on these boards? What's his screenname? I know him on Facebook. I'm pretty sure he just traded a bunch of books for the XM1 and he's already trying to sell it? Quick flip.
  2. does anyone have Susan’s website or contact info?
  3. I’ve used Joeypost in the past with good results, I’m going to email him next with pics of the book. CCS would cost 3% to press which is a considerable cost. Joey would be less expensive. I emailed Matt Nelson a month ago and this was his reply: Hi Alain, thanks for the scans. The book is beautiful, and besides the fingerprints I’m not seeing anything that would rule out a potential upgrade. Hopefully those fingerprints can come out. I’m not certain this will upgrade, but I think it’s worth sending in for a look. Matt
  4. What % do y'all think SA key purple labels go for compared to their universal counterparts? I would think 25-35%?
  5. I'd be kicking myself. But then I'd also be kicking myself if I didn't try. My dad always says risk rewards the risk taker.
  6. Captain America 25 will be a $1k book soon, believe it or not. 'Captain America 4' Movie in the Works With 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Showrunner (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter As with all books, some get hot and some get cold. Before movie hot, after movie cold.
  7. Mine would be TILT selling. Tilt is a poker term that is mainly used for the ensuing wave of frustration and anger play after some unlucky card hands. Bought an ASM 14 raw that was supposed to be at minimum 8.0. Came back from CGC 7.5 and was on tilt so I put it up for sale on these board pages and a tiny profit. Sent in a JIM83 CGC 2.5 for CPR that got damaged in transport and came back 2.0. Sold it on tilt just to break even. I knew that DD1 was undervalued for years and was frankly tired of waiting for it to pop. Sold my 4 copies in range of 4.0-5.5 early last year w
  8. Well that book just took off, Russel Crowe confirmed to be playing Zeus.
  9. I feel the same way. Price has been stagnant for years. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if Supergirl gets her own DCEU movie someday.