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  1. I’ve bought two great priced books from Killua. On one of the transactions, I sent over $8k thru PayPal friends and family. Sure enough, the books arrived just as promised. Very trustworthy indeed.
  2. That’s nice. My 5.0 has the single quote and no blue.
  3. But, as a buyer how would I know when the damage occurred? Say there is a rusty staple from years of storage. Or a folded corner on a 4.5 book I'm looking at on ebay. Unless I pay for the grader's notes, I would just assume that the rusty staple or folded corner was part of the grade.
  4. That's a scam. These guys talk about it here on youtube. here
  5. So I got a question, say a book receives damage while inside its slab. For example I buy a CGC 9.2 and something happens to it, perhaps Shaken Comic Syndrome during shipping, a corner gets bent. Or the cover comes off the staple. Or perhaps from one of the threads I read, the staple gets rusty over time from being stored in a fire box. Is the grade still a 9.2 when I try to sell it?
  6. I’m Interested in Fantastic Four annuals 1 and 2. Preferably CGC graded. PM me with what you got for sale! Looking to pay around GPA. Thanks!