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  1. Looking for CGC graded 6.0-8.0. Would like to pay under GPA. Thanks!
  2. Instantly responds to communication. Shipped and packed well. Arrives fast from the UK.
  3. Thank god. Yeah they had a poor selection. And like 1-2 graded comics.
  4. So did you buy the comic book shop from the previous owner? I live 20 minutes from the Vault
  5. Anyone else think it strange (pun intended) that strange hasn’t had a bump in prices with being one of the primary focuses of MCU phase 4 ?
  6. There is the saying that says “ buy low sell high “. With all the attention directed towards marvel silver keys do y’all think now’s a good time to get into a showcase 22? No news yet of GL movies right?
  7. Same here. I bought 3 copies of ST110 expecting a rise. Haven’t seen any yet.