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  1. I've lost track of who is arguing what, or even what is happening. Reminds me of the arguing airport PA voices at the beginning of Airplane! "The white zone is for comics that are niche but not TOO niche but are a niche of a niche but a nice niche..."
  2. To that point, at ACE Comicon in Rosemont, IL last weekend, Larry Hama charged 20 bucks per SS signature, but any raw signature was free. I heard him tell one guy with a couple of raw books, "You're a dedicated fan. No charge."
  3. Thanks, all! They helped me get 9 books signed by Larry Hama. Now just to wait and see how it all shakes down with the grades.
  4. Here are two new covers I loved that show what is going on the issue. The Moonshine issue does have a “poster” feel but also captures the essence of the issue. And the Prodigy cover says the story - the hero does indeed fight a shark underwater.
  5. Drew me a couple sketches and signed/witnessed 5 of my books. So basically I’m the Lord Commander of Comics today.
  6. Just wondering if anyone had used them before. Wanted to get them to witness/grade some G.I. Joes for Larry Hama at ACE Comiccon.
  7. Jerry Seigel story Joe Shuster cover and art Henry Cavill weird CGI "Justice League" mustache-free face
  8. And was in the G.I. Joe movie! (Yes, the movie was terrible....but they made not one but TWO big budget movies based on his creation with legit stars...and put him in them.)
  9. Sooo if we just invite him to C2E2, put up a bunch of balloons next to the CGC booth, have a table of pretzels, Revolution IPA, and Diet Coke, and call it an “industry event,” we can get him to hang, sign books. And toss them straight to CGC for grading! Boom! Hug it out!!
  10. That is very sad. And also unfathomable to me. He created toys, comic books, and a TV show simultaneously. All insanely popular and creative. Perfect blend of fantasy with enough realism to stay grounded. Issue 21 is a masterpiece, IMO. I FB messaged him as well, and requested C2E2 try to get him next year. Guy is definitely an unappreciated genius. Very humble from the interviews I’ve seen. Is his Facebook the “I’ve been faking it all my life” one?
  11. Awesome, thanks. I’ll try that. Oh we’re in comics general now. Done.
  12. I just asked them via Twitter and email. Really want to get some Hama signed, CGC witnessed G.I. Joes. Wondering if any of the Wise Masters here have any input. Thanks.