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  1. It still is a happy place! Got my stack of comics for the hunker down phase!
  2. Scared your nice Signature Series books will get damaged by a light? Thinking of moving that pesky light? Moving those shelves? Well, how about no fuss, no muss! We've found a use for Qualified Grade books! A casual observer will never know! Only your local comic book store dealer knows for sure! Shhhhh…… Yes, ladies, these are all equally worth a lot! The green label means it's worth....extra cash!!
  3. Holy cow, I had no idea how lucky I had gotten until I read this thread. Just got 9 Hama signed G.I. Joe's back...no rings. I thought perhaps the process had improved but now see it has not and I just got lucky. Phew! Condolences to all who have gotten Ringed.
  4. Holy cow. I just saw the Catwoman with crazy rings. Guess I got super lucky.
  5. A recent batch I got back of signed GI Joe's barely had any of the dreaded Newton Rings. Is the process getting better or did I just get lucky? I know the pics aren't super clear, but imagine barely any Newtown Rings. Bingo, you did it!
  6. Bunch of Larry Hama signed Joes. Signed original art by Larry Hama.
  7. Just got these back today! Larry Hama signed G.I. Joes! Thanks to Sharp Comics!
  8. Someone who wants to avoid being in situations like this thread?
  9. I mean..... for real.... I'm thinking if CGC added that as an optional feature, many collectors would be willing to shell out some extra dough for the piece of mind.
  10. G.I. Joe #52. Storm Shadow broke INTO the G.I. Joe training center and beat the snot out of three Joes in seconds, including "martial arts expert" Quick Kick. Only complaint - Legendary Mike Zeck did the cover, but not the art