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  1. I like them. I have a few getting graded and I selected the new labels for Hulk and Captain America. All of my books are for my personal collection.
  2. Great point. I didn't think of him. One more to add to my list
  3. Your right on that they definitely don't get the love they deserve, though I love the cover on Tales to Astonish 59 over 60. I need to get my TOS 59 cleaned.
  4. Gorgeous! Those are tough in high grade.
  5. Yeah the Silver Surfer 1 is a tough one to find at an affordable price. It's pretty high on my list before he pops up in the MCU and the price goes even higher.
  6. I actually don't mind the art but the story just didn't pull me in. There wasn't much character development or really anything new. It was pretty meh.
  7. I really love the series that were started in 1968. Cap 100 in particular is one of my favorite and they're more affordable than some of the other keys. Hopefully I'll be able to add a Iron Man 1 and Sub-mariner 1 in a few months.
  8. Quick question, How much does small writing like the x in the corner of this Cap 100 affect the grade?
  9. Turns out even Beta Ray Bill and Eric Masterson have the T. Thor then has the T in 430, gone in 431, back in 432. Definitely Skrulls... Or maybe time travel doppelgangers...
  10. I think Cap 100 needs a good appreciation thread. It's one of my favorite books
  11. Mid grade Silver is generally where my budget lands lol. I'd love some high grade if anyone wants to make a donation though
  12. So it's off prior to 272, comes back in that issue, and then is off again in 275... Digging deeper it seems to pop up and disappear at random... My theory is that non T wearing Thor is really a Skrull. Even the destroyer dressed as Thor as the T