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  1. His work on Punisher War Journal work is severely underrated and some of my favorites out of his body of work along with his X-Men run.
  2. Their customer service was working from home so I give them a little leeway on not responding to my first messages but once they did respond and I replied to them I think they just didn't want to deal with me.
  3. I had to repeatedly post in the Ask CGC forums just to get into contact with anyone. No response to any emails. When I finally got in contact I got a quick, your responsible for actual shipping deal with it, and then no other responses.
  4. 100% agree. Their customer service stopped responding to me when I complained on my issue after the initial response. They blamed COVID and the rates going up but my books shipped prior to the pandemic so hitting me for an extra $40 6 months later is ridiculous.
  5. Here's the link to the thread I had in the ask CGC section on this issue.
  6. I had the same happen to me this summer. I got charged an extra $40 on a submission for books that had shipped 6 months ago. Customer Service told me that shipping price must've gone up so they charge you the extra later... Even over 6 months later. It's one of the reasons I've slowed down on getting books graded.
  7. This made me laugh and thought I'd share. I've read this a few times and am still confused by what he's saying...
  8. It looks like a print error to me and an awesome one at that. I'm a sucker for blue covers lol. I've never read Godzilla, I didn't realize he fought Thor... I might have to track some down and read them.
  9. Those are gorgeous. I'd sell my kids for one
  10. I just got a copy this week too. I sent it off pretty much immediately to a Mike Zeck signing/sketch opportunity.
  11. That sucks. I use the resealable bags as much as I can and just remove the tape completely on the mylar bags. I ruined a really good book like that once.