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  1. I just got a batch back from CGC that I pressed using a teflon sheet that got no grader notes and were 9.2s to 9.8s. Like anything else it's probably a matter of technique. I think if the heat is too high you will get a pattern in the paper. I prefer "low and slow", especially with modern books. Thanks for the warning though, I'm going to switch to silicone paper for my next batch.
  2. My submission updated yesterday! The only grades lower than 9.4 were the two with grader's notes. I was totally surprised they got graded so quickly. They only received them last Monday.
  3. Whew, I have a whole submission showing up that way as we speak. I was surprised there was any update yet as they only received the books Monday. It's marked as Finalized. I assumed this was something hadn't been updated yet but I've never seen this before from them. As a side question, since only two of the books have grader notes does that mean the other books are 9.6 or 9.8? It'll be a nail-biter for me until the grades update. I'm probably going to have to wait until Tuesday!
  4. I just sent mine off to be graded. Crossing my fingers for a 9.8!
  5. CLZ just added values with their last update to their web product. It will be soon integrated into their mobile app. It also allows you now to grade a comic and it will pull the specific value by grade. No extra charge...
  6. I'm wondering if Cherry is going to spike any with all the Archie GGA craziness going on right now. Seems the logical extension to the trend...
  7. American Flagg Miracleman Judge Dredd I loved all those series, I was surprised when I came back to comics after a couple of decades break that they weren't really worth anything.
  8. Yep! One of my favorite shows growing up.
  9. That's great company to be in. New variants from any of those four artists are must buys anymore.
  10. Lol yeah it's sort of an inside joke with myself. He's been my avatar for nearly 20 years now.
  11. Unknown's been good to me, I've got no complaints so far. I guess by your comment other people have?
  12. Just released today on Unknown Comics' Site. Beautiful counterpoint to Supergirl 23. I've always wanted that book but the price has been too high.
  13. JSC sales are insane. I was all prepped before the release Saturday of his Black Cat 1 variants and still barely got checked out before they all went out of stock. 4 minutes after they went on sale they were gone.
  14. There's a facsimile edition of this book coming out in July: Based on previous experience (Hulk #181 facsimile for example), how do you think this is going to affect the market value for the real book? FYI there are other facsimile editions coming out around that time: New Mutants #98: and X-Men #1:
  15. Just back from grading. I bought it last month raw and spent some time cleaning it and pressing the book. Originally it had some stamp on the cover and surface dirt on the back. Some quality time took care of that! This is a grail book for me. I originally bought it to flip but now I see it’d be hard to replace reasonably if I sell it means I’ll happily hold on to it.