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  1. So not a new title or anything just a nice find in local comic shop in Tennessee and wanted to share. Found a Barbie #1 APV. Go figure. I rarely if ever find one in the wild and just pick things off ebay from time to time. So pretty cool. (Sadly/ would have never looked at Barbie comics but with price variants.... fun search!)
  2. Sorry I meant would you like fo have better cover scans to replace some crappy pics you may have from ebay and such? I just wasnt sure what you needed for your project. And will certainly continue to send anything else found not on your list as in previous.
  3. Hello. Is there an easy way to determine what issues you need a cover or a better cover for your project? Glad to share what I have if needed.
  4. Yeah, that's kinda what I had anticipated. Thanks for sharing that indicia.
  5. So curious where this issue of Beavis and Butthead falls? It's the Australian variant best I can see. I would need to see the inside to determine if same as Direct US edition. I don't see a separate Australian/New Zealand series on GCD. Thoughts?
  6. So for me only.... technically, I couldn't call them AUS price variants as the actual issue is in US dollars, covered with what I would agree with you an official AUS price sticker. That said, knowing those are out there and/or until an XForce 2 or 3 shows up with an AUS price point, I would still include them in my own personal collection as AUS variants. Like i said, with an ** . I'm sure the folks at Grand Comics Database would agree with us from a technical standpoint as well. And it's all for fun anyway.
  7. Are there actual x-force 2 and 3 without the AUS sticker? If not I would argue these are AUS editions but with an *. 🤨
  8. That's a cool find! Last week I did a "sweep" of my own looking for some possible lesser known titles like this, but to no avail. Yet.
  9. Covers you requested. If I can be of any help with other things associated with AUS price variants, let me know. I have 200+ give or take. Thanks.
  10. May be missing the latest update but here are ones I personally own that are not part of the list I can see (had 949 I think, and I know it's up over 1051). Apologize if these are dups. Clive Barker - Ectokid 2 Daredevil 295 Fantastic Four 363 Ghost Rider 19, 21 Inc Hulk 397 Morbius 11 Punisher: Origin of Microchip 2 Secret Defenders 5 Spectacular SpiderMan 190 Thor 428 Web of SpiderMan 69 Wolverine 61
  11. I just found Warlord Newsstand #104 with the WaldenBooks survey, so you can add that to your list.