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  1. they just recently changed their rules it seems (if my memory doesn't fail me, Oct). I did write in to ask, 2.5% is now charged on all credit card payments no matter the notional, but on the other hand they have removed the limit. They did not explicitly state the upper limit on credit card transactions though. Probably levels the playing field with other large auctions houses like Christie's and Sotheby's. So yea time to whip out your Amex Black Cards guys..
  2. For anybody who has bought / sold from me, not necessarily through the boards but elsewhere (IG, etc).
  3. I'm looking for a Batman #3, graded copy, between 1.5-6.0 range. Unrestored copies only. If open to partial trades, will be able to offer some DC / Marvel keys in return + cash, or even a full trade. Will have a little flexibility on the grades above if trades can be considered. Please DM me if you have a copy for sale.
  4. Thanks for sharing. the prices there are some distance from GPA so would probably pass.
  5. Looking to buy a Strange Tales #110 graded 5.0-7.5. Slightly flexible on grades on the upper end, probably not so much on the lower end. Able to trade a Strange Tales #110 4.0 in return + cash, or a cash purchase as well for the right price. Please drop me a DM!
  6. Fantastic Four #44: $70 VF range. Sharp colours. Some non colour-breaking creases that only appear more visible under light. OW-W pages.
  7. not a restored copy too. but thanks again for letting me know!
  8. Looking for a Tec #42. Pretty wide range that's acceptable, 1.0-6.0. Ideally PQ is at least Cr-OW. Will move fast for the right book and price.
  9. Looking for an FF#1 copy. grades from 1.0 to 4.0 (unrestored, ideally not SS). PQ ideally at least Cr-OW. Cash / trades both welcome, able to provide trades for some golden age DCs or silver age marvel keys depending on the seller. If not outright cash deals are fine for the right price!