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  1. Nice comic id side with the rest of them and guess at a 5.5? I'm newb and still gathering my collection, so what do I Know. Lol
  2. Liza761

    shazam (2).jpg

    The original captain marvel. i love the fact he's reading his own comic and the reader is reading too same issue. super!
  3. Liza761


    Hi people, I kept digging up in my loft and yes there were junk mail, secondhand clothes bags, odd one or two cobwebs up in the beams and i thought right thats it no more comics up here to find... … then as i was starting to pull the latch door across i seen something shiny and it made a crinkly noise, duh i thought its just a carrier bag from when id left it up there ready to use next time... it looked too old to be the one i took up yesterday, so i reached in and I WAS AMAZED by what i held in my hands yes you guessed it Comics. I dont think its quite the holy grail but take a look at sum of these 🤩 Added to gallery pics in this album with some comics I had already before the loft experience, enjoy ( sorry if submitted images are repeated elsewhere in my gallery folders)
  4. ebay will take action against seller for selling an item that was not descripted correctly, just return and get your money back via ebay resolution centre and definitely leave neg feedback as any prospective buyers in future can see this feedback and it will stop the same thing happening aga8n. FYI please wear gloves whilst your handling your comics friend.
  5. mycomicrealm is still free to use and easy to see (once you've inputted all your comics into the fields req) all your comics in an easy to read format.
  6. Liza761

    a batman mix

    some modern age and a couple that are from 1960's - 70's really excellent condition in modern and good - very good in older comics.
  7. massive thanks for easy and clear to understand process, when determining what size Mylar to put your comics in. big thumbs up for your thread
  8. ha ha I havent seen this issue in this style before thats all. Is it a rarity? I guess not as you can get it in red, thanks guys
  9. any ideas on this? i can hardly see it, its white cover with like an outline of human torch im unsure, tried to take pictures of it, stains too in places looks like tea if u can see them, sorry about images. my partner brought it home with him and two other comics that i really like but there not in great shape. winnah 🤩
  10. thanks guys I'm feeling really a bit silly around now, but knowledge is power hmmm ... informative and answered my question i like knowing these things as i now have a new site ( used Toby link ) for researching any other of my comics rather than hassling you guys again thank you.
  11. was wondering if you know is this rare? As ive tried to find the exact same comic - WITH 'ALL-COLOUR' in Title on various sites but mostly marvel comic group / presents is the only hit I'm getting for this comic, I know all about pence copy (issued in England after being issued in America) I asked similar question in another chat forum but still waiting for answer, so dont know if I'm posting this question in right place or not, sorry in advance for being total noob. Please see comic below any ideas how to locate the exact same comic as i would like to know what kind of value do i put on this one? Any advice welcomed