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  1. If they don't employ enough people to grade books and maintain a high level of quality control then they need to hire more people, plain and simple. Their problem is not my problem. I will be sending them back every time. Luckily my past 2 submissions came back good but I will not hesitate to send them back to be redone.
  2. I will send them back every time. If they have to keep dealing with it maybe they will change the process. If we don't send them back then what incentive do they have to fix the issues?
  3. 10 more back last week and no NR issue! On a roll!
  4. Got 10 back yesterday and no NR issues.
  5. Nailed it on the head here. This is how business decisions are made. If it isn't affecting the bottom line and only a small amount of customers complain and want re-holdering then nothing will change. Judging from the amount of posts in here in comparison to the number of books they grade I would say it probably is a small percentage and perhaps many people accept the first answer they give that some NR are expected.
  6. Batch of 10 being shipped today. Fingers crossed for no Newton Rings
  7. Shout out to @Brittany M. for getting this done for me so quickly! Thank you!
  8. I think the comic is inside of a second archival bag so I'm thinking it will probably not hurt it but not 100% sure...
  9. I guess the overall stance of CGC is that this acceptable from the email I received today: Thank you for your email. What you are seeing is called the rainbow or prism effect, also known at Newton rings. There is no liquid present, or anything that can damage your book. This can occur when light passes through plastics with different refractive indexes (how they bend light). It’s what you sometimes see on a smartphone screen protector, or on the edges of an LCD television screen. In our cases, it’s the refractive qualities of the hard outer shell and the archival-quality Mylar sheets over the book, which have been approved by the Library of Congress for the preservation of paper. There are acceptable levels of Newton rings in all of our encapsulated books. Re-holder service is available, and while we do our best to minimize the level of Newton Rings present, there is no guarantee this will correct or eliminate the Newton rings. This is disappointing to say the least. Fortunately I scanned through the thread after I sent the first email and contacted Brittany and she is taking care of this for me. If it wasn't for Brittany we would basically be screwed. Thanks Brittany!
  10. I think mine is getting worse. I am contacting customer service.
  11. I got 6 books back last week from my first submission ever. My Nightwing #1 came back with a slight NR issue.