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  1. BUMP New BUMP offer: Avengers 28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35 all together for $115! this price includes shipping rolled in!
  2. It's a lot of comics. pictures are included. If you have a question about a specific comic/lot feel free to ask me here or via DM
  3. Comic Issue Covers Lot 1 G.I. Joe 11 G.I. Joe 12 G.I. Joe 13 G.I. Joe 25 Lot 2 Star Wars 2 Star Wars 3 Star Wars 4 Star Wars 5 Lot 3 Star Wars 10 Star Wars 11 Star Wars 12 Star Wars 13 Lot 4 Star Wars 14 Star Wars 15 Star Wars 16 Lot 5 Star Wars 17 Star Wars 18 Star Wars 19 Lot 6 Star Wars 71 Star Wars 72 Star Wars 75 Lot 7 Star Wars 50 Star Wars 77 Star Wars 10 Lot 8 Green Arrow 1 Green Arrow 3 Green Lantern Green Arrow 3 Green Lantern Green Arrow 2 Lot 9 Spectacular Spider-Man 4 Spectacular Spider-Man 5 Spectacular Spider-Man 6 Spectacular Spider-Man 7 Lot 10 Silver Surfer 1 Machine Man 1 Legionnaires 0 Lot 11 Human Torch 1 Human Torch 2 Alien Worlds 1 Lot 12 Destroyer Duck 1 Destroyer Duck 2 Lot 13 The Avengers 300 Thor 390 Doctor Strange 1 Lot 14 Dazzler E 1 Dazzler E 1 Classic X-Men 1 Lot 15 Spectacular Spider-Man 2 Moon Knight 2 Ghost rider 81 Lot 16 The Punisher 9 The Punisher 16 Warlock 4 Warlock 3 Lot 17 Twisted Tales 1 Conan Red Nails 87 Groo The Wanderer 2 Lot 18 Venom 1 Ghost rider 2099 1 Devil Dinosaur 2 Deadshot 2 Lot 19 Alpha Flight 3 Alpha Flight 1 Legion of Super Heroes 295 Warlord of Mars 1 Lot 20 Batman 515 Brave And the Bold 197 Joker Last Laugh 4 Lot 21 The Nam 58 The Nam 54 Galactus 1 Silver Surfer 1 Lot 22 Marvel Super Action 1 Marvel Team Up 129 Man Thing 2 Lot 23 Shogun 1 Frankenstien Dracula War 2 Robocop vs Terminator 1 Lot 24 Batman run riddler run 1 Batman run riddler run 2 Batman run riddler run 3 Lot 25 Batman vs Predator 1 Batman vs Predator 2 Batman vs Predator 3 Lot 26 Green Lantern Emerald Twilight Martian Manhunter American Secrets 3 BlitzKrieg 2 Lot 27 Batman Full Circle Batman The Cult 1 Lot 28 Batman Year two Xmen Collection 2 Lot 29 Xmen God Loves Man Kills Turtle Soup Lot 30 Jason goes to Hell 1 Freddy's dead Lot 31 Batman the Killing Joke Lot 32 Xmen prelude to predition Lot 33 Spiderman and batman
  4. Selling 30+ lots of comics recovered from a lengthy stint in storage. These books were all at minimum $3 on MCS and eBay. I believe the value on these lots is beneficial to the buyer, I’m just looking to move these comics on to happy homes. All these comics are raw. I would venture that all this comics range from 1.8-7.0 grades. Cover Images includes in thread use those to make your decision to buy All lots are $20 even. That payment covers shipping and paypal fees. Payment by Paypal All sales are final.
  5. Have sent you DM's with no reply are you still interested?
  6. Comic Issue Rough Grade Sell Price Cover IMG Amazing Spider- Man 37 VG $50.00 Amazing Spider- Man 51 VG $40.00 Amazing Spider- Man 53 GD $30.00 Amazing Spider- Man 54 GD $15.00 Amazing Spider- Man 55 GD $15.00 Avengers 28 GD $50.00 Avengers 29 GD $15.00 Avengers 30 VG $25.00 Avengers 31 GD $10.00 Avengers 32 GD $10.00 Avengers 33 GD $10.00 Avengers 34 GD $20.00 Avengers 35 GD $15.00 Blade Runner 1 VG $10.00 Blade Runner 2 VG $10.00 Captain America 115 VG $20.00 Captain America 109 GD $50.00 Captain America 107 VG $20.00 Captain America 112 VG $10.00 Chamber of Darkness 1 VG $10.00 Daredevil 16 GD $30.00 Daredevil 15 VG $20.00 Detective Comics 526 VG $15.00 Devil Dinosaur 1 VG $30.00 Eternals 1 FN $100.00 Flashback -1 FN $10.00 Giant-Size Chillers 1 GD $10.00 Moon Knight 1 FN $20.00 Moon Knight 1 FN $20.00 Peter Porker 1 VF $75.00 Silver Surfer 17 GD $20.00 Silver Surfer 13 VG $15.00 Spectacular Spider-Man 1 VG $15.00 Star Wars Annual 2 FN $10.00 Super Heroes One Shot 1 VG $20.00 The Incredible Hulk 104 VG $50.00 The Incredible Hulk 103 GD $20.00 The Incredible Hulk 109 FN $15.00 The Incredible Hulk 107 GD $20.00 The Incredible Hulk 105 FN $40.00 Thor 104 GD $50.00 Uncanny X-Men 169 VG $10.00 X-Men 29 GD $25.00
  7. Selling 40 comics recovered from a lengthy stint in storage. I spent a week sorting through hundreds of comics and pulled out this lot in the hopes to sell. All these comics are raw and I tried to eyeball grade them using MCS grading guide. I would say I leaned towards grading lower. I would venture that all this comics range from 1.8-7.0 grades. I will add additional pictures as comics are requested. I will try to get all of them done in my free time. ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. I will accept offers on books. I prefer Paypal, but would be willing to discuss other forms of payment $3 a comic for shipping, 3 comics for $7. Rates my change for international shipping. For now sales are final. I may adjust that policy in the future. If you’re just browsing and prices seem really off base please feel free to let me know. I appreciate any help! I used a mixture of MCS and Ebay to gather rough prices.
  8. SOLD TO DINESH_S Selling Captain America 117 which includes the first appearance of the falcon. I did a Spare a grade here and users said grade around 6.0 - 7.0. Willing to part with it for $150.00 or best offer. Ill pay shipping, but will only ship in USA. Paypal is preferred. Ill include cover picture here as well. Will include any additional requests (pictures, condition,p payment) via PM. Sold as is no returns.
  9. Update: All done sorting. Id say about 100ish noteworthy (more than $3 on MCS) comics! Here is the best stuff IMO I found. Sorry for the glare, camera phone. Enjoy!
  10. PGM: The Eternals first issue. Before clean and/or press. Photos taken with phone. Can get close ups of anything if requested.
  11. Hello all. New to this so bear with me a little. Im am sorting through lots of comics in storage and this Captain America 117 is the most potentially valuable item from bin 1. I took the Photos with my Iphone so I apologize if the quality is not up to snuff.
  12. So the project has started. I got a bin done so far. It was looking pretty grim as there were many modern age comics. On top of that as I got lower in the bin issues with water damage were more prevalent About 3/4 through the bin finding a good number of $5 comics We hit a pocket of really cool stuff. some 12c spidermans that included issue 37 that had the first appearance of Norman Osborne. Some same era Hulks and Captain America. Which included issue 117 that introduced Falcon. The shape is maybe better than i expected on them. Some jackets had been stored with moisture in them and where just bricks. Sadly this included the the 1977 star Wars run that was issues 1-10 that were completely toast. Plan to get new boards and bags for the one i pulled aside. Been super fun so far!
  13. Update: another bin in. No odor and better sealing on the books. looks like some more 60's early 70's stuff. Update 2: first couple handfuls i looked through include some captain Marvel, Eternals issue 1, and a large (maybe full?) run of peter parker as the spectacular spider man run. Tomorrow should be an adventure to say the least!