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  1. It's a decent copy, it's not perfect but I'll keep it in mind. My old 9.4 WP 181 I traded was flawless and I'm trying to replace it. I'm not crazy where you can see the edge of the pages all along the edge on the front. Plus you can see part of the cover on the back in the right hand corner. I'm on the lookout no hurry, I'm buying the book not just the grade. I'm very particular but you can't blame me on a $10,000 book.
  2. True. But I don't wanna make that kind of gamble on a 10k comic. It would be my luck it would come back a 9.2 too big of a risk for me.
  3. It would be exactly what I'm looking for if Only it was white pages. Thanks for showing!
  4. Hey guys I'm looking for a CGC 9.4 Hulk 181, WHITE pages only, centered nicely. I hope you guys can help me hunt one down. Money ready, Thanks.
  5. I'm looking for a CGC Hulk 181 9.4 WHITE pages. Thanks