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  1. I'm late to the thread. Nice, well-presenting copy. Congrats!
  2. I had a very pleasant comic book transaction, with great communication. Thanks, Ted!
  3. When my wife stepped out to run an errand today, she came across this. I have archived this photo. Does it count as original art in my collection? I guess the COVID-19 diet spares no one. It managed to add at least 19 pounds to Stan and these heroes! Stan is quoted as saying, "There's just something that feels nice about holding a comic book." Damn right. RIP
  4. And of course, don't forget Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck, before the yella fella. Or is that the BOOM you are about to unload on us?
  5. If you are looking to unload, just let me know with details. - Joe. I mean, GRRR!
  6. Take Batman 47 and Avengers 55 per PM.
  7. Hi. Fascinating stuff. Joining discussion late so trying to understand how to identify these pedigree books. If a handwritten alphanumeric notation such as this one appears on the top left front cover of a 1943 comic book, does that indicate Okajima pedigree, despite "Okajima" not being written in cursive on front cover? Or is it necessarily the case that ALL Okajima books were notated in one specific way depending on issue date of book, e.g., with at least "Okajima" on front cover before 1944 and with no "Okajima" but a date stamp and/or camp-specific alphanumeric info after that? I ask because it seems possible that Ms. Okajima could have obtained a 1943 book from the same source in a subsequent year (say 1946?), because the back issue caught her eye, etc., when just the alphanumeric notation was being used.