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  1. don’t need substantive news? Just a sustained pinch of supply. If the number of XM1s tucked away in long-term PCs has increased significantly compared to 2019 (due to additional market participants) then the higher values could very well be the new norm for XM1. The pinch in supply the past year could finally have made clear what many folks in the hobby had suspected for years—that XM1 was relatively undervalued. Nothing like increased demand to exaggerate such imbalances.
  2. But it could be that the current shakeout is making clear what should have been the case all the long--that X-Men#1 is the holy grail of ALL X-Men fans (and actually, a must-have for all Marvel fans), whether or not they also consider GSXM1 a must-have. XM1 is the genesis of the phenomenon embraced by the many X-Men fans. It could go up in value regardless of whether other, non-X-Men keys remain more important overall to Marvel's history.
  3. Edited to just give almost one-word answer. Answer: the year in which the crash takes place.
  4. GRRR! Wut's goin on over here! Talk all about XM1 vs FF1...who cares! Time for Hulk stuff. XM1 remains very hot. I can't deny! GRRRR! But what are the facts? Looking at grade 6.5, IH1 sold on 4/1 for $51.6K. XM1 in 6.5 most recently sold for $29K on 3/12, almost a whole month ago. And a 6.0 IH1 sold most recently for $35.6K on 3/8, compared to $23.5K for XM1 on 3/17. Big gaps? Kinda sorta, for now. But to be fair, the XM1 sales figures could already be stale. Let's see why. The fact that a 4.5 XM1 went for $26.6K on 4/1, a 5.5 XM1 went for $32.5K on 3/23, and ev
  5. Volume one, a nice tight run of only six books, was like Marvel's gift to run collectors. Thank you! Not only does it plainly sound like a doable run, the prices of #2-#6 are mecifully very low relative to #1. Some folks don't realize that #102 is actually the start of volume two. I have volumes 1, 2, and 3 complete (basically through year 2000), and there are lots of cool covers there. But if you can only display one shelf of Hulk, the absolute best is having #1-#6 on display together on a single shelf. Okay, okay, maybe you can stick #181 in there somewhere if you must.
  6. This is a cool set. I was going to post but my books were out of order in old group shot. Darn. Must redo.
  7. I've been pretty disciplined sticking to my wantlist for SA keys over the years, and Daredevil #1 was not on my short list of bigger keys. So I wasn't supposed to acquire a DD#1 before an X-Men #1. But a couple of years ago, a fellow boardie offered this lower grade DD#1 (raw at the time), and I made an exception due to the date stamp. "JAN 28" is within a week of the official release date, so it brings to mind when fans first started reading this book. I also like how it follows the angle of "Here comes..." and "DAREDEVIL"! The cover is also relatively bright for the grade, so a decent p
  8. Awful? Naw. Your date stamp is quite a decent one actually. While a bit blurry, it is entirely legible and nothing like a smudge. My understanding, from having seen 9.6s and even some rare 9.8s with a date stamp, is that neat, normal size date stamps do not count against the grade unless they are smudged when present on the front cover (so akin to a stain).
  9. I haven't seen it yet! Hopefully i can avoid spoilers until I can get my whole family to see it together. The trailer was promising.
  10. I hear you. But consider this. If Powerpuff Girls #1 (2000) in 9.8 can almost triple in value since 2020 (almost 200% increase!), then certainly Godzilla #1 in 9.8 can go from $700s to $900s (less than 30% increase!), especially after a successful opening-weekend movie box office? And come on, it's Godzilla. GODZILLA! It's always felt undervalued to me.
  11. um, this is why people (ehem) really should spend a few seconds on the internet before suggesting something serious like price fixing or collusion! The first hit on Google for the movie is yesterday's New York Times article: The title: ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Roars at the Box Office With $48.5 Million Ongoing big screen success translates into appreciation of related comic books. That must be among like the top three rules of Comic Book Spec 101. if this recent success is just another more recent confir
  12. Regardless, that FF#5 UKPV 7.5 White-pager on Heritage was a steal, especially if the most recent prices for regular cents versions grade 7.5 were not outliers and instead the new norm.
  13. I think this is a legit key, particularly for a 9.8, as a comic book for sure, but in general too. It really doesn't matter that Godzilla started out as a movie for purposes of evaluating Godzilla #1 (1977) as a key. Playboy #1 is a key, oh yes it is, and Beatles #nn (1964), and they weren't even comics. The staying power of Godzilla, both in movies and animation, has been remarkable. He keeps coming back on the big screen with legitimate success, especially the last decade. Putting ourselves in 1977, why wouldn't a true comic book fan want a popular pre-existing cultural phenomenon like