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  1. update for you guys, I got the book back from cgc and the grader notes says "PRINTER CREASE" which is a production error. And sadly, I received a 7.5. I thought they were not as harsh on production defects, but I thought wrong.
  2. Going to be sending it in to get graded; will update this thread once it's complete understood, thank you for your help
  3. Typical as in, it’s common to see this damage through wear or production damage? There are books that have this sort of damage from production? the weird thing is, that the crease is non existent on the backside of the cover which doesn’t make sense to me and would seem like a production flaw.
  4. Hi all, I purchased a spiderman 1 platinum edition online that was advertised as NM/MT; and when I received it, the book lays perfectly flat and the corners/spine everything checks out EXCEPT there is a huge crease marking from top to bottom on the card stock cover on the left side. the pages are the back are perfect, it is just the cover I don't know if this crease is possible to fix or what it would be graded when sent in? Any help is appreciated, Thank you
  5. Wish I jumped on the deal a year ago from a member here; I'm still patiently waiting for a great 9.8 copy to come across. Please let me know if you have one to sell
  6. still looking for this book, I am open to just Lee or McFarlane or possibly just blue label as well. thank you
  7. hey all, took a break from this for a while, but quarantine brought me back. still looking for this book.
  8. I don't know about the WTB section having a bad reputation, I'm new here but I've received a couple of good responses so far. And it looks like GPA currently says last sale of ASM 300 9.8 w Lee/McFarlane was at $3000 and I'd be happy buying at that price.