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  1. I saw the news on CNN this morning and was about to start a thread on the boards, but glad some discussion has already taken place. I've bought an Okajima book before and this certainly made me think more about the ethics behind it. The book has a cover date of Nov 1943 so I certainly consider it an "artifact" from the internment camp since it was sold, read, and stored there. As an Asian-American I've always had a fascination with the shameful history surrounding Japanese internment camps, and that's exactly why I was drawn to this particular pedigree. To me the central issue seems to be
  2. Steve sold me a copy of SOTI at a great price and it arrived quickly and well-packaged. Thanks!
  3. This is most certainly above the GD range. No Marvel chipping, no missing pieces from the cover, not even major color breaking creases. I have this book in 3.5 and this one seems around that range if you get the back cover dry cleaned.
  4. In my experience, the invoice gets sent out right after midnight on Monday (technically early Tuesday)
  5. I like that there is nuance to grading in our hobby. I don't think the Qualified label introduces any ambiguity; after all, it is a completely different color and gives more information to an interested buyer. I'm happy that there is an option for that 9.2 X-Men you're talking about--that's the sort of information that lets me make an informed buying decision.
  6. I think this should be an easy pass if it's the one on eBay. You mentioned wanting to crack it from the slab (which I fully support!) so in that case you would want the complete copy to read and enjoy. As others have said, trying to track down and marry the missing pages will end up being expensive and probably frustrating. Even if you were to find the missing centerfolds, it's likely the staples don't line up or the pages were cut differently so the married pages stick out. I will chime in here and defend "slightly brittle" pages. I previously avoided the designation as well but a GA me
  7. I think I've come across some of you on IG! My account is 10centcomics
  8. Jeranimal sold me a golden age mega-grail and it was a smooth transaction. Great communication and safely packed! Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback!
  10. Daniel sold me a cool set of Superman manga from 1959. Lightning fast shipping and securely packed all the way from Japan! Thank you!
  11. Thanks for showing the progression. I actually went and looked at this book in person at Metropolis (the asking price was a little too much for me). I knew it had a slight bump from 1.5 to 1.8 when I did my own research but did not know there was also a 1.0 previous state. It's unfortunate that tape was added between the 1.0 and the 1.5 version. I wonder if that was done to take advantage of CGC's pre-2013 previous stance on tape? I'm also confused that the detached cover notation is missing from the 1.8 (even if it is re-attached with tape). Is this the standard policy?
  12. As you pointed out, there is significant spine damage and large color-breaking creases which easily keeps this out of the FN range. I'd say 4.5.
  13. Ultra fast shipping, securely packed, and easy to deal with. Thanks again!