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  1. haha ive finally updated my profile pic and my about me page.. Anyways My name is james and I am a vlogger/blogger at Next Level Collectors (hopefully links are allowed) I am totally new to the world of grading comics and im super excited to start, hopefully buying my membership next week huge fan of pretty much everything marvel, Batman and flash. Dont get me wrong i have love for alot of dc characters too but those two top the charts for me. I own several marvel encyclopedia's for marvel =) haha any ways i have this crazy idea to start doing Waffles (glorified raffles but with some spin on them ) and i want to know who would be interested in buying / selling comics in a raffle style this way the community helps support the community with collecting the major titles. while maybe making a bit of profit You can head over to my profile and my fb group is listed on the about me section if your interested in joining, im thinking about adding the waffles to my site as well. if you guys think its an interesting idea let me know. or if you have any feedback im welcome to that too !
  2. Hello! My name is James and I go by next level collector as that is my FB and YouTube name...please check me out ! Anyway I've been a collector since I was 13 which may be later than some people and I started collecting graphic novels of ultimate spider Man...(I know graphic novels aren't worth squat) but alas started my adventure into learning and collecting. I don't have any graded comics yet but I don't 100% know how to do that I'm here to listen and learn from the pros! And I'm enjoying interacting with people who have similar interests!