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  1. thanks for all the info. Bomber-Bob I wasn't talking about taking the comics out of a box that someone shipped to me the comics came out of their shipping boxes the ones that the printer puts them in to ship where ever they are going the boxes I got were the "original sealed boxes" and they weren't shipped to me.
  2. I have to wonder about the grading system myself...….I should be getting back 2 comics I submitted for grading (both identical) and according to CGC they only graded 9.4 with white pages,now this would be ok except that the comic books came straight from their original shipping box which I opened and went right into a polybag with a board and sealed so if anything I would think it would have gotten an 9.8 or stretching it 9.9 at least I forgot to mention that they have never even been read.
  3. That looks to me more like trapped air bubbles that don't have a way out sorta like when you put a protector over a screen then you forget to take a micro cloth and push out all the bubbles after it is on the face of the screen. I just sent in my very first comics to be slabbed I hope they don't come back looking like that. It would make for a really bad first impression of CGC for me.
  4. Hi Josh, I'm new to collecting comics but if was me I would try and find out the value of each of your slabs first then try and find out the value for what you want to trade for then go from there. Lisa
  5. Thanks for everyone's input, much appreciated. I guess I will have to check the values first before jumping feet first into slabbing every #1. The one I was most interested in doing first was a rare superman that was used for "Landmine" safety awareness promotional comic sponsored by UNICEF and MAC targeting Bosnia and Herzegovina. The English Edition was not available to the public, but printed in a limited quantity as a proof-reading-copy that was distributed to U.S. Army Officers for content approval. Lisa
  6. I have a bunch of #1 comics and I was wondering if it is worth it to get them slabbed. Lisa
  7. Thanks to everyone who replied, I see the point you were all making I guess it was just that I like to keep things complete haha Lisa
  8. Hi, I'm a newbie at collecting comics, only been at it for awhile and I was wondering why when you get a comic book slabbed and it's been in a factory sealed poly bag if there is something in the bag such as a trading card or poster or 3D glasses those items aren't put in the slab as well ? I would think that not having those items included would make the comic incomplete because I've noticed when I've looked up comics some of the listings say that they originally came with these things but it seems that when the comic gets slabbed these things get left out. For me personally if the comic did come with something I'd want it in the slab as well. What is everyone else's thought on this Lisa