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  1. For those of you who have submitted to CFP before, what has typically been your turn-around time? I submitted five books -- three SA, a Bronze key, and a Modern key -- in early June. Cleaned and pressed around October 12, then submitted to CGC, fast-tracked, that same week. Still waiting. Getting updates via email and DM has been...sporadic, at best.
  2. I’m guessing that he thinks it’s a reprint of an old EC book, not realizing it’s a modern Simpson’s comic.
  3. Thanks to this thread, I revisited this series for the first time since '85 when I discovered the trades at a Walden Books while on a very long and very boring cross country road trip with my newly-divorced mom. Totally lost myself in the story, and plowing through volume after volume is one of my favorite memories of an otherwise very turbulent time in my life. Just "picked up" the first volume on ComiXology and I'm once again devouring every single gorgeous panel by Wendy Pini. It's once again my favorite comic of all time. New collecting goal: first printings of the original series.
  4. If CBCS’s label didn’t look like trash, I’d seriously consider using them.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement! He did indeed get back to me, so it was needless worrying on my part.
  6. Anyone else having a hard time getting through to @joeypost? Mine was one of the orders that disappeared with the site snafu, but three inquires — two via DM on this board and an email to CFP — over the past few days, and no response. Three of the “gems” in my meager collection were in the lot — an Iron Fist 14, ASM 238, Strange Adventures 205 — so I’m getting a little nervous. These were books that were submitted 6/20.
  7. Was this graded from your collection, or did you buy it already slabbed?
  8. Happened again. Marvel Premiere #15 advertised as “high grade” and “VF.” 10 pics, but none of interior. Seller offered a full refund and admitted that he didn’t check the interior before sending.
  9. When I first started collecting in the mid-‘80s, I thought Vigilante’s costume was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Now, it’s hilariously bad. I wonder how much of it they’ll incorporate into the film. Related question: Is there any precedence for a comic with a first appearance not increase in value much of the movie version if the character is dramatically different, either due to casting or costuming? For instance, if the SS Vigilante is similar in name only, would collectors still gobble up every issue on eBay?