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  1. Ah, got it. Thanks so much the explanation. What a treat it must be for the signers to see such a well-cared for book with so many impressive sigs.
  2. Bravo on such a unique and beautiful item! My apologies if this is an incredibly stupid question, but what do you mean by submitting for a signature from Conway? Does that mean you’ll crack open the case again, get a sig at a con, and then resubmit to CGC for a new grade and slab?
  3. Thank you all for all of the replies! Will get it pressed and slabbed regardless due to sentimental value. Because this was THE book that got me into collecting when I was 12.
  4. Thank you! Discovering this board has reignited my interest in comics. Pics of back and interior:
  5. So I finally dug into my lone long box that I've been lugging around from move-to-move for 30+ years and found a first-six issue run of TMNT. The good news: waves of nostalgia! Bought the first three at a neighborhood CBS in Milwaukee in '85. It was these issues, and a the first few issues of Elementals, bought during the same trip, that ignited my love of comics. And the (very) bad: Well, check out these pics! A double-whammy of reading the hell out of them when I was 12, and naively storing them in a regular-sized long box, hence the cracks and rolls. Currently kicking my 12-year old self. I know low-grade TMNT are still occasionally coveted, but how low-grade is this? Would it be worthwhile to get pressed and slabbed, or should I just re-bag and board it and be satisfied with the nostalgia it triggers?