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  1. Thanks to this thread, I revisited this series for the first time since '85 when I discovered the trades at a Walden Books while on a very long and very boring cross country road trip with my newly-divorced mom. Totally lost myself in the story, and plowing through volume after volume is one of my favorite memories of an otherwise very turbulent time in my life. Just "picked up" the first volume on ComiXology and I'm once again devouring every single gorgeous panel by Wendy Pini. It's once again my favorite comic of all time. New collecting goal: first printings of the original series.
  2. If CBCS’s label didn’t look like trash, I’d seriously consider using them.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement! He did indeed get back to me, so it was needless worrying on my part.
  4. Anyone else having a hard time getting through to @joeypost? Mine was one of the orders that disappeared with the site snafu, but three inquires — two via DM on this board and an email to CFP — over the past few days, and no response. Three of the “gems” in my meager collection were in the lot — an Iron Fist 14, ASM 238, Strange Adventures 205 — so I’m getting a little nervous. These were books that were submitted 6/20.
  5. Was this graded from your collection, or did you buy it already slabbed?
  6. Happened again. Marvel Premiere #15 advertised as “high grade” and “VF.” 10 pics, but none of interior. Seller offered a full refund and admitted that he didn’t check the interior before sending.
  7. When I first started collecting in the mid-‘80s, I thought Vigilante’s costume was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Now, it’s hilariously bad. I wonder how much of it they’ll incorporate into the film. Related question: Is there any precedence for a comic with a first appearance not increase in value much of the movie version if the character is dramatically different, either due to casting or costuming? For instance, if the SS Vigilante is similar in name only, would collectors still gobble up every issue on eBay?
  8. Not surprised by the 9.2. My SME #15 looks identical to that and it's also a 9.2. That blows about the damaged books. Sorry to hear that, man.
  9. What @ADAMANTIUM said. Sounds like the seller is just being a good dude. I’d contact to thank for their generosity and leave positive feedback.
  10. Fronts of the books looked fine. Lesson learned about trusting “VF” “grades” from 100% positive feedback sellers. And yeah, I took the books out of the yellowing bags. Was like a bomb of attic-must exploded in my kitchen. I’m guessing the seller is older and may have lost his sense of smell.
  11. I think he’s referring to the lack of action at the CBCS booth versus the jam-packed CGC booth.
  12. Exactly! And over a $22 purchase, at that.
  13. Was wondering same. Thanks for asking this. And @joeypost, thank you for addressing it.
  14. I thanked him for the lecture on grading and the lesson on old things smelling bad. (I collected paperbacks from the ‘30s to ‘50s, so I know the difference between “old book smell” and rotting-in-the-attic-mustiness.) And I wasn’t even exaggerating about the smell. I have an open floor plan and could smell the books that were in the kitchen clear into my living room. Even my son asked what the smell was when he got in last night. Had even seeped into the cardboard mailer! He offered to refund my money — $22! — if they came back at a grade less than 7.0. My eyes rolled clear into my head at that. Left him a negative (his first), and he blocked me.
  15. Right? I replied that I had better things to do that write some random girls’ name on the backs of comics as a ruse to recoup $22.
  16. Buy at your own risk. Shocked that he has 100% feedback. I won three issues of Harvey Casper comics advertised as "high grade." Free shipping, so I didn't mind Media Mail. I should have asked for pics of the backs because two of the books have someone's name written in ball point pen. But worse, they smell like an attic. Plus a half dozen other flaws, including some serious tanning to the interiors (weirdly, I didn't even mention the spine ticks). I contacted seller asking for a refund and also disputing his "high grade" claim. This is his reply: jedi2448 sent you a message about your request: Well for starters the CGC would knock off about .1 % for the writing on the back and the spine ticks are clearly visible from the pictures I posted. I don't know how small your house is that you smell them across the room so your gross exaggeration is proven right there. 60 year old comics tend to have an "old comic" smell and I have never seen a graded comics mention the smell of it. these books are an easy 7-8 grade "High" grade. But you go ahead and send them back dude, when I receive them, if they are the same books I sent you I will return your money.
  17. Submitted two G.I. Joe #1s at the same time and one came back in a pristine holder, and the other looked like it was dipped in oil. Thankfully, CGC re-slabbed the book for “free” (less the outgoing shipping cost and I had to wait three weeks to get it back), but 100% agree that there’s no way these defective slabs should get to the customer.
  18. And for those of us that only check in maybe once or twice a day, it’s a drag having to wade through page after page of OT banter.