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  1. Hmm, my pricing per grade may be off. If anyone has a Stan lee signed copy that you’d sell for less than 10k, please let me know, willing to pay ~20% over a universal grade for a Stan lee signed copy. Prices negotiable.
  2. Looking for a CGC Sig Series Fantastic Four #5, trying to keep budget at 10k, GPA says that’s a 7.0-8.0 will consider lower grades as well. Prefer no restoration or qualifications.
  3. Looking to buy a FF #5 CGC 1.5-2.5, Stan Lee signed. No restoration or qualified if possible. GPA puts this around 1500-2500. Let me know if you can help me out, please and thank you!
  4. Bumping this thread, I've acquired all but one of the books I'm looking for, assuming the mail gets delivered. Still need an Avengers 1 signed by Stan, on the front. Last two SS sales I see are 3.0 for 2450 and 3.5 for 2550
  5. Looking for Stan Lee Sig series, strongly prefer no restoration, looking to pay around or reasonably above recent sale prices. Prices and grades are for reference points, would consider pretty much any grade so long as it looks okay and is complete. X-Men 1 , 3.5 SS sold for 5700, also a 6.5 sold for 7800 but that seems crazy cheap Avengers 1 , 3.0 SS sold for 2500 Avengers 4 , 6.0 SS sold for 3k, 4.5 SS sold for 1500 Tales of Suspense 48 , 6.0 SS sold for 450 If you have one or a lead on one please let me know, feel free to email me it's just my username AT gmail.com