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  1. ............and the Price Guide gives credit to Gary Fox, who I think we have heard from previously. Still in the Fox collection?
  2. Wyatt, Wyatt, come out wherever you are! Gawsh, pardner, ya got me, after hiding in plain sight for over 40 years, on page 16 of Alan Austin's price guide of February 1979.
  3. Eventually Marvel/Atlas would have printed the 'produced in USA' info, thus relieving Miller of the responsibility. How long were the stamped versions in circulation? Just the first month or longer?
  4. My eyes have now been opened, too, but 'too late, too late was the cry'. Any info on how long Millers had to carry on stamping before they got the job done at the other end?
  5. Never crossed my path. If it had, I would have scorned it, and left it to the next peruser. It has recently been a source of great regret that my tunnel vision in my earlier days left many, many treasures unsnapped up in my wake.
  6. This has resided in my collection since time immemorial, and has just been dredged up from the furthermost recesses. I had forgotten all about it, and it is not logged in the list I made of my Marvels in the 1970s, probably because I did not at that time consider Westerns mainstream enough. I have just read through it, and nothing in it rings a bell, so either I did not deem it worthy of five minutes of my time back then, or those neurons which once held the sensory impressions have been overwritten or washed away by C2H5OH. I incline to the latter.
  7. I think this has been posted before, but I make no excuses, as it is quite a nice copy, and it has the printed in USA Miller stamp. This needs an explanation. Why would Millers have thought it necessary to add this information? Would it have mattered to the prospective readership of the day? If I had been consulted at the time, I would have found it a matter of supreme indifference as to whether the mag had first seen the light of day in Sparta, Illinois or in Outer Mongolia. Maybe other theories could be devised, but I suspect the involvement of those nitpicking jobsworths, sor
  8. 'Fraid not.............
  9. Just a straightforwardly dichotomous procedure, I reckon. Did Cynthia survive or perish?
  10. They were at the time an essential tool for the beancounters who stood at the head of the selection ramp, guiding some titles to the right and others to the left.
  11. Konga # 11, March 1963, has no print run figure given, but paid circulation is stated to be 137,000. Would anyone be willing to hazard a guess on whether these figures, and the similar ones to be gleaned from DC, Marvel, etc INCLUDE or EXCLUDE those copies destined for Blighty? They would have been firm sales, but presumably not at the same price as those distributed in the USA. My feeling is that the published circulation figures relate to Stateside only sales.