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  1. CGC facilitators for those smaller events were voice actors attend.
  2. So noboy figured out how to pin the post to the top? Also is there a different post to find cgc submission for other conventions like anime ones to get voice actors? like Actors Voice Over Expo, Anime Oasis, A-Kon, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, etc? for
  3. Dam Also anyone know if Danny o'Neil is doing alright? After his con cancelationast year and missing out meeting him Twice I'm a bit concerned.
  4. anyway to keep this on top? had to scann a few pages back before i found it or am i doing something wrong
  5. This is awesome!!! I notice Naomi Scott, name missing n will smith. This is awesome my goals to get there sigs on my collectors magazine
  6. Hey guys! Anyone know if the new Aladdin cast plans to be at any comic con? Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari, Nasim Pedrad, Will Smith, Alan Tudyk?
  7. Hey, my worry is last minute situations. I'm still new to grading, and only know 2 facilitators.
  8. I'm a broken record here, but anyone have any update on Denny O'neil? I was hoping to get his signatures last year, but he canceled due to injury.
  9. Anyone have an update on Denny O'Neil? Miss out twice due to cancellation this year. Been checking sites but no idea. Also does Bruce Timm!
  10. Anyone have an update on danny o'neil? His next appearance st con with cgc?
  11. Anyone know When and where Dennis Oneil will be signing in December or in early 2020 or how to keep up with his events? I have been trying for a year and half to get his signatures on my comics. I was close during Rhode Island Comic con, but was canceled doe to health. Any CGC facilitator or someone able to help?
  12. How do i submit a comic to get cgc signed for todd? And is it still available for this summer? Also how much?
  13. is Denny O'Neil making any appearance anytime soon? I would love to get comic a comic signed and witnessed