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  1. slabbed in the last year, the only hands that have touched this case outside of CGC are mine...
  2. I just saw this, after I've posted a buncha these on EBay - here's where you can find them if you're still in the market EBay
  3. hi - CGC just returned mine in 9.0 with WP and i was going to see if you were interested, but saw there's a 9.0 on EBay ending in 17 hours you might want to look at - looks like a decent price at $280, most others (just thru EBay) recently have gone for well over $300 (full disclosure - it ain't me or anyone i know, just tossin' ya a bone...)..........cheers...........Slappy
  4. FF Ann 2 sold FF Ann 3 sold House 92 sold Showcase 61 FF 65 EC Haunt 14 EC Haunt 28 EC Crypt 33 sold Strange Tales 111 sold Strange Tales 138 sold