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  1. hi - CGC just returned mine in 9.0 with WP and i was going to see if you were interested, but saw there's a 9.0 on EBay ending in 17 hours you might want to look at - looks like a decent price at $280, most others (just thru EBay) recently have gone for well over $300 (full disclosure - it ain't me or anyone i know, just tossin' ya a bone...)..........cheers...........Slappy
  2. FF Ann 2 sold FF Ann 3 sold House 92 sold Showcase 61 FF 65 EC Haunt 14 EC Haunt 28 EC Crypt 33 sold Strange Tales 111 sold Strange Tales 138 sold
  3. great stuff! Question for those of you with a good experienced eye for this; Atlas, Timely, SA Marvels are all mentioned, any opinions one way or the other on GA EC Horror books? (I ask because this was a recent issue for me; it's off by comparable book by 1/8" both vertical and horizontal...) I would think this was a relatively universal quality issue for ALL brands at the time due to common printing techniques/equipment/resources, and not more prevalent in one or two brands than the others, yes? Note also, this was a Canadian edition, but I would not expect a sizing variation, or maybe there is? (seems like a dumb question, but I had to ask...) thanks.
  4. Sweet find!! Kinda tough to tell on the grade, as the pic is a little fuzzy (and pics can hide blemishes that only become obvious upon seeing in person...) but having said that, looks like it could/should easily be a 7.0, maybe an 8.0, but impossible to tell for sure until seeing in person. I gotta agree with Sal - if you're not looking to sell, not much point in slabbing it to extract a higher sale price, unless you just want to enjoy the intrinsic beauty of having a rare slabbed book... Are there any major flaws to the book? Not creases, foxing, mild soiling, that sort of thing, but really exceptional items like a detached staple, significant tears or spine split, major stains, evidence of water damage, missing pages/coupons, etc. etc. Things that CGC will significantly drop the grading over... I'm still new myself, but spend some time drilling down deep into the boards and it'll start to become apparent which members are here a lot and offering quality advice (like ADAMANTIUM - you'll see his name all over the place, that's a good thing...) When submitting for slabbing, I prefer to do them in groups of 5, 10, or more, so to defray shipping/insurance/CGC invoice costs over a set, shrink costs down on per-unit level. USPS charges insurance on a declining scale as the insured amount increases (i.e. - it may cost $50 to ship/insure a package for $1000 vs $100 to ship/insure a package for $5000, and so on...) So if you do decide to run with this, pick out your 5 best and run with it... good luck!
  5. it's times like this i have to ask "what would Adam West do?..."
  6. got 16 books back from CGC two days ago, happy as can be and in awe on a couple of them...
  7. part of the same group that just came back, with white pages too!...