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  1. I love me some MAN-WOLF! I think the this character will eventually be introduced into the MCU. It has great potential and could be a neat foil against SPIDERMAN and MOON KNIGHT!
  2. I found some old convention photos from early 1990's. I think one is of Gil Kane. I don't remember who the others are but they were on a DC Comics panel.
  3. I was at COMIC EXPO this past weekend and found one of my grails: BLACKHAWK #133 first appearance of LADY BLACKHAWK!
  4. Just in case the MCU needs its own STAR TREK. Maybe GUARDIANS might meet them or NOVA.
  5. I wish Marvel would bring in RED WOLF! Lobo would TEAR UP the AVENGERS!
  6. Your thoughts? Thank you in advance.
  7. MCU seems to be strip mining its catalog of characters.Morbius, Moon Knight, She Hulk, Ghost Rider, etc are just a few examples. What do you think are possible potential characters or just characters you would love to see? I would love to see DEATHSTROK done right. Also some favs that would be cool to see is ELECTRA, PALADIN,MAN WOLF and FOOL KILLER.
  8. I mean who is actually buying these books? It can't be collector's since we are notorious for paying as little as we possibly can so who it it?
  9. My apologies. Can you direct me to the current thread then? Thanks.
  10. It seems these days that even a whiff of a TV or movie deal that is based on a comic will skyrocket the value of the comic overnight. What I am asking is does the value of those comics HOLD in the long term after all the books are sold. And does the books continue to go up even AFTER the release of the movie or TV? It seems that this might actually discourage new collector's and over-inflate true values. What is your opinion? Anyone get burned or made out like bandits?
  11. Speaking of the horror bent in the MCU I think MAN-WOLF would be a great addition plus he appeared in SPIDERMAN so if MORBIUS does well, will he be far behind?