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  1. I think once the series hits they will rise. AVATAR is also reviving the character.
  2. Here is a proof of concept film that sold the series to NETFLIX https://vimeo.com/60822565?fbclid=IwAR3drDTksly4_O-0wF-YPSHGsuT3ImSP_JPZL14vdBCnSAp7zzIm2aNFXjk
  3. I hope this is true! https://screenrant.com/captain-america-movies-moon-knight-mcu-tease/
  4. and of course here is this https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/05/24/avatar-press-warrior-nun-netflix-tv/
  5. i think that it will pay off for your patience there is already talk of a second season and spin-offs
  6. http://www.surinenglish.com/local/201903/22/warrior-nuns-take-marbella-20190322100652-v.html the show comes closer to completion. somehow the comic is still very affordable but i believe when the show hits the comic is going to explode.
  7. I agree completely on your points. For instance MARVEL has announced the BLACK KNIGHT is to appear. We know the BLACK KNIGHT appeared as a character when Marvel was Atlas in the 1950s then as a villain in TALES OF SUSPENSE. So which to say is the first BLACK KNIGHT. So even then what if MARVEL uses a wholly different version of BLACK KNIGHT. Are we not to consider the earlier appearances as null and void. Another example is FLASH. We know Barry Allen was FLASH until he died in Crisis. Then Wally West took over. Does that mean he is the 1st appearance of the FLASH?
  8. That is true but on strictly technical level how can this not be a 1st appearance of the "character"? Just because it is played by a different alter ego does that diminish the actual "character"?
  9. I've always wondered about the real effect a movie or TV show effects prices (i mean prices instead of value since pretty much they seem to change daily). If ETERNALS is a movie or does not catch on will issue 1 hold its "value"? It seems that comics collecting is a gamble these days. The big question as a collector is "do i sell now? or hold? when do I buy?" right now I am collecting 1st appearances of even the most minor character but even that can be a task since "1st appearances" can change as well. There are some things that defy explanation such as WEREWOLF BY NIGHT 32. There has been no announcement of a movie or tv series and yet this book is going for crazy prices! Why? Is he that popular? Are speculators ruining the market and skewing the real values?
  10. We also seem to have this problem with SGT.ROCK. What is considered a true 1st appearance as opposed to a "proto-type" or ad or cameo?
  11. Hmmm. So if DC decided to "bring back" this GIRL OF STEEL then it would be the "first" SUPERGIRL. Like for instance the first "BATGIRL" is not Detective 359 but Batman 139
  12. True enough. I mean who drives these prices and who pays them? It seems when some new thing is announced it drives prices to astronomical levels.
  13. That's true. The problem is that i see people falling for it and it does seem to cause some confusion. I guess the market will ultimately decide. Like for instance why is this not the first Supergirl?
  14. Antarctic Press is reviving this title as well as JUNGLE COMICS and WEIRD TERROR. They already do EXCITING COMICS.