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  1. I absolutely HATE that purple label. Is it possible to reverse a purple label to a blue one? Anyone have any examples?
  2. I guess the main thing is would a color touch removal get you a blue label or remain purple?
  3. Here is food for thought. I've been thinking of getting the Golden Record versions of the various Marvel Comics and it is generally acknowledged that they are reprints. The question is are they really second prints or variants?
  4. Can color touch be removed? And if so can the book be submitted as untouched? Also how can you spot a color touch?
  5. Thanks for the opinions. I was thinking pretty close to the same. Do you think a press and clean would help? The paper cover is what concerns me.
  6. I bought this over 10 years ago and with a possible EXCALIBUR show coming I was thinking of getting this slabbed but want to know your opinion on grade. Since it has a none gloss cover I am having a hard time with the grade. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I've encountered a few over the years but how would you grade a comic with a double cover? What if the outer cover is trashed but the underlying cover is nice? Would you rip off the outer cover? Just curious if you've encountered a comic with a double cover.
  8. Why do we even have ages in comics?
  9. My feeling is that as long as pressing is NOT considered restoration then collectors will want to get a boost in grade where even a slight improvement could mean 100's if not 1000's of dollars.
  10. Has anyone actually ordered anything from this site and gotten what was advertised? https://www.comicsforsale.com/
  11. Thanks. It is somewhat helpful but text descriptions are kind of wonky. Is there a place to show examples of what to look for visually in order to make a grade. It seems so arbitrary sometimes.
  12. Can someone point to me a website or explain to me how to use the point system in grading? I am confused how to grade comics this way.
  13. Part of a recent collection. Complete. No rips or tears.
  14. Part of a recent collection I bought. Want to see if candidate for slabbing. Has stamp on back. No rips or tears. Complete.
  15. I recently got a collection of some really nice silver age comics but a lot of them have date stamps. Is this considered a defect? If so how does it effect the grade. Any help would be appreciated.