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  1. Let's face it, for the longest time copper age books have been mostly ignored and scoffed at. With the exception of a few books it's been much maligned. However, I see a growing trend as more and more copper age books are becoming more noticed. We already know DEADPOOL and HARLEY QUINN but comics like WARRIOR NUN AREALA, VENOM, LADY DEATH, SPAWN and SPACE USAGI are coming to the forefront. Is the copper age still being mined? What are some possible comics do you see that have potential?
  2. Recently obtained a copy at a estate sale. Not bad overall but I think there is a tape pull at bottom left hand corner. What is your opinion? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you for the advice. I will get it pressed. Know anyone?
  4. I found a couple of issues of WARRIOR NUN AREALA #1 but they were stored in a way that they bent. They are not folded and the books look great. Can this "bend" be pressed out and falttened? Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I guess we will have to wait and see. I enjoyed the series but then I am a big fan of the comics. It is nice that a comic from 1990s still has story potential. Who knows what else could come out of that era.
  6. True. The long term remains to be seen. I am just saying that it is out in the popular culture. I like the show myself and hope that it has legs. Only time will tell.
  7. That would be true if the show does not pick up a fan base. Like anything if the show has no fan base it will disappear. However, there are several things going in its favor. It is currently #2 on Netflix and is an international hit. It already is building a huge fan base and it's title is not easily forgotten. It has a great mythology and over 200 plus comics that it can draw story material from not to mention potential spin-offs. Also, unlike the Marvel material, NETFLIX OWNS Warrior Nun. It would behove them to want to put resources behind something they can control and possibly launch it's own NETFLIX extended universe. As long as they produce new material that engages the fan I do not see it dying down. I for one am getting her 1st appearance while it is still cheap. Remember this is a book that sat in $1 bins since 1994. At the moment there is really not much out there capturing the general public at large and this could be the one everyone is talking about. I liked the series very much. It does start slow but it is world building and establishing character. I think once things get rolling there is no limit.
  8. Found this on craigslist. Legit or another scam? https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/clt/d/dallas-amazing-spider-man-cgc-45/7151535945.html
  9. Season 2 announced https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/ozark-warrior-nun-and-fate-the-winx-saga-reportedly-renewed-at-netflix/
  10. Netflix just announced a Season 2 for WARRIOR NUN https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/ozark-warrior-nun-and-fate-the-winx-saga-reportedly-renewed-at-netflix/
  11. The potential for WARRIOR NUN to become huge is there. If the series is any good. If it does resonate with viewers the potential for back issues to explode is there. Right now the first issue is becoming more expensive but there is still plenty of meat on the bones in regards to other issues. The thing is that NETFLIX owns WARRIOR NUN and with the loss of the MCU they are keen to exploit their own superhero universe. Most WARRIOR NUN back issues are super cheap. Most are dollar bin fodder. I would focus on first appearances. Like NHS #38 has the first appearance of Lillith who may appear in the series.
  12. Here is a page from WARRIOR NUN AREALA #3 where she sees flashbacks to her life. It shows scenes and characters from NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #37. The creator also said that NHS #37 is her first appearance as Shanna (later renamed Shannon) BEFORE she becomes WARRIOR NUN.
  13. Here is the trailer to the Netflix Warrior Nun series