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  1. Didn’t try typing it on a computer! Thanks for the help, I think this will make life a little easier. Also, what are you guys putting for date signed just 12/19?
  2. Alright so I have a CGC paid account, I have sent many comics into CGC by cons, but I have never sent one in by mail or private signing so i got a few questions hopefully some of you can help me out because my head is spinning . I'm looking to submitted 5 books overall. 3 Raw Books & 2 CGC Yellow SS 1) I downloaded the CGC Private Signing Submission form at the link cgc provided. It looks there are 9 pages, some of them are the same as the first page just with black bars over a few sections. What is the point of this? Do i need to fill it out and send in all 9 pages? Seems rather repetitive since they are the same pages. 2) As some one stated above, CGC says it wants the quantity, date (mo.yr) publisher, title, issue number, pedigree & variant. There is no section for date and publisher so under title I just filled it out like this (ex. Amazing Spider-Man - Marvel Comics, 5,88). Not sure if this is where it's suppose to go but does this work? 3) I am also sending in 2 CGC yellow SS books to add Todds sig. My questions are - Does this need to go on its own order form? I am getting the same grading service for all books so it seems like it shouldn't have too but i thought i'd check. Under Certification do I just put the number above the barcode on the CGC yellow label. Is this all I need for CGC Slabs? 4) Once i finish filling out this form do you guys recommend I scan the form and save a copy for my own personal record? Is there an easier way to do this as someone who has a paid membership of CGC? sorry if these questions are super "newbie" but i rather make sure im handling this right thanks in advance.
  3. Just to make my comment a little clearer, Does anyone have any recommendations on how to window bag an already slabbed book. Not how to window bag in general. EDIT: nevermind I saw someone on page three recommended tracing a bag over the slab.
  4. Yeah, looks like a lot of ppl on Instagram/Twitter have the same questions, hopefully they will post an answer soon or I’ll give a call on Monday and post back here. I have a New Mutants #87 CGC ss signed by Rob Liefeld that I would love to have Todd sign as well.
  5. Got the same question about CGC signature series books. Will CGC crack it or do I have to go to a CGC certified vendor like Midtown comics in New York and have them crack it and send it in?
  6. Hey all, New to the forums but I have been collecting comics for awhile now and decided to try my hand on some estate sales to hopefully find some gems at good prices. Today I was able to grab a lot of comics that including both the direct market & news stand versions of SW8. At first glance of my newsstand version I noticed a purple mark on Spider-Man’s head (I provided pictures below of both my copies). My first thought was someone must have nicked it with a marker because when I google search the newsstand edition and none of the copies seem to have it. However, I was able to find one other copy online that seems to have the purple mark on his head too (provided a picture of it below as well). Can anyone explain why some have that mark? Would love to know the reasons behind it. thanks in advance for the help! *also I apologize for putting this in silver age, my mistake*