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  1. I think the take away for me is how little of this art makes a public appearance. With that said, there were several nice pages over the past few months offered on Heritage Auctions.
  2. Here is a little project I have been working on for years. My computer hard drive went down in 2014, so I lost my original data. I recreated it in August 2017 and maintained it since then. What this is: I have a scan of each of the Original Art pages that is listed as verified. These are drawn by Ross Andru (and a couple of other artists as I wanted to capture ASM 125 through 185) during his ASM run. I also included the five Giant-Size Spider-Man issues that contained new stories (Issue 6 was a reprint). I did not include Super-Man vs Spider-Man, though. The graph below is the summary data for each issue. What this isn't: A guarantee that the Original Art page still exists. Someone may have posted a scan one day and his/her house burnt down the next. No idea of the current existence. Observations: Most of the issues with 100% listed are from the Ross Andru Artist Edition. Issue 159 is the only issue I was able to cobble together all the scans on my own. Love that Artist Edition. I actually had a scan of a page from issue 126 that is not in the Artist Edition. If you look at the area, about 25% of Ross's work is accounted for. I hope there are a lot more pages out there in the hands of private collectors who haven't shared their art. I have scans of about 50% of the covers during this same time period. I know there were a few more pages that I didn't capture in my 2017 version that were on my original files. Any way, hope this post drives some more discussion.
  3. Those are great @MyThreeSons . If you ever do a high res scan of that 138 page, please let me know. I want to check out the detail on that house. Nice last Spider-Man panel in that ASM 184 page. Love the quirkiness of Spidey's landing. I didn't buy issue 156 off the stands, so my only exposure to the Bum Octopus was issue 154, but I wasn't a detective, so no idea who the bum was.
  4. Yes, do think that's a pretty neat cover.
  5. One on my favorites. Very nostalgic issue for me as well.
  6. Oh, great book by the way. I always thought Spider-Man covers with yellow backgrounds were the best.
  7. I like Kane, but I love Kane + Romita!
  8. As stated before and referenced a few times (for example https://www.cbr.com/spider-man-mindworm-rockaway-house/, ) Ross nearly got Marvel sued by his depiction of a real house in Amazing Spider-Man 138. Here is the house Now, Marvel I think took this threat seriously, because look at the house as it appeared in Marvel Tales 115, which reprints ASM 138. A chimney was added, along with the removal of the columns and porch. The question is, does this house still stand today? There are a lot of older houses still in the Far Rockaway area, where the story in ASM 138 was set. So, it could still be there. But after about six months of off and on searching in the area using googlemaps, I cannot find a house that looks similar enough to this one. I do know some houses that were there in 1974 are no longer there. There is even one house on googlemaps in the area that is blurred, but looking from a satellite view down, I don't think it matches either. There are some clues above about it being on a cul-de-sac, but not a lot of cul-de-sacs in this area. It mentions "fans" were looking for the Mindworm, which leads me to think fans = kids and that it must be located near a school. But no luck there either. Anyway, if anyone has time to kill, jump into the Mindworm House Challenge and see if you can be the first to find it. As always, SV is providing the No Prize!
  9. Yes, I do think ASM 151 was probably the best art during the entire Andru run. Oddly, I really like Mooney's inks on ASM 126. Really worked for me.
  10. I think a little of both. I think Ross started to burn out toward the end, after five years on the book. But I also think that Hunt and Giacoia did have a big impact on the finished page. Mike Esposito is a great guy based on all the things I read about him, but I preferred other inkers on Ross's pencils. Here's an example from ASM 151, inked by the John Romita (and I'm guessing Dave Hunt on backgrounds), and ASM 180, inked by Mike Esposito. Anyway, I won't hijack the thread, come over to the Ross Andru thread that @Get Marwood & I started to discuss all things Andru's Amazing Spider-Man run. This question was right in line with something I had just posted the other day.
  11. I've been searching for that house for six months. It's the holy grail of Andru references. I think it no longer exists, but I would love someone to prove me incorrect.
  12. "That's the difference between Ross and most guys. He didn't know how to fake. He loved what he did, and didn't care how much he had to bleed to do it" Mike Esposito Found this quote the over day and really thought it summed up Ross's work nicely.
  13. You know I bet somewhere, there is an envelope with all the pictures Ross Andru used for his Amazing Spider-Man references. Would love to find that one day.