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  1. Spider-Variant

    Bronze-Age Spideys

    Speaking of the Electric Company, I used to love it when Spidey appeared on the TV show. Sadly, when he got his own live action show, the costume wasn't much better.
  2. Spider-Variant

    Bronze-Age Spideys

    That's the only bronze age title I didn't collect back in the day. There were some good Romita covers in there, but my reading prowess was too advanced for my age to enjoy the stories. Good luck with your run, bet some issues are hard to find in high grade .
  3. Spider-Variant

    ASM #799 Lucio Variant

    Yes, I had it all from Amazing Fantasy #15, ASM#1 through 600, but the variants got out of hand. I had all the 30 and 35 cent variants, 5 copies of the All Detergent ASM 184 variant, including one with a sticker, but I couldn't keep up any more with the new ones, and gave up. Only a few guys I know that still have them all; they must make a lot more than I do, lol.
  4. Spider-Variant

    My First Mark Bagley Art

    Nice page.
  5. Spider-Variant

    ASM #799 Lucio Variant

    My cutoff was issue 600, still sticking to it.
  6. Spider-Variant


    "PeeWee22 don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry", in my best Bill Bixby voice....
  7. Spider-Variant

    PGM ASM #96

    I've always found that book super hard to find in high grade. I'm like 8.0/8.5 as well.
  8. Spider-Variant

    Bronze-Age Spideys

    Yes, another great example, completely forgot about that one.
  9. Spider-Variant

    group shot thread

    Oh, you need to post those if you haven't already.
  10. Spider-Variant

    Bronze-Age Spideys

    Marvel Tales were a staple when I first started collecting Amazing Spider-Man. They were a good way to read the earlier stories this ten year old couldn't afford. The majority of the time, they had reprint stories with reprint covers. Some of the earlier issues though had new covers, such as issues 26-30, 34-41, and 44. This is my favorite Marvel Tales new cover for a reprint story and is infinitely better than the original cover, IMHO.
  11. Spider-Variant

    PGM house of secrets 92

    I like it at 6.0. Maybe even 6.5.
  12. Spider-Variant

    Bronze-Age Spideys

    Yes, I think Gil Kane pencils with John Romita inks was a very had combination to beat.
  13. Spider-Variant

    Bronze-Age Spideys

    More awesome books. I used to own a page of original art from Issue 145, another nostalgic issue my brother and I bought when we lived in Hawaii. Hated getting rid of that page so much. Issue 145 was Ross Andru pencils and Frank Giacoia inks , if memory serves. Issue 146 was drawn by Andru, but inked by a few different folks, affectionately listed as John Romita and the Gang on the Splash page. Some pages were absolutely gorgeous to me, while a few left me scratching my head. Anyone else notice this?
  14. Spider-Variant

    Ms Marvel 1

    I'd say 7.5.
  15. Spider-Variant

    Amazing Spider-man 370 OA page by Mark Bagley. Worth it?

    Congrats. I remember all it took was one small page to get me going as well.