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  1. Can't even remember if I had posted this one before, but I had so much fun recreating the panel, I decided to post it anyway. The Paramount Building was depicted in ASM 146 as well.
  2. Here's one that I didn't even realize what Ross drew until I was doing the research on the JFK airport for issues 143 and 144. From the ASM 147 splash page, a weary Spider-Man returns home from Florida where he had fought the Lizard and the Man-Thing in Giant-Size Spider-Man #5. He catches a helicopter ride from JFK airport back to the city. I feel Ross got his proportions on the buildings a little off. The round building in the upper left is the Pan Am World Port (featured in ASM 143). Compared to my real life reference, Ross panel is similar in size. But the Air Traffic Control Tower (across from the Arrivals building) is massive compared to my real life reference. The perspectives are different, so that definitely plays a factor, but it still seems too big to me. But that's just me being picky. Ross didn't have to give us the real JFK, but he did.
  3. Here's another quick one (because I have been beyond busy with life). I always liked Will O' The Wisp, but alas he never really took off. Here, Spidey and Will O' scrap at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
  4. I always remember Hammerhead's goon clamoring that he didn't want to get "shafted", such a 70s thing to say.
  5. Here's another Ross Andru real-life reference from ASM 158 and 159. ASM 158 was another one of the earlier issues I remember buying off the stand, so it holds a fond spot in my heart. The story is a little cheesy but as a 10 year old, I ate it up. Over the previous few issues, Doc Ock has been haunted by the ghost of Hammerhead, who was ghostified (lol) by the explosion of the nuclear reactor on the island Aunt May inherited back in ASM 131. For some odd reason, Doc Ock thought if he unghosted Hammerhead with more nuclear stuff, perhaps he could get rid of him. The atomic power came from the atomic research laboratory in Long Island named Brookhaven National Laboratory in issues 158 and 159 I couldn't find the actual buildings Ross drew, as I think he free lanced them. I wouldn't think there would be a lot of photos lying around for reference of this facility back in the 1970s. His aerial shot from issue 158 though does capture the The Alternating Gradient Synchrotron with Ross depicting the shape of the building on the right pretty accurately. And as if on cue, I find this original art page lurking on eBay.
  6. Here's another one I found the other day, not terrible exciting though. Here, Spidey ponders his relationship with the newly returned Betty Leeds (nee Brant). Issues 184 and 185 were mostly centered in Chinatown, as the White Dragon was the principal villain. Ross also put the On Leong Tong Building in ASM 171 as Ross and Liz stroll through Chinatown in NYC.
  7. I remember coming home from college over breaks and laying out my collection like that. I started having to stack them in piles of enitre years towars the end, as it grew so large.
  8. Thanks @FoggyNelson. I would love to own that ASM 797 but wouldn't pay the clams they want for it.
  9. Never read the comic so no expectations along those fronts for me. Hmmm, C+ grade after two episodes. The actors are decent but not great. Plot is a little slow. Ava seems incredibly worldly for a once quadriplegic person. I'll give it a couple of more episodes based on some comments here though.
  10. How about another comparison. This is one that wasn't an exact match IMHO, but close enough that I knew what Ross was drawing. I remember buying this issue off the stands and seeing the splash for ASM 179, with all the green, and thought the background was a body of water. I think it is actually trees and grass from Central Park in NYC. The building is Hampshire House and is unique in appearance with the two appendages (not sure what they are, so hesitate to give them a name other than that.) If you look at the original splash from the comic, the colorist made the partially visible appendage green, while the other was completely covered with lettering. When they used the splash for the cover of ASM 797, they removed all dialogue and the appendages are fully visible. Kudos for Marvel for using this splash and getting it correct.
  11. Yes, Ross was only 66 when he passed, which sadly was just one year after his wife passed. Far too young.
  12. Here's Ross's take on the day that made the Amazing Spider-Man.
  13. I liked Jim Mooney's inks over Andru's pencils. Here from Issue 173, he also inked a few other issues.
  14. Ok, looks like the symbol was all Gerry.