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  1. That's a Ford Mustang. It got put up there for a promotion but I have no idea how they got it up there.
  2. As I close out my Ross Andru real life references from Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, here are a couple of more. As Spidey races up and jumps off the Empire State Building, we can see the Observation Deck (what I call it anyway). At first I thought this was a little off, but you can see it actually lines up pretty well. I didn't think the building had any beveled edges, but both the real ESB and Ross's depictions do (as highlighted by my red line). The other building I think Ross shows is the Hampshire House (Ross draws this building again on the Splash of ASM 179). As som
  3. Yes, I looked quickly this morning at that. Seems like there were a lot more issue 97 in high grade than 96. Yes, it is a nice copy. I think mine was probably somewhere in that range.
  4. Not sure what the census reads, but I always found that ASM 96 hard to find in high grade.
  5. Hey @Winterboy it's been a long week. You're gonna have to send everyone some Hostess fruit pies to tide us over until you post your work.
  6. Continuing with some real life Ross Andru references for Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man yields a few unexpected places. As Lex Luthor is describing the destruction across the Midwest, Ross depicts the St. Louis Gateway Arch, which is easily recognizable to all. There are a few other buildings in there that at first I did not recognize. Ross added the Old St. Louis County Courthouse, which is near the Arch. The other building with the weird roof had me scratching my head, until I realized it was the Old Busch Memorial Stadium. It is unpleasing to the eye on the outside, so I guess Ros
  7. Yes, Steve eat away, you got the answer I was looking for. Super-Man vs. the Amazing Spider-Man hit the stands somewhere in Mid-January 1976, as your beautiful ex-copy date stamp suggested. Betty and Ned got married in issue 156 of the Amazing Spider-Man, with a cover date of May 1976 and would have hit the stands in early Feb. 1976. So, when Ned says "Betty, I'm just glad to be back in New York. Paris is a nice town to visit for a "working honeymoon"...", it implies that he and Betty are returning from their honeymoon without even been married first. I guess if I read it a li
  8. So, Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man was an incredibly feat for all those involved, but there were a couple of things that I found just a little odd. Like why did JJJ have a picture of Conan the Barbarian on his office wall? Or this double page spread. Who can figure out why Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man would have had fans scratching their heads when they pulled this off the shelf in January 1976. As always, first correct answer gets the coveted Ross Andru Thread No-Prize and @Get Marwood & I 's half eaten Twinkie.
  9. I found a picture from April 1975 of the Empire State Building tower, it's almost like Ross was using this photo to depict his scene. Not sure how popular this awning design was, but Ross copies it fairly true to life as well with Pete and MJ strolling the streets.
  10. Definitely could be. I am now leaning toward water wheel with the building being a mill. Or Ross could have just threw a bunch of stuff together and called it an ad.
  11. Let's keep the train rolling on Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man Ross Andru real-life references. I started to slowly tackle the Empire State Building, but I have always thought it was a little pedestrian, well besides being tall. Here are three images of Spidey racing up the side of the building as he attempts to intercept the Goodyear Blimp (really Doc Ock in disguise). The first reference I have seen in a couple of different photos through different years, so I assume this was a spot that was accessible and made for a good photo. Ross adds the detail of the antennae coming off th
  12. Yes, the size was always a storage challenge. Plus, I had to tape several Mylites together to try to store it for preservation.
  13. Thanks guys. I really had fun with this issue. The story isnt bad, but I think had I read it directly off the stands and not through back issue, it would be more fondly remembered by me.