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  1. These are Great my friend! I wonder what I would have written. ASM 148 was one of my first issues I remember reading, so it will always have a place in my heart. But whomever did the review above, apparently hated it. Hmmmm, my nine year old brain would have given it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. What's not to love about issue 151 either. Ross Andru inked by Romita, not a bad combination. Plus MJ and the Shocker. It's so neat to visit this from back in the day. Great work Steve.
  2. I went a few years back, think it was 2015. We had a good time, not sure it was my thing though.
  3. Not many my friend. Why I enjoy this thread so much. People who love to talk comics.
  4. Great find. Not sure the plan was to have Mooney as the long term inker on ASM though. I did like his inks over Andru's pencils though.
  5. How about a little more real life Ross Andru references for a non-productive Friday? Here, from ASM 161, as Pete and MJ double-date with Harry Osborn and Liz Allan at Coney Island. There were many different roller coasters at Coney Island through the years, but Ross chose to draw the Tornado. ASM 161 had a cover date of Oct. 1976, meaning it was on the stands in July 1976, but seems like it was in August to me, as I had moved from Hawaii to Georgia during that time, and my ten year mind seems to remember being in Hawaii for the Fourth and ASM 161 was the first comic I ever bought in Georgia. I only bring any of this up because the Tornado caught fire (actually it was arson) in 1977. So Ross just got it in before it was gone. I don't have dates for the two photos to understand any changes that may have occurred when Ross drew it. The exit seems to match pretty well. Love Ross's MJ here. I just loved this whole issue. The cover, the X-Men cameo, Night Crawler, the tram, Punisher, all of it.
  6. Graham definitely drew some cool vines on those cats, lol.
  7. Ok, I'll ask the silly question. Why the 1984 copyright stamp on a 1973 art board? Love the pencils on back. That's a great piece.
  8. Lots of Great memories in those. I remember being sick and missing school, and my brother buying me a issue of Shogun Warriors, I think Issue 10. Lots of other familiar covers in there. Had all the Spider-Man and MTUs.
  9. Well, let's make one, "So if you're down on your luck I know you all sympathize Find a Spider-Man with Ross Andru eyes And if you're downright disgusted And life ain't worth a dime Get a Spider-Man with Ross Andru eyes" Sung of course to Far Away Eyes by the Rolling Stones
  10. The inanity of it is a give away to where it appears.
  11. Hey @Get Marwood & I (or anyone else), guess where this appeared? I had never seen this art before today, not even the publication it appeared in.
  12. I always thought it was fun when Spidey fashioned something out of his webbing to help in his crime fighting endeavors. Here, he water skis behind the Rocket Racer along FDR drive. Ross does a really good job flowing this story ending along the real life places in this area. I'll connect it all together if I ever get more time.
  13. There are two spectacular Amazing Spider-Man covers up for auction on Comic Connect, or that will be up for auction. The first is for ASM 162. I always wondered exactly who drew this cover. The description reads "Ross Andru pencils/John Romita inks", which to me makes sense. I see a lot of John Romita on the faces in the Tram, but the Queensboro Bridge has the detail I would expect from Ross. Spider-Man looks more like John's work than Ross's though. Anyway, great cover. The second is the cover to ASM 129 by Gil Kane and John Romita. There is a full thread over in the Original Art section on these boards for those that want to read about it. This is the only scan available. I guess I am more enamored by the ASM 162 cover than the ASM 129 for some odd reason.