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  1. Very nice Winterboy! Hmmm, Double Date, interesting title.
  2. That is such a great page by Andru. I always loved the Tarantula as a villain. Superb dynamic action.
  3. Frank Giacoia and Mike Esposito, mid-seventies NY comic convention. I definitely would not have been able to pick out Frank. Wonder where Ross was? He didn't seem like he would be the convention type, though.
  4. And of course, Peter is wearing @Get Marwood & I 's sweater.
  5. Me too, but Gil Kane was pretty good too, lol. I really like the artwork in ASM 145, one of my favorite Ross issues, driven primarily by nostalgia. That flashback scene is one of my favorites.
  6. We discussed a little time ago how Gil Kane drew the Brooklyn Bridge as the location of the demise of the lovely Gwen Stacy back in Amazing Spider-Man 121, even though the dialogue referenced the George Washington Bridge. Here are the flashbacks over his run on Amazing Spider-Man Ross drew in harkening back to that fateful day, hopefully I didn't miss any. Below that is Gil Kane's original depiction.
  7. Love this cover and story. Only cover I liked better during this time period was ASM 92.
  8. That's a lot of artistry in the family between the two of you.
  9. Can't say much on if your deal is a good one or not, but if you think this is a fun project, then I say go for it! My older brother and I bought some of these issues off the comic rack back in the day and I seem to recall I liked them at the time. But that's testing the memory for sure.
  10. Steve, I'm not into this subject, but applaud your research and documentation (that spreadsheet looks like one of mine). I can always respect the passion of fellow collectors and the expertise that passion has developed within them. So, I say to you, Well Done!