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  1. Nice book. At one time, there were only about 3-4 copies known that still had the sticker. I assume there have been more that have surfaced over the last couple of years. Was this copy originally from the North Carolina area or did it come from somewhere else? Anyway, good luck with the sale.
  2. Yes. Love all the negativity in here.
  3. Man, I love this cover. One of my favorites. Awesome book.
  4. I haven't posted much lately in this thread. Nice to see it is still going strong. Had a few moments and thought I would plot out the graded AF#15 distribution. Well, I guess I just plotted universal copies.
  5. Hard to say
  6. Yes, it was reprinted in Marvel Tales 83. It had a note at the beginning of the story saying how much the characters look like Aunt May and Uncle Ben.
  7. Nice story. I didn't recognize either of those guys.
  8. Thanks for bidding guys. Very close.
  9. Sorry, sold to Wer138. That was close.
  10. Ok, very beat up copy. Poor Condition. Cover is detached and the front cover is nearly split from the back cover. No missing pages. Creases through the book in same location as those on the cover. $40 shipped. First gets it. (Hope this image is displaying correctly as I had some troubles.)
  11. Mmmmmmmmm
  12. Reggie Signed, I'm not Reggie That was one messed up dude. I think you still got the book, if memory serves. Good luck on the variant search. Miss the old days of the variant mafia.
  13. Yo!