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  1. Man, I remember like yesterday skipping work and going to the first show in the morning to watch Spider-Man back in 2002. After years of waiting for a Spider-Man movie, I was blown away. It was the movie I had been waiting for since Nicholas Hammond (well his stunt double) donned the Spidey outfit back in 1978 and got hauled up by visible cables, lol. I actually liked Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, although I think I am in the minority on this one. Definitely not nerdy enough like Toby Maguire, but something resonated about his acting job.
  2. I find it amazing the lengths that Ross went on this book to make it match the real world. I still think there is an envelope with all his reference pictures somewhere.
  3. Harry and the Lovely Liz visit Chinatown in ASM 171. Picture from 1960, I used it because I like the perspective as it compares to the comic panel.
  4. Actually to me it looks like the collage artist did know and was trying to recreate the background with real rocks.
  5. Nice thread. Alas, I have no photos of myself and my comics from my youth. Wish I did.
  6. Besides the Twin Towers, the other building Ross drew that is recognizable in the panel I posted was the Whitehall Building Annex. Again I marvel at the effort Ross put in to match the real world to his ASM run. How cool is this building, built in 1910?
  7. Yes, when I pulled that pic, I used a recent one. Had I done it today, i would have tried to find one closer in time to Ross's take.
  8. Here's a follow on to a real life comparison I did for ASM 141 a while back. This is the panel before the one I had previously done of the Pier A Harbor House (a NYFD building in Ross's day.) First time I used the World Trade Towers in one of my comparisons. Alas, so much for the Spider-Mobile. The large photo is from Aug. 1975. You can see how barren it was on the left side of the panel looking toward the Towers. The route in yellow is the one Spidey took to attempt to evade the police. Lol. I included the next panel for the heck of it, even though I had posted it before.
  9. Nice Andru ASM Splash up on Heritage. I never understood this plot. Why was the Molten Man after Ned Leeds? Why not just execute your diabolical plan and move on? Why waste the time? Ned knew nothing. And why did Molten Man's Landlord call Ned in the first place? Molten Man (in disguise) just threatened to burn your place to the ground, and you call a news reporter? How about calling the police. This issue was a year before I started collecting ASM, but my 7 year old mind would have asked a few of these questions had I picked it up off the stands. Hey @Get Marwood & I, does this nurse remind you of Night Nurse?
  10. I remember like yesterday, my brothers and I buying that book off th stands for our older brother, who collected comics. Love that book with the sexy Tigra.
  11. I wasn't the biggest fan of Tony DeZuniga's inks on ASM 176. Here is a quick comparison, since it's been a while.
  12. Where does the 5000 number come from? I haven't seen any print/distribution numbers for the give away. As I think you have correctly pointed out, the sticker was easier to remove without damaging the book than one would think. I could then postulate that there are copies of ASM 184 with the 35 cent price that had the sticker applied (as the OP's copy did) and subsequently removed without anyone noticing, and thus the reason we have not seen this version of the book before. Again, probably unlikely, but certainly possible.