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    Thanks for the kind words friend, they brought a little smile to my face today.

    Awesome posts everyone. Glad to see the Club is still going strong; it will be ten years old in July of 2018. Sad to say I am no longer a member, but my AF15 will always be the acme of my collecting career.
  3. Amazing Fantasy #15 reprint 2006 value?

    Obviously you are missing a copy of that fine gem...
  4. Yes, I was leaning against it being Dave, seems he did some issues before the one you show to begin the thread. I love Dave Hunt's inks, so yes, I think it would be neat to see a thread on his work. I met Dave once at a convention in NY City when he was working on Scooby Doo. Seemed like a great guy. I'll always remember him for his background work on the Amazing Spider-Man. Loved finding those little credits he left here and there, a la Tony Mortellaro.
  5. I'll throw out another name. Dave Hunt. He did a few British Spider-Man covers around this time frame. Not sure if it is his work or not, as he was more renowned as an inker.
  6. Worst continuation story ever?

    To the OP, Looks like Issue #2 Last Page, and Issue #3 First Page. Issue #2 by Sal Buscema and Fred Kida Issue #3 by George Evans and Jack Abel.
  7. Bronze Age Group Shot

    Remember pulling those Nova issues off the stands years ago.
  8. Who is your favorite Spider-Man artist?

    My favorite spider-man artist will always be Ross Andru. He was the man who brought the web slinger to life for me each month starting at the age of 10. The artist who I think draws Spidey the best is John Romita, Sr. His work on Amazing Spider-Man 108 & 109 are some of his best work, IMHO.
  9. RIP Len Wein

    Man, I must be living under a rock. I just found this out today. Len was writer/editor of Amazing Spider-Man (151 through 180) during my Golden Days of collecting. May he RIP. He'll be missed.
  10. Evel Knievel!

    Hmmm, doesn't look like Ross to me. Of course I have seen Ross Andru art that didn't look like his work either. I tried a few places to find credits, to no avail.
  11. Nostalgic era top 3

    Awesome, thanks for sharing Marwood.
  12. Nostalgic era top 3

  13. ISIS to be in 3rd season of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

    Nice find. That's the Sound of Music for sure.
  14. ISIS to be in 3rd season of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

    I was a huge fan as a kid of both of these.

    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess it's not that they used a sick Spider-Man, it's more that his arm goes across his face that bothers me. I got off the comics train at issue 600 of amazing spider-man, primarily because it was hard (& expensive) keeping up with all the variants. I loved a few here and there, but there just became too many. It got worse after I left. Interesting note on the Direct Edition barcode.