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  1. I can't find these images specifically, but the upper right image is a take on the Amazing Spider-Man 68 cover. The lower right image is a take on the Amazing Spider-Man #3 panel where Dr. Ock beats up Spider-Man. Not an exact match, but very close, including Dr. Ock's fist pump. I didn't see the others.
  2. Yes, I agree on all points, although that 3rd Maguire movie was not good. I really liked the first Garfield movie. I think he is a better actor than Tobey.
  3. One of those gents above was incredibly important to the Spider-Man franchise and the other is Tobey Maguire, lol. (To be fair I really enjoyed Tobey's take on Peter Parker and thought that first movie was very, very good)
  4. That's probably why I only posted the photo with no explanations necessary, it just didn't need any words.
  5. There is a high probability it has been torn down. I was searching through photos from 1983 through 1988, so I bet it was still standing in those. I google mapped some of the homes from the photos, and was surprised at how some have barely changed while others are nearly unrecognizable.
  6. Just a reminder to all, the Mindworm house hunting challenge is still open. I have tried this past week to find a photo of this house and probably went through 6000 pictures of houses in the Far Rockaway area with no success. I saw some that were very similar but none that I thought I had found it. As stated before and referenced a few times (for example https://www.cbr.com/spider-man-mindworm-rockaway-house/, ) Ross nearly got Marvel sued by his depiction of a real house in Amazing Spider-Man 138. Here is the house Now, Marvel I think took this threat se
  7. Yes, not sure Spider-Woman ever appeared in a Spider-Man book in the 70s but the converse is not true.
  8. So sorry to read this. I saw the article posted by the OP last week and shot Steve an email at the address I had for him. Steve and I did a trade back in 2009 and his passion for Spider-Man was on full display. Prayers for his friends and family.
  9. I don't recognize it, but never say never. I really love these cards. I have a really nice set I put in mylars right after I bought them. The art wasn't over the top like some later sets featured.
  10. Tend to agree. Wow, looks like these cards are really taking off. I really like that 1990 Marvel Set by Impel. Some great artwork.
  11. My Magneto hologram from that set has the back printed upside down as well. I don't know if this effects value either up or down though.
  12. Not sure I posted anything from it, just noting there is some buildings in there that I could. But it does remind me of some comic collecting words I know I mispronounced as a kid, and maybe a few I still do today. PRODIGY, not sure why I struggled with that one. But INDICIA, I don't recall ever hearing anyone use it while in a conversation. ORIGIN is another I bungled as a kid.
  13. I just think those last few Andru issues were toward the bottom of the curve storywise. Rocket Racer, Big Wheel, White Dragon just didn't compare to the Jackal, Tarantula, or even Mysterio, for me.
  14. Yes, the Pan Am building is one of the main settings of the story. I've looked at it a couple of times. I bought my copy very late in my collecting years. It's definitely an oddball.
  15. Thanks for the kind words @HighVoltage. It's been a fun journey this past couple of years. I've appreciated Ross more than I ever had while researching his work. I was just thinking today how Ross was nearly 50 years old and in his prime while drawing ASM.
  16. Ok, ok, very last one from Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man, I promise, I promise.... As I have documented over the last couple of years, Ross went out of his way to capture New York City and included it in his art for the Amazing Spider-Man comic. Sometimes he actually took a photo and copied that into the book. But Ross went to the next level as well, he put Spider-Man in NYC and traced the actual real life path that Spider-Man would have taken to fight a foe or get into action. I posted a while back from Issue 165 where Peter and MJ walk to the Hayden Planetarium, and Ross us
  17. I always found that book hard to find in high grade. I never owned a great copy like this one. Congrats.
  18. The Big Wheel was a Big Deal. Not! CGC states this is Ross Andru pencils with Ernie Chan inks and I would be hard pressed to give you a different answer. Coupled with the Bob McLeod inks on the interior, this whole issue was just out of place. This is the first time I have found a scan of this cover though, so that is neat. That's 35 out of 61 ASM covers accounted for from the Ross Andru era (ASM 125-185).
  19. How about some Bronze Age Gwen Stacy, Ross Andru style. (I don't own this, as usual, lol) Esposito and Dave Hunt inks.
  20. It's more about how sharp the inks are to me, like the boldness of the line. There are additional features, like the windows and the lines on the stacks, but to me, the 151 plant just looks so much better than the 180 plant.
  21. For most of Ross's ASM run, there were two inkers per issue on the book. The primary inkers (Giacoia and Espositio) inked the main figures while Dave Hunt did the background inks. What exactly constituted "backgrounds" is anyone's guess. Dave did background inks starting at issue 127 and going to issue 170, not working on only about 3 issues in that span. Here is an example of Dave's work on ASM 134. The left (top) image is the finished inked page (Primary inks by Giacoia). For the right image, Dave took Xeroxes after the page had been lettered and he had done the background inking.