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  1. Hello, Bill Haas here - CCC promoter/showrunner and owner of Secret Origins Comics & More. Here to answer any questions or concerns people may have. As RCheli said, we are in an extremely safe area of the city. At this point, and regardless of one's opinion on the subject, Rutgers has gentrified the area around its campus. In addition, Cooper Hospital, Rowan, and Camden County College have also bought up large tracks of this area of the city and it is currently where the Federal Courthouse is located. It is one of the most heavily policed and heavily monitored areas in all of South Jersey. Most of our budget that isn't spent on Guest per diems is spent on paying for security which includes several full time Police Officers and over a dozen security staff. They patrol the campus and all parking lots that Rutgers owns. Furthermore, the school is one of South Jersey's most rapidly growing student bodies and has very few, if any, major incidences of crime compared to its day to day foot traffic. Obviously, we would recommend any of the same precautions one would take in any city (no leaving valuables in sight in cars, being situationally aware). In regards to the con, we have full time police walking the show and volunteers are constantly walking through the venue. We still recommend vendors take precautions and watch their tables and if need be, ask one of our staff or volunteers for assistance. The show has been running for 6 years now and last year we had 3900 attendees through the door. This year we're expecting, with Rutgers Day and Admitted Students Day coinciding, upwards of 5000+ through the campus. If you have any other questions, feel free to post back. I will do my best to check back in before Saturday.