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  1. IIRC they admitted that they would be nitpicking that movie. Like admitting it isn't perfect but really awesome.
  2. I was gonna say that I don't think they're gonna stop putting media players in PlayStations and XBoxes, but you may have covered that here. I too enjoy having physical media. A few CDs. I prefer buying physical video games. Lots of shows and movies on disc. Etc.
  3. Not sure if it was THE 1st comic I purchased on eBay, but, one of them was high-grade Avengers #28.
  4. Guess they never read about the 1990's. Learn history, or you're doomed to repeat it, right?
  5. Wouldn't "ego" be a trait of the person arguing with logic? But, you're right, I should leave the mental fixes to professionals and teachers. Easy movie to pass on for me. Maybe catch it on TV some day.
  6. The Eternals has nothing to do with life or open-mindedness. It's simply a prequel movie. Fighting fact doesn't open ones mind. It deludes it.
  7. You can tell that Superman took no thrill in killing the rest his species. Zod said he'll "never" stop. What was Superman to do?
  8. Dictionary: "a story or movie containing events that precede those of an existing work". The Eternals is undeniably a prequel. The MCU is a franchise and each individual film tells a relative story. So prequel. As I said before, you appear to be unaware of Marvel Comics, because Thanos had a deviant gene. And you can't say what The Eternals will or won't do since you haven't seen it. Not sure why you're arguing with logic.