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  1. I thought that 'Johnson's trilogy' was cancelled (or put "on hold indefinitely")? Isn't allegedly Feige already being stretched thin regarding the Spider-Man divorce? Idk how to feel about this.
  2. It's not giving me the ability to vote. Did I vote, not comment, and forget? 1984's Secret Wars would be an interesting concept to adapt. Considering how much and how often they change things I could see it working out with the right writers and director(s). I think the Russo brothers have left the door open to direct another big event for the MCU.
  3. IIRC they were asking for $1,000,000 for the longest time.
  4. I don't know if I'm "excited" as much as purely "interested". I'm interested in seeing if they can rebound from TLJ. I'm interested to see if they can somehow honor a finale of a franchise this large, in the same way that Endgame (great), or Game of Thrones (bad)..... I really hope that it entertains me the same way 3-7 did. TLJ is just a very bad movie. An even worse Star Wars movie.