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  1. Ordered a bunch of modern comics, all arrived in fantastic condition and packed well. Would definitely buy from again!
  2. Ordered a whack of modern comics, and everything was in fantastic shape! Looking forward to buying from again!
  3. I agree. I would notify ebay. The seller is exhibiting bullying and intimidation and it's inappropriate and you shouldn't have to deal with that ever. Ebay doesn't want this type of behavior either, it's bad for business. I also would not interact with this person again, you don't owe them anything. In addition, they may be unstable and may not respond in a way that you would think. If they continue to contact you, I would look into finding out how to get them blocked.
  4. Would this be considered damage or a manufacturing defect? Do you know how it would impact the grade?
  5. Hi, I'm new to collecting modern comics and recently purchased this Catwoman 51. I noticed that it had several scuffs on the side (photos below) and was wondering if anyone could help me understand what causes them and the impact to the grade. I'm assuming this is general wear or improper storage? Or is this something that could have come from the comic manufacturer/distributor? If these scuffs were the only issue on the comic (i.e. all other issues were removed) what would the maximum grade a comic with these scuffs could get? Thank you! David