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  1. So I'm assuming that these were all mislabels. Comics were likely submitted at the same time and handled by the same person.
  2. Here's an example of blue label Universal Grade SA for a comic missing 1/2 a page. Incomplete is only listed in small print on the blue label.
  3. Here are 3 SA examples. It's with the Custom Label from CGC, but still has blue label with Universal Grade. Notes on Certification Information mentions that ASM 79 is C-1, but that doesn't show up anywhere on a label.
  4. Sorry for bringing back an old thread, I've just seen this on a SA from 12/69 (last month of SA). It says ""Restoration includes: small amount of color touch on cover" and has the blue Universal label. Is this a new policy of CGC or have they been allowing small amounts of restoration on SA comics for their blue labels?
  5. Purchased some bronze age ASM from Jim. I sent them to get slabbed and they came back bang-on with Jim's gradings. Packed well, shipped fast, will for sure do business again.
  6. I've ordered twice from Greg and it was super smooth both times. High quality comics, graded well, packed well, shipped quickly. I will definitely be ordering from surfcitycomics again.