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  1. Hi all The website has been updated this evening with some new additions including: Brian Bolland - Invisibles cover Dave Gibbons Watchmen movie art & Kingsman trade cover Frank Quitely - Batman & Robin cover Mark Buckingham - Miracleman & Fables J Scott Campbell Simone Bianchi Phil Noto painting Dave Stevens cover Mike Mignola Bruce Timm Dean Yeagle New Items - Cheers Joseph
  2. Have you seen the Graphitti Sandman Gallery Edition book? Similar format to IDW's Artist Edition. The Sandman GE reproduces most of Sandman issue 1 at the full original art size (13 x 20") and a selection of great pages from the whole run. There's also a Sandman: Overture edition in the pipeline. And you can still order it direct from Graphitti For full(er) disclosure, I did help put it together. Cheers Joseph
  3. Cool to see this one. I had the opportunity to buy this page a few years ago and regretted passing even more after I acquired the last page from Season of the Mist. Thought it would have made a cool book end. Cheers J
  4. And what a stellar example it is. Cool.
  5. Correct. I also own the Overture 2 (DPS) pages which lead up to it.
  6. Trading is not really an option generally since I don't own most of the artwork, unless it's for something I want for my own personal collection and in which case I'll be subbing in my own money for the piece I trade. Cheers Joseph
  7. Thanks! I'm happy to confirm that Mark remains as humble and personable as ever. Currently working on the mythical unfinished Miracleman arc with Neil Gaiman which he's having a lot of fun with and which will hopefully start seeing print later this year or early next. Cheers Joseph
  8. Hi all I've just updated the website. Vintage artwork from the following: Arthur Adams - Marvel Universe piece and a cover Mike Mignola Marvel cover Chris Bachalo Dan DeCarlo Humorama illustration Kevin Nowlan Defenders cover Tim Sale Batman Dark Victory cover Bill Sienkiewicz JLA painting Jose Garcia Lopez Wonder Woman cover Tom Grummett - Reign of the Supermen page Also new art from: Frank Quitely Mark Buckingham Dave Gibbons We will also be at the following convention if you want to arrange to pick up anything in person and save on shipping. NYC Comicon 3-6th October 2019 Baltimore Con 18-20 October where Mark Buckingham is a guest. SNH COMIC BASH, Nashua New Hampshire 26 October Cheers Joseph
  9. This is my Darwyn commission of Judge Anderson. He wasn't familiar with the character but said he really enjoyed the challenge. Cheers Joseph
  10. A CAF server move was due to happen early today although we were told it would only take about an hour... Cheers Joseph
  11. Rare Frank Quitely Batman sketch cover available $1500 Cheers Joseph