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  1. Hah. Either that, Malvin or I just have the worst filing system going! Cheers Joseph
  2. Hey, I think I still own a page from that same A1 story. (Haven't seen it in a while though) Cheers Joseph
  3. Kelley did sell some of his pages once upon a time (in the early 90's) but v rarely sells these days and has little interest in doing so. As you said, what's out there is mostly the inker's portions. Cheers Joseph
  4. Didn't the price to some degree reflect the damage? I wasn't to bothered by the description of condition as I hadn't enlarged the picture until a friend mentioned it. Once I saw the scoring right the way through it would definitely factor into my bidding.
  5. Huh, I just saw the 2 Kelley Jones Sandman pages on your wants list. I traded/sold both of them last year but you probably already know that. I think both were subsequently sold on. At least one to a fellow boardie. Cheers Joseph
  6. When I looked last night there were quite a few lots that seemed much lower across the board than I might've expected. Obviously it's not over yet but I did wonder if this was a sign of wider economy. Or just a reflection of the quality of the art on offer and frequency of auctions this year. Joseph
  7. Dave Gibbons charity auction Martha Washington art ends in a couple of hours. 1pm PST/4pm EST/ 9pm UK time. 100% of proceeds go to the Stephen Lawrence Trust. Currently at $3000. Cheers Joseph
  8. I'd never heard this or of Mike Burkey ever offering a Killing Joke page in the last 20 years. Which page was it? Cheers Joseph
  9. Yeah that KJ page is definitely going a lot higher than $48k. Especially given how many people are actively looking for one. I’m curious to see how the blue line painting in the same auction does. Cheers Joseph
  10. The Mike Mignola auction is also up and running now. Ending Sunday.
  11. The Arthur Adams auction to benefit BLM (US) is finishing in a couple of hours. If anyone was waiting till the auction end, here we are! Cheers Joseph
  12. Does he? I wasn’t aware. Wonder if he expects Claremont to send him a cheque for the X-men artwork he just sold.
  13. The Arthur Adams pin up just went up today on a 5 day auction. All of the proceeds to benefit Black Lives Matter. And the Paul Chadwick is also up and only at $300. Proceeds to benefit the NAACP. Cheers Joseph