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  1. Rare Frank Quitely Batman sketch cover available $1500 Cheers Joseph
  2. Not on your list but I have a Frank Quitely Batman sketch cover available.
  3. I have a Batman sketch cover by Frank Quitely graded 9.8 on a Batman 0 available for sale at San Diego Con (and also the LA Torpedo show next weekend). Priced at $1500. Cheers Joseph
  4. Batman sketch cover by Frank Quitely
  5. I've been using the Prat and even with 3 Itoya folders of art I've not had any tearing issues although I'm tempted by this one as the straps look better quality.
  6. For sale on ebay now:
  7. Fantastic pick up Simon. Mignola was just firing on all cylinders on this page. So, will you be wanting the page 29 splash to go with it next? Cheers Joseph
  8. I have a couple of rare CGC 9.8 Detective 1000 Forbidden Planet variants signed by Brian Bolland. Brian very rarely does conventions now so this is a rare opportunity. The Virgin variant cover had a limited print run of just 1000. And the black and white was limited to 1500. They are priced at $250.00 each. If you have any queries feel free to message me. It's easiest to contact me through the website as I'm not always logged on here. They will be shipping from the US so shipping to a mainland US address will be around $15 Cheers Joseph
  9. Hi all We have just updated the website last night with new additions from: Brian Bolland including a painted Judge Dredd coverFrank Quitely Mark Buckingham - a number of older pieces from his collection including a Fables cover Todd McFarlane Spider-man 2000AD Dredd art update including Carlos Ezquerra & Greg Staples Moebius Incal page Anyone who has signed up for website updates will receive e-mail announcements ahead of any update. Thanks for looking Joseph
  10. Did I hear that Eric is also breaking out some vintage Goon covers from his personal stash for sale at the show? Cheers Joseph
  11. You sure about that Glen? A mate mentioned he had won one of them. Cheers Joseph
  12. Hi all Just updated the website with new additions from Moebius (The Incal), Mark Buckingham (Fables, Zatanna & Judge Dredd), Dave Gibbons (Who's Who & Martha Washington) and a number of new pieces from Frank Quitely including pages from Quitely/Grant Morrison's Pax Americana, which have never been available before. Cheers Joseph
  13. Hellboy pages by Mike Mignola and Watchmen by Dave Gibbons added to the website