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  1. I had something like that wierd name, looks similar..Blue lazer beam man?
  2. ya I crossed brands, so much for everything being universal I guess.
  3. good god there is always one mess polly 7x 10
  4. 6.78 bags seem to tight and dangerous for me unless I cut a corner to slip the board in first. So 7 inch bags are so much easier for me to slide comics into without getting damaged. Im just wondering if thats how bags and boards work. 7inch polly bag with 7inch board? would that give me enough board to protect all sides of the comic? What size do most people use on their moderns? and do allot of you put it into a mylite as well? Im just saving up comics till I get enough that I can send in for a prescreen to cgc. so I want to make sure that I have them in as well protected until they get there.
  5. I bought that exact book at comic shop in MLPS for 15$ only because I loved the movie and Lori Petty was hot back then. Never read it though, so I have no idea if it has anything to do with the movie.
  6. and if it is why are they so expensive? are they limited runs?,many rare varients. Im kist looking to get into a good long running series?