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  1. oh wow thanks for all the replies, had no idea anyone sez anything after first reply . i was still mad, and wanted to be happy so i went to Toronto expo, pay vip tickets again with my wife. and saw my dog again Mr Jim Lee!! who remember me and the wifey and got what wanted. in fact that why i'm on now to see when those book will be here. cgc sent them out on the 11th so any day now.But here is the ones from motor city-
  2. so the person with jim lee is not the witness, but the table where the books are sumitted is? this was the first time i did the ss,wow i wasted alot of loot
  3. hi had 6 books sign by jim lee at motorcity con but only summited 3. will i get the ss label for the other 3 when i summit later
  4. reelgee

    grade for comics

    hi , Can cgc grade books without sealing them?