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  1. that one's amazing Steve. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I concur. Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to share your complete All Star run with us. I am also a completist and I know first hand the difficulty of putting a major golden age run together. Again, kudos!
  3. I spend probably 30 minutes a day reading new posts here, trolling IG and FB for golden age comics. It’s a nice relief from all of the problems in the real world. I agree that our current state of affairs has made me much less active here on the Boards and much less thrilled with any new acquisitions. Politics and the pandemic has made my job a real drag and that’s likely rubbing off on my view of funny books. While the traffic here is down, the Boards are still where i can learn something new about Golden Age comics and see new things that I wouldn’t normally run across. The only thing comparable is the FB Timely-Atlas group run by Doc V. My 2 cents!
  4. Thanks. Both front and back cover look to be mid grade or slightly better. Cover must be detached or something major on the inside, too bad there are no notes on the label. I’d be happy to have more 2.5’s like this one for sure.
  5. Guess I need to get a copy of #1...
  6. cool beans Billy - you should crack it open and take a picture of George's code for us.