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  1. Hi Sharon, please add Kawii Avengers, baby yoga, Spidey cartoon and spidey black white to my pile. Thanks you so much for for being so generous with your time and effort. Vern
  2. Hi Sharon, Thanks for doing this. If available i would take the Cap America, the dinosaurs and the “Love”. Please advise on shipping to Canada. Take care and be safe. Vern
  3. I bought this one, I have been looking for a nicely presenting copy for awhile now. A few have a shown up over the last few years on CL and they have bid up very aggressively, I remember bidding bidding almost $10 k for purple label and losing out at the last minute. 67 does seem tougher to find and its the origin issue for DF as well. Generally, MFs seem to trending up over the last couple of years. Hopefully, not too much as I still need a 52 to complete my run of Spectre and full face DF cover run.
  4. Recent upgrade from the last CC auction...
  5. Would you able to advise on which Timelys were in the find?
  6. got a few of these before the X's went crazy.....
  7. I bought a couple last year and they're pretty cool.... Might have to start a run
  8. I’m Asian and I wasn’t really offended by the colouring and accepted the stereotypes in the context of the times. The world has changed for the better there.
  9. 33 isn’t that tough to find in low or mid-grade but in higher grade the 6.5 is best I’ve seen in the last 3 or 4 years.