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  1. Hi Rick! Great to see you back here. I love to see some more books! Timely's, Centaurs, Action and More Fun would be of greatest interest to me. Thanks, Vern
  2. Found some time to take some more pictures today. I have found it tough to find these ones in high grade,
  3. Big Congrats! As completist myself, I have first hand experience on how long and difficult it is to complete a long GA run. Well done!
  4. More Subbies from the box. Eleven is my favourite cover from the run. 9 was the last one I needed to finish the run
  5. Thanks! Subby 32 is my favourite issue, i have the Okajima copy its a 8.5. It’s passed thru the hands of several boardies over the years @adamstrange @MrBedrock
  6. Afternoon coffee break... The CF is detached on the 6, looks much nicer than the grade
  7. Working at home for the foreseeable future, so I’ll post some books when I take a coffee break....
  8. Here’s my current copy of Subby 27. I got this from HA at the big Crippen auction.
  9. Subby 27 was my first golden age Timely issue. I was shocked to see it at my LCS and couldn’t get my wallet fast enough to buy. It was a real beater but it was a Timely Everett Subby! Congrats and enjoy.