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  1. Im new to the scene, but I did like having so many options to choose from initially. It also gave an opportunity to get a relatively rare comic for an issue thats not all that rare and felt like a more robust market with choices with some artists I really enjoy. But its always been a PITA for me to just see what variants are coming, whos making them and which one I really want. My LCS feels like their hands are tied because they can only get select variants. I have subscriptions with my LCS, but then see some fresh variant from some other mint online and end up buying it and getting multiple copies of the same issue for ones I really dont want. I realize they do this to sell more comics, but would be nice just to see every variant they are printing and let me choose before its out at least.
  2. Ive always had issues getting into X-Men comics. Im happy to say these are a wonderful surprise and I find myself quite excited whenever I get one. Great Story.
  3. Another quality shipment from Shane. Appreciated bud
  4. Thats a wicked site! Thanks Valiantman. Was wondering if anyone had a 10 for Venom #1 (2017). Looks like I could lose all sorts of time here
  5. Why would established writers get so pissed? I mean did "Established movie writers" get pissed when Stan started helping with movies? I mean sure it might take away a job opportunity in the short term, but long term I think it would just create more interest in comics and have something new.
  6. Oblivion Song just got picked up by Universal for a movie. Probably explains the uptick. I started a little late to the series but was able to back fill 1-5 at cover price just a couple months ago. Now I notice #1's price is already 2x-3x the price. Ive personally loved the series.
  7. For weekly pull lists, Ive only ever used Midtown Comics due to their great selection and price. I have ordered from many many comic shops and ebay sellers. My main gripe with midtown is they take about a week or more before your items ship, but they do have great prices and I love their site to see the major variants.
  8. Orly? Nice to hear. Im a huge scifi fan and ive been loving this series. I have them all. The art is solid and imaginative. The premise is intriguing and fun to follow. And the characters keep me interested (while im in complete disagreement with them) This last issue broke some new ground, quite alot of action and a good cliff hanger as we see some old characters return, but different. Of course thats me. I do not like his the walking dead but cant say ive read much else of kirkman