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  1. Interesting but I’m skeptical. Might be a good time to get Tyger Tiger’s 1st app.
  2. For some reason it didn’t come over when I quoted, but here it is (it’s on the first page of the thread)
  3. Gracious that’s a lot of 94’s! Conrats! Edit: apologies for quoting an old post, I was casually browsing and wasn’t paying attention, didn’t realize I had not clicked the arrow link to go to the last page. 🙄
  4. I’ve been undercover so long I can’t get out, I’m in too deep! I wasn’t looking to snitch or something, I was just taken aback by the price. This store has marked up new books before, even asking $1 for free comic book day books last year, though covid kind of messed that up for everybody. Disregard my post, carry on!
  5. I wonder? If so I feel bad, though they should have made that more obvious?
  6. I’ll send the unedited photo to him. I shouldn’t care but it kind of makes me mad, why rip off the readers?
  7. Has 94 leveled off? I haven’t seen any new price rises lately.
  8. That makes me wonder, what (if any) issues are especially hard to find in high grade?
  9. It’s true, Deadpool’s 1st app is worth a ton and his 2nd app is worth nothing at all 🤷‍♂️😄
  10. That’s odd, I wonder why? Is it much harder to find?
  11. That’s Robert Redford?? I honestly would never have guessed that 😳
  12. If they sell out that makes sense, but to plan them before the 1st print is even released... if they know it’s going to sell out why not just make more first prints? It feels very much like a ploy to get people to buy the same book over and over, I was mainly thinking about marvel here.
  13. wow that article is enlightening. Kind of makes this whole thing seem like a bad deal for retailers. I wonder what the writers/artists feel about so few people seeing their work.