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  1. That’s awesome! What a cool thing for him to do!
  2. That’s what my walmart version has. I think they’re not exclusive but they are cheaper than cover price
  3. As a recovered toy collector these remind me of mighty muggs, they were hot for a minute. I still have my Stormshadow one. I wonder why these became so popular and other similar products didn’t?
  4. I stopped reading in the mid 90’s and just started again last year. The comics from the 90’s don’t feel anything like today’s books to me. The cover layouts are different, the paper is different, the art and coloring are different. I have a hard time understanding the continuity between all the different volumes of the same books now. To me the copper and bronze age books feel a LOT more similar to each other than 90’s books do to today’s books.
  5. Are you saying you got that gorgeous 94 for 50 cents?! You could get 700 of those for what I paid for mine ☹️
  6. 2 is a great story, sooo much better than 1. Back in the 80’s it was the most valuable issue. I’m not sure why it lost its popularity. 1 for two dollars?! I had stopped collecting by the late 90’s but I’ve never seen one for less than ten. Jealous! 🙂
  7. I seem to remember reading somewhere that they didn’t want Wolvie to look like he’s stabbing Captain America in the head 😄
  8. Like everyone else I bought each cover when it came out. Now I have more than 10 and I don’t remember where I got them all 🤔. My favorite is the one that folds out to show all the covers together It is fun to have some historically interesting “keys” that I’m not afraid to read 🙂 PS: notice how in this version Wolverine has both claws out
  9. Here’s my childhood copy and a graded one I picked up last year 🙂
  10. These are neat, I haven’t heard of most of these characters. They look like fun reads. 🙂 I liked the star jammers, but the guardians have already kind of cornered that genre I think.
  11. So it seems the consensus is that the increase in value (what it would sell for) that grading brings might not be enough to offset the cost of grading? In my mind if it costs $40 to grade and increases value by less than $80 it's not worth it. On a similar note, it blows my mind how I see cgc slabs sell for less than $30. Why bother slabbing something that isn't worth more than that?